Homemade grape wine recipe

It is so conceived by nature that very few people use fresh mountain ash just as they have a bitter-astringent taste. But for jams, jams is quite suitable. And what a delicious wine it turns out! This mountain ash has long been used in winemaking.

Homemade wine from red ash has a tart flavor. But even this is not important. The rowan wine also has healing properties. It supports the immune system, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body. In addition, in this drink a large amount of vitamins and trace elements.

Cooking berries

Drunk rowan drink, cooked at home, can be prepared by any housewife or landlord, if you have the desire and patience. But, most importantly, pick berries in time so that there is no bitterness in the finished drink. That is why fruits are collected for making wine at home after frost. Due to the fact that the berry hits frost, it becomes sweeter, as it increases the sugar content to a maximum.

Homemade grape wine recipe

For the preparation of homemade wine from the Krasnaya rowan, you can use wild or domesticated rowan berries. But the most luxurious drink with exquisite taste is obtained from the following varieties: “Pomegranate”, “Liqueur”, “Burka”. Dessert rowan wine turns out strong, fragrant.

On the preparation of one liter of intoxicating drink you need from 4 to

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