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Salad decoration is a reason to write a separate article, because beautiful salads are an integral part of a festive meal, when each housewife comes up with an original salad decoration to make the holiday special.

Beautiful salads are especially relevant when there are small children in the house – it is interesting for children to observe how the mother makes the decoration of salads, and then they all eat it together.

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Also beautiful salads are relevant for children’s matinees, and birthdays. Beautiful decoration of salads is not as difficult as it may seem, and it is enough to show a little imagination and your beautiful salads will surprise all the guests.

Especially for readers of Home Restaurant, I made a photo selection, how you can beautifully decorate salads, which I hope you will find useful.

Most of the salads presented in this article are flaky, and so that they keep their shape, they are best done in a detachable baking dish, wait for the salads to harden in the refrigerator, and then remove the ring, and only then begin decorating the salads.

Festive Butterfly Salad

How to make a salad "butterfly" with step by step photos you can see HERE

New Year’s salad "Horse"

  • Chicken leg: 1 pc. (or chicken breast: 1 pc.)
  • Fresh cucumbers: 2 pcs. (or sweet bell pepper: 2 pcs.)
  • Mushrooms: 200-300 g
  • Onion: 1 pc
  • Vegetable oil: for frying
  • Chicken eggs: 4 pcs.
  • Mayonnaise: to taste
  • Salt: to taste

Boil eggs hard boiled. Chill.

Boil chicken leg (or breast) to readiness in salted water (about 30 minutes after boiling). Chill.

Onions clean, wash and cut into small cubes.

Wash mushrooms and cut into small cubes.

Preheat pan, pour a little oil. Put the mushrooms and onions in the pan. Fry over medium heat, stirring for about 10 minutes.

Chicken meat is separated from the bones and cut into slices.

Wash cucumbers (or sweet peppers) and cut into cubes.

Separate the whites from the yolks. Grate the protein on a fine grater.

Grate the yolk on a fine grater.

In a bowl, combine the prepared meat and cucumbers.

Salt to taste, season with mayonnaise.

Mix well until smooth.

Combine yolks with mayonnaise, mix well. (Bring to the consistency of thick cream.)

On a flat dish (black or burgundy will look more impressive) put the salad, forming a horse’s head with a knife. You can prepare a piece in advance.

Yolk mixture to smear the silhouette of a horse. From the mushrooms lay out the mane.

The last layer is proteins. Finalize the head and ears.

Make eyes and nostrils (for example, from olives), decorate the New Year’s salad at will. Let the salad stand in the fridge for at least 1-2 hours. New Year’s Sala t "Horse" is ready.

Salad of crab sticks "Mouse"

  • 150 grams of hard cheese (can be processed)
  • 240 grams of crab sticks
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 250 grams of mayonnaise
  • 1 carrot
  • parsley
  • pepper peas

1. Grate cheese, crab sticks and garlic on a fine grater.

2. Slice carrots.

3. Cheese and garlic combine with mayonnaise, mix well.

4. Put the prepared mass in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

5. From the curd to form oval molds.

6. Then roll them in grated crab sticks from all sides.

7. Make ears from carrots, tails from crab sticks, eyes from black pepper.

Salad "Sakura branch"

Ingredients for salad:

300 grams of smoked chicken or pork, cut into strips;

2 small-sized table beets, chopped on a grater;

Bank of pickled champignons;

Egg yolks 4-5 eggs;

Grated cheese 200 grams;

You can add fried or pickled onions after beets.

Salad preparation:

Smear all the layers with mayonnaise.

Sakura flowers are made from squirrel, painted with beet juice, branches of black and green olives grated on a fine grater, and leaves of leek.

Stamens – from the yolk.

Registration depends on your taste.

Salad "Flower pot"

Salad is made in a baking pan. If there is none, you can use a simple cardboard tape, fasten it in the form of a ring, and wrap it in foil. In this ring lay out layers, promazyvaya each mayonnaise:

1. grilled or smoked chicken, cut into pieces;

2. prunes, cut into strips;

3. champignon mushrooms, fried with onions;

4. cucumbers cut into strips (let them stand and drain excess liquid before laying out),

5. Korean carrots.

To decorate: Radish is used, which is soaked in beet juice.

