How much to make strawberry jam

Author: Rybchanskaya Irina

Date: 23 05 2017

Hello my dear readers! There was no spring, but summer came at once – this is about the weather here in Transcarpathia. I already do the first workpiece for the winter. Guess what is it? No, this is not strawberry jam! Ripe strawberries are still not enough. I roll sorrel. Today I will tell you how to close the sorrel for the winter in banks.

How much to make strawberry jam

Do you like green borscht? I just adore him since childhood. Not far from our house in the village of Sobolevka, which is located right in the middle of the city of Sochi, whole thickets of sorrel raged. I don’t know if he was wild or simply “sown” himself, but there was his great variety. We, children, ate young leaves raw.

Granny was cutting sheaves of young sorrel and went with them to the market in order to earn not an extra penny. For the winter, sorrel was then harvested simply – they salted it and put it in jars, which were kept in the cellar.

This method is the least troublesome, but the products turn out to be very salty and the green borsch from it is not the same as from fresh green sorrel. When we got a new apartment, there was a sparkling Polish gas stove in the kitchen. Mom began to learn new recipes blanks, including sorrel. Some of them I use to this day.

How to close the sorrel for the winter in the banks – the best recipes blanks

Preservation without salt

How to prepare raw materials

  1. Cut sorrel leaves, cut them at the base of the stems (closer to the ground).
  2. Put the cut leaves in a large bowl.
  3. Sort spoiled, leaky, too light leaves, remove weed-covered weeds, shake off visible dirt.
  4. In sorted conditioned leaves, tear off the stems (especially in more “mature” specimens, in very young ones, most of the stem can be left), fold the raw materials prepared for conservation on trays or large dishes.
  5. Cut prepared sorrel.

How much to make strawberry jam

How to wash

  1. Pour it generously with water in a large bowl.

How much to make strawberry jam

On the green leaves a large number of harmful bacteria and other “living creatures”, harmful to our body, which gets on it with soil particles. It is important to wash off the dirt and dust before closing the sorrel in banks!

How to close the banks for the winter

  1. A large pot filled with water at the rate of 100 ml of water for every 100 g of sorrel. Heat the water to a boil, put handfuls of sorrel in boiled water, shaking the water over a bowl.
  2. As soon as all the prepared sorrel is in the water, you should drown it and stir it. He will strive to ascend, and you his spoon, a spoon down into boiling water.
  3. Water should boil again, boil the mass for three minutes. Remove pan from heat.
  4. Place the prepared sterile jars and lids as close to the saucepan as possible so that the distance between the container and the jars is minimal.
  5. Spoon the hot mass, fill the jars almost to the top, cover the twist-off or ordinary lacquered tin lids.
  6. Turn the filled jars upside down and leave to cool.

The banks rolled up this way are well worth the whole winter in a cool place. Reinsurers can put a small pinch of salt in each jar. Greens at the same time immediately change color

It is most practical to roll up small mustard jars – such a portion is just enough for a

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