Homemade Dandruff Recipes

Rare, thin hair, devoid of volume can not but upset women, because it is beautiful and thick hair is a beautiful final point of the daily image. Hair density is a genetic factor, so no super-remedies can make hair thicker than they really are. But to strengthen, fill with health, return pomp and protect them from the negative influence of external factors, we are quite capable. Home masks for hair density are ideal for this.

Homemade Dandruff Recipes

The most effective elements of masks for hair density are burdock, castor and coconut oils, herbal decoctions, yeast, onions and garlic. The presence of these products in home masks really strengthens the hair, accelerates blood circulation in the scalp, stimulating hair growth.

Of great importance is the correct technique of applying a mask for the thickness of the hair. Ten minutes before the procedure, it is recommended to massage the scalp with intense movements. During the application, you should also do a massage, only lighter with circular movements. The rehabilitation course includes eighteen to twenty procedures that should be done 1-2 times a week. Then it is important to give your hair a rest for about two or three months and again carry out a treatment and recovery course. Be sure to test the prepared composition for a mask for the presence of allergic reactions. Overexposure masks should not be in the hope that you will get more effect. This will lead to the addiction of the skin to the active ingredients used, and, in the end, they will cease to give a positive result.

Hair Care Tips.

  • Comb your hair more often, especially before bedtime and washing, make it a wooden comb.
  • Frequent diets and dietary restrictions for hair are obviously not helpful.
  • It is enough to wash the head once or twice a week, frequent washing drains them, especially with improperly chosen care products.
  • Never go to bed with wet hair, try to wash them a few hours before bed (with long hair) so that they can dry themselves without using a hair dryer.

Masks for hair density and growth (16 recipes).

Kefir-bread mask with henna for all hair types.Action. It gives the hair volume, visually making it thicker, returns shine, makes it soft and obedient.

Homemade Dandruff Recipes

Ingredients. Kefir – 200 ml. Henna – 1 teaspoon. Rzhanoy bread – two pieces of crumb.

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