Homemade Wine Recipes

Of all the known means and products to improve the taste of moonshine ordinary lemon can be considered the most popular. It works well alone, is good in liqueurs combined with sugar syrup and does its job perfectly in a bouquet with other fruits, berries and spices. It not only disguises the "bad spirit" of not too high-quality home-made alcohol, but does bind harmful substances. Lemon Tinctures, are very popular.

Important: tincture, in which citric acid is added or which is infused on lemon, is harmful to people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In particular with gastritis or duodenitis with high acidity.

Why lemons

Lemon can be used whole, only zest or only pulp. Depending on what you add, the tincture will have different tastes and will receive different degrees of purification.

Remark: a white film between the zest and lemon pulp is a good adsorbent. If the recipe does not require it, it is better not to delete it, send it to the infusion and only then filter it out.

So, the end result will be as follows if you are making moonshine on:

  • Lemon zest. You get a purified, filtering drink. The peel contains essential oils that bind harmful fusel compounds. After settling and filtering through a thin filter (cotton pad, carbon filter) they will be removed from the drink. That is, the harmfulness of moonshine on the zest is less than not infused.
  • On lemon juice. The taste, color and smell of the drink will improve significantly. In addition, citric acid from the juice will bind (oxidize) protein compounds if they are in the drink (this happens due to the ejection of brew in the alcohol-receiving hose or due to the use of not too clean dishes).

How to get rid of bitterness

The partitions in the fruit of the lemon, and even more so the lemon peel, contain bitterness, which is not very desirable in the finished tincture made from moonshine. You can get rid of them if you act on the fruit or drink with hot water. To do this, you can use one of the methods:

  • Rinse unpeeled lemon with boiling water. So you can remove the bitterness that is most concentrated in the zest and peel of a lemon.
  • Pour hot sugar syrup into the finished tincture. Substances that gave bitterness will be neutralized, but along with them, some of the precious alcohol from moonshine will evaporate. So it is optimal that the syrup is not hotter than 73 ° C.

Homemade Wine Recipes

Interesting recipes for moonshine infusions with lemon

It should be noted that the intensity of the lemon shade in the drink – a matter of purely personal. Some come to the delight of a weak taste, others like it when the moonshine tincture on the ripe fruit of the lemon tree has a very sour taste. So feel free to experiment with the main ingredient to make a drink that will appeal to your friends.

Homemade Wine Recipes

Recipe number 1, elementary

To prepare this infusion, take 2 unpeeled and uncut lemons and throw them into a jar with 2 liters of moonshine. The strength of the original drink 50 °. After two weeks, the fruit must be removed, strain the alcohol through a fine filter. The finished product will be slightly hazy with a beautiful yellowish tinge.

Recipe number 2, a little harder

This is a strong lemon liqueur recipe with a very pronounced lemon flavor. Would need:

  • Lemons with a thin sandpaper – 5 pieces;
  • moonshine of 45 ° –50 ° –
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