How many calories anorexic eat

I have never sympathized with people with anorexia. Rich cunt does not want to eat. That is the trouble.

He and she were so thin and bony that they did not fuck, but knocked ..


Anorexia is a mental illness of the digestive tract that is not sexually transmitted, a disorder of appetite through its complete absence, accompanied by a dilution of the brain to a state of shit. It is often found among glamorous kiso and dull dogs, and often it is just an occupational disease, for example, a quarter of dancers are subject to it, while among the rest it happens in 1% of cases. Occasionally found in men. It is the terminal stage of slimming. Usually inoperable. The disease in most cases leads to self-euthanasia of patients and women through physical exhaustion. Sometimes, for beginners, anorexic and anorexicic are mistaken for pronounced asthenic, whose thinness is due to genetic causes.

As a rule, among themselves the anorexic women call the subject "Anoya", themselves – "butterflies", weight loss – "plumb line", and weight gain – "weight gain". These words are used quite often, because all the thoughts and conversations of anorexics are inevitably reduced to the same topics. Therefore, when you hear similar terminology from a girl, you can say with 99% confidence that you are anorexic.

Often, anoreksichki drag on the hands of red strings or elastic bands. And if the thread is on the right hand, then the anorexic can only achieve the ideal, and if on the left, it has already reached it. The questions of relatives about these threads are answered that they are from the evil eye. Usually, relatives do not know about losing weight of girls, because they all try to hide it by all means: throw food into a trash can or window, while no one sees it, flush it down the toilet, stain dishes and leave them in a visible place to create the impression that they eat.

Proponents of anorexia are pushing for:

  • anorexic photomodels
  • biorobot
  • "Beauties"
  • miserable notorious fools
  • quite secured daughters of Photoshop, not even obliged to exist IRL
  • what glamor magazines print, especially on the covers.

Opponents of sabzh usually press on the information that anorexia is a disease, or on data on its side effects.

[edit] Symptomatology

– Anorexics have no brain, for it is devoured for lunch by a starved stomach. – He is still there, but in the form of a tasteless, and therefore surviving cerebellum.

The patient (skeleton) is constantly looking for the perfect diet, which will allow her to reduce her weight below absolute zero and finally soar to her happiness. The patient really tries all the recipes found and:

  • rarely touches what she calls food: fig leaves and other incomprehensible salads, like be yogurts;
  • even allowing myself (oh, horror!) to drink half a glass of this very yogurt, immediately runs to the toilet or to the nearest bucket – in order to put fingers in my mouth to prevent the terrible calories from digesting.
  • in special cases, he continuously tortures his body with all sorts of physical exercises, but more often nothing happens because of laziness and lack of strength;
  • constantly talks about diets and other ways to lose weight;
  • some especially neglected specimens are ready to exchange an apartment for a talisman that promises instant weight loss to zero and lower forever;
  • they are constantly in paranoid fear about their weight, they are afraid to look at themselves in the mirror, expecting to see a monster swimming in fat. And yet they see him, although he is not there: it is most likely a manifestation of such a terrible unknown shit as dysmorphophobia or dysmorfomania, or schizophrenia quite well known to psychiatrists (and quite often). Here, for example, revelations of ordinary anorexics, this statement confirming.