If you want lilac flowers – in the juice of red cabbage.

Salad free from the contour, put unsweetened crackers around the "pot", decorate with green leaves, which will be at hand. In the photo the salad is decorated with sorrel.

Lay out the flowers, center out the yolk, and between the decomposed protein, grated on a fine grater.

Before serving, keep in the fridge.

Pansy Salad

The recipe for cooking "Golden Fish" salad and decoration options can be found HERE

Holiday menu

Salad "Christmas Cracker"

The recipe for making the New Year’s Cracker salad with step-by-step photos can be viewed HERE

Salad "Snake" for the New Year 2013

Recipes New Year’s salad "Snake" (7 pieces) with photos you can see HERE

Salad "Krabik"

The recipe for cooking salad "Crabic" can be found HERE

Holiday menu

Salad "Golden Fish"

The recipe for cooking "Golden Fish" salad and decoration options can be found HERE

Salad "Pearl"

The recipe for cooking salad "Pearl" can be found HERE

White Birch Salad

Recipe preparation salad "White Birch" and decoration options, you can see HERE

Salad "Tsarsky"

Cooking salad "Tsarsky" and options for decoration, you can see HERE

Salad "Horn of plenty" №1

The recipe for making salad "Horn of Plenty" No. 1 can be found HERE

Salad "Violet"

Salad Ingredients: smoked ham, prunes, champignons, fried with onions, fresh cucumber, Korean carrot, mayonnaise.

cooking: Lay all the salad ingredients in layers, dressing with mayonnaise in a salad bowl, or in a split form. Cut the radishes into circles, and soak them in the juice of red cabbage, so that the petals of the violets are colored lilac. Put spinach leaves on a salad and then make flowers from radish circles. The middle of violets made of egg yolks. Crackers lay out the sides of the salad.

Salad "Fox fur coat"

Salad preparation and decoration options, you can see HERE

Cobweb Salad

Salad Ingredients: sprats, butter, onions, hard cheese, boiled eggs, mayonnaise. Fresh cucumber, black olives, ketchup, greens for decoration.

cooking: Mash the sprats with a fork and place on a plate, then put the finely chopped onion with mayonnaise. The next layer is grated cheese with mayonnaise, then three creamy little and at the end of the egg.

For decoration, mix 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise with ketchup, and draw a cobweb. Make a spider out of black olives. Decorate sides of salad with cucumbers and greens.

Eggplant Appetizer “Peacock Tail”

Cooking snacks with step-by-step photos can be viewed HERE

Salad "Fireworks"

Salad Ingredients: ham, boiled eggs, yellow, red and green Bulgarian pepper, tomato, mayonnaise, onions

cookingA: All the ingredients for the salad cut into thin flat. On the plate with the first layer lay the ham, with strips of onions. Then the Bulgarian pepper of three colors, alternating them with egg whites. On top of the tomatoes and mayonnaise, which is hidden under the grated egg yolks. Mayonnaise can be served separately in a saucepan.

Salad "Lady’s Hat"

Salad Ingredients: based on the recipe for salad "Venice"

ingredients for decoration: rope cheese Suluguni, tomato, black olives

April Olive Salad

Salad Ingredients: boiled eggs, boiled carrots, boiled potatoes, pickled cucumbers, fresh cucumbers, boiled sausage, green onions, smoked sausage, parsley, dill, mayonnaise.

ingredients for decoration: radishes, fresh cucumbers, lettuce, curly parsley, salami sausage for roses, olives, egg white.

cooking: Ingredients for salad cut into cubes, and season with mayonnaise. To decorate the salad, lay out lettuce leaves on a plate. Put the salad on top of the leaves. Cucumber cut in half and cut into slices. Radish cut in half. Put in turn radishes and cucumbers on the sides. Put curly parsley on top of the edges. Before cooking a salad, cut a slice and cut it in half from boiled eggs. Halves to lay in a circle. Put a salami rose in the middle. It turns out to be done very simply. Cut 7 thin slices of salami, wrap the first slice into a tube, and put the rest into each other and fix with toothpicks.

