How to buy medicines without a prescription

Many have heard, but not everyone knows what a horse pathogen is. You can buy a medical product at any pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor. In the pet stores drug definitely not! This is not a horse medicine, but a potent drug that affects the sexual function of a person. If you search the Internet for what constitutes a horse pathogen droplets, the applicant is provided with incomprehensible information: molecular weight, formula of the substance and

The purpose of the drug: the expectation and reality

As already mentioned, the horse is the causative agent for humans. You can buy medicine without a prescription, but … It is important to understand that the effect of the horse pathogen in Internet sources is significantly distorted. The drug acts a little differently, and more precisely:

  1. Reaction in women:
  • great excitement;
  • bright erotic fantasies;
  • enhanced vaginal lubrication;
  • sensitivity increase;
  • love game is accompanied by multi orgasms.
  1. Reaction in men:
  • prolongation, improvement of erection;
  • endurance giving.

In addition, the drug "BTC" affects the central nervous system, cardiovascular system. But neither the man nor the woman after taking the medicine will not lose control of themselves. This is not a drug. BAA is aimed at eliminating psychological, vegetative obstacles, that is, struggling with female frigidity (of various kinds), male sexual impotence. Thanks to the medication, men return a second youth, while women fully enjoy sex.

How to apply?

Picaker’s websites clearly demonstrate not only disrespect for girls, but also manifest stupidity, convincing the visitor that without the knowledge of a woman you can add horse equine pathogen. Instructions for the use of herbal medicine introduces the consumer with contraindications. Women do not always tell men about their health problems. Therefore, you should drink dietary supplements only with the consent of your partner.

  • drug use 20 minutes before sex;
  • women with body mass: up to 60 kg – 7 drops, up to 70 kg – 10 drops, over 70 kg – up to 15 drops (but not more!);
  • men weighing: up to 70 kg – 10 drops, up to 85 kg – 12 drops, more than 100 kg – up to 18 drops.

The drug has a huge advantage – the lack of smell, why the additive will not spoil the taste of food and drinks. The instructions do not have contraindications for alcohol. The dosage for a person who drinks the drug for the first time is no more than 5 drops.

Before use, you should consult with your doctor to identify possible contraindications.

Why apply?

There are many reasons to buy a horse pathogen for men and women. Domestic problems interfere with relaxation, which reduces physical desire. Women often have a headache or they are not ready because of prejudice, although love is present. It is not recommended to treat female frigidity with this medicine, since the serum has a temporary effect, but does not eliminate the main problem. Men, too, often lack sexual desire, especially after a hard day’s work. This reluctance has a negative effect on family or romantic relationships. Dissatisfaction is the most frequent reason for a break.

How to buy medicines without a prescription

Drops are recommended for people with:

  • hormonal imbalance;
  • age-related changes in the body that affect sexual power;
  • physical, emotional fatigue;
  • stressful situations.

Most often, the homeopathic medicine is acquired for girls, because women are often shy, which prevents them from completely giving in to their feelings. Drops relax enlarged women, due to the impact on the nervous system, increasing blood flow to the genitals. Having taken homeopathy, the girl will not lie with a log, her sensitivity is so enhanced that she shudders at every touch. Men who quickly reach the finish line, not having time to satisfy their partner, praise the drug "BTC", because the medicine is incredibly prolonging an erection. Many men have already put an end to their intimate life, but having tried the medicine, they begin to live again.


"VTS" activates the body almost immediately after administration, for several hours. As the manufacturer promises, the horse pathogen for men and women is equally effective, able to work wonders. Yes, sex after a horse pathogen is truly amazing!

How to buy medicines without a prescription

Homeopathic remedy will give a date some intrigue, romance, passion. The main thing – to comply with the prescribed proportions.

Benefit or harm

If intimate life brings disappointment, dissatisfaction, then the benefits of the herbal preparation are obvious. Partners are starting to feel each other in a new way, experiencing bright emotions. Natural medicine "includes" brain cent, increases the level of estrogen in the blood. In most cases, it is the lack of estrogen – the main cause of female frigidity. Therefore, the drug has positive properties.

Regarding the harmfulness of homeopathic medicine: if used correctly, there will be no negative aspects. The drug itself is not able to cause significant damage to the body, as the vegetable components do not cause acute reactions.

Before ordering a horse pathogen, it is important to examine the composition. The main active ingredient of the drug is yohimbine, which is extracted from the bark of marenovo trees (in African countries). The alkaloid component activates sexual function in men and women.


Despite the safety of action, the supplement has some contraindications, the main of which is under the age of 18, as well as:

  • Do not give the medicine without the partner’s knowledge;
  • mental disorders;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period.

Overdose and side effects

In the absence of contraindications, there were no side effects in practice. As for overdose, there were also no serious consequences. Excess dose is not recommended.

If there is some kind of malaise (which is extremely rare), then it goes away independently and quickly.

Where to buy horse pathogen with delivery by mail in Russia?

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  • product warranty.

Beware of fake "VTS"! Buy fake in Moscow – easy! Pay attention to the cost, too low a price for drops – it is suspicious. Official representatives often offer promotions, all sorts of discounts.

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