How many calories anorexic eat

[edit] Myths

  1. People with anorexia are just trying to get attention. In fact, anorexies are wildly afraid of attracting the attention of their grandmothers, because they will immediately come over with buckets of food and the cry of "how are you starving, my granddaughter!" At the same time, among the official science, anorexia is considered a serious mental illness associated with eating disorders. Anorexia is not “mania” or “bad” behavior, but a firmly slid roof. For some people, anorexia sometimes becomes the only way, in their opinion, to appeal to the opposite sex and have success in the person of the oligarch. What is characteristic, in reality, anoreksichka can be liked only by mythical creatures from her own imagination, or by lovers of the wildest exotic.
  2. Anorexia is only a manifestation of pride. If an anorexic person says “I am fat”, he does so only to hear the compliment. In fact: in people with anorexia, a distorted, incorrect perception of their own body, they seem to look in a "crooked" mirror. Such patients suffer from lousy cloud complexes. One of the main symptoms of this disease is a constant feeling of its fullness, especially if friends argue that it is not. Relatives are very helpful to such shiza, at first filling the patient with allegations that their children are sad shit, and then with statements about the need to be terribly glamorous, successful and sexual.
  3. A person can control anorexia. Unfortunately, the person does not control this process. Do not underestimate anorexia. Anorexia can be fatal – it has the highest mortality rate among mental illnesses. Conclusion: RUN IN MAC! need to eat! How – see below. And you don’t need to run to a poppy because if there is one cabbage leaf a day for several years and then poppy getting drunk, there’s a big chance of becoming a hero by dying of a ruptured stomach (no, there’sn’t a big boom, No, but sorry!). Pozienta need otpaivat broth, gradually increasing the portion.
  4. Eating disorders are mainly due to food and weight. With the development of anorexia, patients with patients experience problems not only with the consumption of food. Constant restriction of oneself in food, fasting and body cleansing, which become an obsession, are symptoms of more serious mental disorders – schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, etc. (“Everyone wants me to get fat and not like men!”).
  5. Anorexia suffers only rich white-skinned girls. Anorexia is considered to be a female disease, which manifests itself in adolescence. Although British scientists are trying to prove that skinny skeletons resembling children running in Africa are also Anorexics, in fact they are poor beggars living in a country with few agrarian resources, breeding with superluminal speed due to the backwardness of civilization.
  6. Patients with anorexia do not suffer from hunger, but enjoy it. Anorexics are not eaten at all, because from one type of food they are already becoming bad and disgusting. Enjoy gluttony with bulimia. Although sometimes bulimia can be a concomitant disease in anorexia (in this case, the anorexic woman that runs out immediately runs to the toilet, sending everything devoured there in fear, and then begins to starve again or eat one apple a day, and so on until a new breakdown).
  7. A person cannot develop anorexia if he eats three times a day. If you eat three fig leaves a day, it is very easy to lose weight, fuck up, get under the minibus, fainting in the middle of the road. And this is not really funny. And if you eat three times a day on a grilled chicken, a kilo of kebab and a couple of liters of brewing machines, then anorexia does not threaten you. But you can easily swim fat, become a lush beauty or a cool fat man, become a resident of Pindos (and many people dream about this legal act!), Get better almost to any weight (and there are people who still want or ask their wives to do it! ).
  8. Patients with anorexia do not eat the so-called "junk food", and eat only healthy. In fact, people with anorexia to energize their body and fill up the missing energy are abused by sweets and various sugar-containing foods, which is characteristic of the early stages of the disease. They especially love bydloyogurts Danon, “Miracle”, which are now all for the same taste, color, smell, and calorie, tending to −1. In addition, anorexics are often abused by coffee, strong tea and other tonic drinks, which, coupled with the always empty stomach, quickly leads to gastritis and heart problems.
  9. You can not die from anorexia, if you strengthen the heart and body with constant exercise. Patients with anorexia easily believe such myths and do not treat their condition as a serious disease. Moreover, many of them are confident that the constant intake of vitamins is enough to replenish the missing nutrients in the body. Nevertheless, the constant starvation, malnutrition in combination with excessive physical exertion have the most serious consequences and lead to serious complications and other "easy" death. The Nazis proved this with the example of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Nuff said.
  10. Anorexia – a means of control. Yeah, so ZOG will tell you everything on your fingers. There is some truth in this statement. Patients with anorexia are characterized by experience of defeats and helplessness in solving important life tasks for them, they have a strong need for independence and success, but they strive to satisfy it in a maladaptive way. Some experts believe that anorexia can be viewed as a protest reaction to a feeling of helplessness. At the same time, they argue, the basis of the feeling of helplessness is the loss of control over life situations. Anorexics only blindly believe everything that shows about health, the right most profitable for corporations food, and connect the thinness of mannequins dummies with glossy covers with their supposedly high earnings and others, allegedly handed them nishtyak. For the treatment and prevention of anorexia, it is necessary to search in the life of the patient for those areas of activity and those areas of interest where he is still capable of fighting and seeking solutions.
  11. Anorexia is just a period in life. Once again, it should be noted that anorexia is a serious mental disorder of eating behavior, which requires immediate treatment by oral connection of the patient to the food duct.
  12. All anorexic skinny. A person is weak and it does not work on fig leaves for all anorexics; someone starts to light up, and they start to break free. Due to impaired metabolism, weight gains instantly. Stories known girls with curvaceous forms, suffering from the subject.

Untreated anorexia patients receive irreversible changes in the body. In TP and kis, the cardiovascular, digestive and just vital functions are disturbed. With fasting or extremely low calorie diets, the process of protein breakdown and brain intoxication occurs, which causes euphoria in the patient. Because of the inability that arises to focus, TP will not be able to know its OBM, and GK should be happy with hair loss on the head and the appearance of these on the face and back. This is an irreversible stage of the disease. After her, a beautiful maid is cut out. See “Anorexia Nervosa”.