Slice the olives into thin slices and decorate the salad around the eggs with them.

Green Rose Salad

Salad Ingredients: boiled chicken fillet, processed cheese, fresh cucumbers, boiled eggs, pitted olives, red Crimean onions, mayonnaise.

cooking: Ingredients for salad cut into cubes, and season with mayonnaise. Decorate the salad with plates or slices of fresh cucumber in the form of a rose.

Mexican Salad

Salad Ingredients: boiled chicken fillet, radish, fresh cucumbers, boiled eggs, green onions, boiled potatoes, chili pepper, lettuce, pickled cucumbers, lemon juice and vegetable oil

cooking: Ingredients for salad cut into cubes, and fill with lemon juice and vegetable oil. Put the salad leaves on the plate and the salad itself on top. Using toothpicks to collect cactus from pickled cucumbers.

White Crocus Salad

Salad Ingredients: boiled eggs, Chinese cabbage, canned corn, pickled champignons, green onions, fresh cucumbers, mayonnaise.

cooking: Chinese cabbage, marinated champignons, green onions, diced fresh cucumbers, add corn and mayonnaise. Put the salad on a plate and sprinkle with finely chopped eggs.

To decorate, we take 7-8 small seedlings (they are sold at the headstock at the bazaar), a bunch of green onions and 1/4 of carrots. We clean small bulbs. Now we take a sharp knife and cut out the teeth on the top of the onion. We take out the “insides” of the onion and with the help of a toothpick and green onion we insert the small stalks into the “onion-cups” and in each onion we put on a small piece of carrot.

Chamomile liver cake

cooking: prepare the liver cake according to this recipe. Decorate with chopped dill, egg white and yolk lay out chamomile.

Salad "Championship"

salad ingredients: green peas (young or frozen), canned. corn, boiled potatoes and carrots, salmon, eggs, green onions, dill, mayonnaise, quail eggs.

cooking: cut all ingredients into cubes and lay out layers of mayonnaise on a square plate in the following sequence: potatoes, green onions, eggs, balyk, corn, carrots, potatoes. Decorate the salad with green peas and dill. Marking the field to make mayonnaise, and a quail egg football.

Salad "Snowdrops"

salad ingredients: boiled beef marinated in lemon juice and sugar onions, eggs, mayonnaise, hard cheese

cooking: salad is laid out in layers in the following order: pickled onions, boiled meat, boiled eggs. Each layer is not too thick smear mayonnaise, including the top one. Lightly crush. Sprinkle the salad with shredded cheese, make the stalks of the snowdrops from the feathers of the green onions, and cut the petals from thinly sliced ​​plates of radish daikon.

Cracker Cake Salad

salad ingredients: savory round crackers, canned pink salmon, saury or tuna, boiled eggs, garlic, green onions, mayonnaise

cooking: Put crackers on a plate in a circle in the shape of a flower. Next a layer of eggs from mayonnaise, then a layer of crackers, then canned food with mayonnaise and green onions, and smear the last top layer of crackers with mayonnaise and sprinkle with finely grated eggs. Garnish the salad with tomato slices, olives halves and greens.

Vegetable salad with garlic

salad ingredients: tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, vegetable oil, greens

cooking: cut vegetables into slices, and spread out in rows on a round dish. Sprinkle with crushed garlic, greens, and pour with vegetable oil.

Salad "Crab Spring"

salad ingredients: crab sticks, or crab meat, fresh cucumbers, eggs, grated hard cheese, Chinese cabbage, olives. Sauce: in equal parts, mix mayonnaise and sour cream, seasoned with a little mustard.

cooking: crab sticks, cucumbers, eggs, and olives cut into cubes, Peking cabbage to break into small pieces. Add cheese and dressing with sauce, put in a form, and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Take out a salad, put it on a dish, and decorate with spring onions and flowers of crab sticks.

