How much calories are spent when walking

Do you like to walk on foot? Do you know that your “love” is a very useful activity? The advantage of walking is that calories are burned thanks to your legs! The faster they move, the faster the extra calories are burned.

How many calories are burned when walking?

1 (one) kilometer

For a person of average weight 200 kcal.

5 (five) km

On average, 300 – 350 kcal.

How much calories are spent when walking

10 (ten) km

If walking goes uphill

Plus + 40% to the above indicators.

How much calories are spent when walking

Walking down

Minus – 20% to the above results.

When skiing

40 kcal. 5 minutes walk in medium pace.

About how much you can burn while walking on heels and holding in your hand a handbag weighing X kg, we do not know. However, many people ask such subtle numbers that are very difficult to calculate and require a very individual approach.

Burning calories depends on your walking pace.

  1. Average walking pace – loss of 9 (nine) calories per minute.
  2. Two thousand steps – the loss of the most high-calorie chocolate.
  3. Very fast walking – a loss of 100 (one hundred) to 200 (two hundred) calories per hour.

Walking classes

  • Your start – four times a week for thirty minutes

If your weight is about seventy kilograms, then you will be able to lose 300 (three hundred) calories in half an hour!

Do not forget that these are approximate figures, which depend on the intensity of walking.

Now you understand what you will achieve if you endure two or three days? But there is one condition. You should not “indulge” yourself with calories these days.

We continue further to make it more interesting. However, not only you, but also all those who are passionate about "calorie burning".

Scientists proven

That people who are small are losing more calories per kilogram of their weight in the same time as people who are tall. The same goes for the kids.

The secret is simple: tall people take far fewer steps.

Don’t be upset if you are tall. This need to rejoice! The only thing you have to accept is the amount of time you need to spend for burning calories. He will have to spend more. Walk the streets, shopping, on a visit. Walk on foot, and not on an expensive car! And then the "calorie reduction" you provided.

Useful information about walking

  1. Waving your arms should be free, completely at ease.
  2. When you go – follow the steps. They should only be uniform.
  3. Do not forget that every "touch of the earth" is one step.
  4. You, for "walking" requires the purchase of comfortable and lightweight shoes.
  5. You must raise the legs (when walking) not less than fifteen centimeters.
  6. Walking is the “demand” of the most minimal effort.
  7. Keep quiet while walking so that it does not lose its effectiveness.
  8. Breathe right. That’s right – it means – strictly through the nose.
  9. Drink after walking at least a glass of water.
  10. If walking lasts a long time (more than thirty minutes) – drink some water so that there is no dehydration.

The benefits of walking for a person

  1. Normalizes the "cholesterol" level.
  2. Significantly improves the "insulin" level.
  3. This is a great helper for maintaining weight.
  4. Relieves any tension.
  5. Saves from stress.
  6. Strengthens the heart muscles.
  7. Walking stimulates blood circulation.

Interesting Facts

1. If you walk forward with your back, you will be able to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and the back. 2. If you go up – you can strengthen the muscles of the thighs and calf muscles. 3. If you walk, straining your gluteal muscles – you will get the elasticity of the muscles of the buttocks (both small and large).

My boyfriend can walk on foot all day, and he does not get tired. And I – lazy. Or I just can not "withstand" such tension. I do not regret myself, I train. And it is easier for men, as I think! Toma.

Four times for half an hour is a start? Wow! This is some kind of nightmare! For me it is unbearable. Understand: I am not an athlete. For me, this is all – huge loads. I would like to start something easy. But do not confuse these "impulses" with laziness! Nika.

I started to adore walking. Because I already got the stress. If I break up with someone, I will quarrel, then I will lose something dear … Already for this reason, you can lose calories. But I’m not afraid, but I dream to lose more. Buy a dog next week, so it was more fun to walk. I’m certainly not bored, but I have long wanted a dog. Walking on foot is the best reason to buy a dog. I want a terrier. Olka.

I do not like to go. I run around the house for five laps every morning. It bothers me, but I run because I weigh a lot for my age. I want to return my “miniature” clothing size in order to go to supermarkets and boutiques with pleasure. And then I just get upset because there are no my sizes. You too would be upset! And how embarrassing when we choose something with our boyfriend … .. He wants to like him, I measure, but she will not fit me. I blush all over, and the saleswomen are at a loss. Fields

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