[edit] Representatives

Sonya Agonyreksiyevna Barabash, known in certain circles because of her day. At the moment, gained weight thanks to the efforts of people in the Christian camp, earned PGM, filled the page with angels and prayers and protesting against drugs, hunger, in general, everything that she loved.

How many calories anorexic eat

She made a new LJ-Shku and Wentakle, writes boringly, but it is believed that the motives of the old life will not make them wait long for their manifestation.

Also, Valeria Levitina (“the living mummy”, “the living corpse”) —the thinnest woman in the world — also became widely known. In the past was a model. Represented the shortest example of anorexia, which resulted in her body becoming a skeleton covered with skin (in the truest sense of the word). She said that she had realized everything and tried to return to a normal state, but to no avail, due to a bunch of serious illnesses, obtained during anorexia, and premature aging of the body (despite the young age, it looked like an old grandmother). December 2, 2013 still converted to Islam.

According to the anorexics themselves, for most of them the cherished dream is to achieve a weight of 33-35 kg, and girls of high stature also strive for a similar weight. Some representatives declare their intention to lose weight to the weight that falls on the bones, internal organs and skin, which is about 20 kg. Such statements suggest that the process of disintegration of the brain of female students is already in full swing. At the last stage of the disease, anorexics stupidly lie at home on the bed and do not do anything, because they no longer have the strength to do any productive activity.

[edit] Heroes

[edit] Sibling – bulimia

It happens of three kinds: “I eat what I see,” “why would I eat this to lose weight,” and “girls, I have grief, I fell apart yesterday and got so hungry, I devoured the whole plate in one day.” With the third type, which accounts for 80% of cases of bulimia in female Internet women, everything is absolutely clear. So consider the first two.

Both types of bulimia are united by the fact that potsiant cannot stop eating and eats until it becomes bad (sometimes very bad), and also that potsient tries to eat less “in compensation” and as a result, between stomach attacks, it spoils the stomach prolonged hunger. The difference is that in the first case, the poziant is greasy and greasy, and in the second it is skinny and scorched, because the first ones are eating and hiccupping for a long time, digesting, and the second ones run to the toilet and shove two fingers in their mouth to bring themselves onto the altar of the Perfect Figure ™ (This is what is fierce, furiously related to her with anorexia).

As a rule, men suffer from the first form, women – the second. Since the eternally hungry body in the second form is still almost not saturated (only that which had time to slip through the stomach), the body’s struggle against the woman of fashion for life leads to an avalanche increase in GARDEN volume. If growth goes too fast – the stomach does not have time to adapt and bursts. For a modern, not too much eating person, a critical volume is about four liters, but beer (and other low-degree) alcoholics and experienced, trained bulimichki sometimes beat ten, and in one fell swoop, and in no place, bitches are rubber, not cracking. But in this case, the body cracks down on the owner in two more ways, to choose from: if she reconciled with the fact that during what they call it “breakdown” (disrupting the approach to – again – anorexia, which they consider to be the target state) her stomach turns into a completely not glamorous ball, then sooner or later the stomach refuses to give the bucket to the girages, no matter how much she tries to spit, and the content begins to fade, because “not giving away” does not mean “digest”, especially considering that just digest such volumes of the body owl I didn’t hurt anything – they didn’t give me, sir. If she made a second stupidity and inhaled the stomach by hook or by crook, the stomach pushes the diaphragm upward and sooner or later after the next sip the zhyvotnoe discovers a complete lack of ability to breathe, and even worse – in a specially gifted bag with a vainly exhausted gnater comes up to the heart (! ) and stops him, turning the little man into a small and sweltering monument to bestiality.

How many calories anorexic eat

Those who are humbled and honestly digest what they eat usually live longer. At least, hunger is not so fierce, the stomach stretches not at such an insane speed, plus it is kept outside by a fatty belt, which prevents elephants from eating cars (and that becomes more powerful and powerful), and obesity does not kill as quickly as peritonitis . Especially if physical exertion and metabolism allow to scatter at least part of the flow of calories flowing into the body. But if they do not allow …

For the average bulimic is characterized by the accusation of all their troubles parents (and not at all groundless). Food violations are often the result of a tense situation in the family – quarrels, abuse and so on. A serious step towards recovery would be to move to a separate living space and reduce contact with parents to a minimum. If this action is not taken by the patient, then, most likely, she is an ordinary loser and once she finds herself hugging her white ceramic friend.

Strangely enough, there are individuals to whom pretty kind of being greasy / plump females / males delivers. These perversions are called fiderism and stuffing [1].

Evolution shows that someone from the population adapts to any change in conditions, but someone does not. When food resources have become dock – even someone will not even adapt to this, at least simply according to statistics, and will eat until it dies of overdose. So it goes.

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