Salad "Mimosa" with mice

salad ingredients: boiled eggs, boiled carrots, boiled potatoes, onions, canned fish (sardines in oil), mayonnaise, greens

ingredients for decoration: pieces of cheese (for the ears and tail of mice), black pepper peas (use as eyes for mice)

Salad "Aquarium"

salad ingredients: seafood cocktail, onions, red canned beans, marinated champignons, pickled cucumbers, grated hard cheese, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: sea kale, red bell pepper (to make fish and a star), mayonnaise, several mussels to make crabs

Salad "Sunflower"

salad ingredients: boiled chicken fillet, onions, fried champignons, boiled eggs, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: Pringls chips and olives

Salad "Gate"

salad ingredients: avocado, shrimps, fresh cucumbers, boiled eggs, onions, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: green onion feathers, salted straw, a slice of black bread to make the bottom

Corn Salad

salad ingredients: boiled chicken breast, pickled cucumbers, onions, fried mushrooms, boiled eggs, parsley and dill, mayonnaise, canned corn

ingredients for decoration: leek leaves and canned corn

Hedgehog Salad

salad ingredients: boiled chicken breast, pickled cucumbers, boiled carrot, green onions, dill, parsley, canned corn, eggs, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: Put the salad on a dish in the form of a hedgehog.

To rub eggs on a fine grater, mix with mayonnaise, and coat with a hedgehog. For needles, use potato chips, and for eyes and nose from the skin of pickled cucumber to squeeze out circles.

Salad "Crab Paradise"

salad ingredients: crab sticks, marinated mushrooms, processed cheese, canned corn, garlic, mayonnaise, greens

ingredients for decoration: red caviar, olives, curly parsley

Salad "Watermelon Slice"

salad ingredients: smoked chicken fillet, fried champignons, boiled carrots, boiled eggs, grated cheese, garlic, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: red Bulgarian pepper (watermelon flesh), olives (seeds), fresh cucumber (peel)

Salad "Gift"

salad ingredients: boiled veal, boiled carrots, boiled beets, steamed prunes, walnuts, boiled eggs, grated hard cheese, mayonnaise, parsley

ingredients for decoration: cut carrots from boiled carrots and garnish with parsley.

Salad "Grouse’s Nest"

salad ingredients: boiled chicken fillet, ham, pickled champignons, eggs, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: shredded potatoes, fried in vegetable oil, lettuce, for bird eggs: processed cheese, egg yolks, dill, mayonnaise, garlic.

Salad "Starfish"

salad ingredients: crab meat or crab sticks, canned corn, boiled eggs, salted salmon, grated hard cheese, garlic, dill, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: shrimps, red caviar, lettuce is laid out in layers.

Salad "Hares in the garden"

salad ingredients: smoked fish fillets, such as buttered, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, boiled carrots, pickles, greens

ingredients for decoration: in the middle make a "bed" of carrots, put bunnies of eggs on the sides

Orange Slice Salad

salad ingredients: boiled eggs, boiled carrots, onions, chicken fillet, marinated champignons, grated hard cheese, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: Lay the salad in layers, shape an orange wedge, decorate with grated carrots and egg white.

Salad "Horn of plenty" №2

salad ingredients: boiled chicken fillet, boiled potatoes, pickled cucumbers, canned corn, eggs, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: lettuce, vegetables, salted salmon, greens, and cheese

Pineapple Salad

salad ingredients: smoked chicken, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, grated hard cheese, pickled cucumbers, onions, mayonnaise

Holiday menu

ingredients for decoration: halves of walnuts, green onion feathers

Tiger Salad

salad ingredients: smoked or fried pork, onions, boiled carrots, eggs, grated cheese, prunes, fresh cucumbers, paprika, garlic, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: salad is laid out in layers, decorate with grated carrots, olives, olives, and egg white

Grape bunch salad

salad ingredients: canned fish (cod liver, for example), green onions, boiled potatoes, eggs, grated hard cheese, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: blue seedless grapes

Salad "Man’s caprice"

salad ingredients: smoked chicken fillet, boiled beef, eggs, Crimean onion, grated hard cheese, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: Calla sandwich cheese, green onion stalks feathers, and yellow bell pepper to make a pistil

Salad "Lovers"

salad ingredients: boiled shrimps, Korean carrot, grated hard cheese, eggs, mayonnaise

ingredients for decoration: olives and red caviar

A few more beautiful ideas for salad dressing can be found here in this video.

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