Herring oil recipe

A small feast on your own can be arranged for any occasion and often enough (anniversaries, New Year, February 23 (I advise you to see ideas), March 8, successful completion of cases, and so on).

Before you dive into the preparation of the buffet, I remind you that the site "Again Celebration" contains the most interesting proposals for the organization of small corporate events. If you decide to mark in the office or in a cafe …

We are ready to organize an interesting holiday in the office, call!

If you do not plan to cook yourself, do not read further this article :-). Just call, we have ready-made offers with the price of one person (Moscow and Moscow Region). We will find the best option for you! Let’s make the menu for your holiday, guests will be delighted.

We read further if your team loves and knows how to cook …

I tried to choose proven and easy-to-eat snacks, so throw an article into the bookmarks so that this cheat sheet is right next to you! My ideas will help you organize a holiday fairly quickly and inexpensively.

Herring oil recipe

What to cook for a buffet at work?

I do not agitate to cook all these snacks! Choose!

“One tooth” – collection “100 canapes”

The first thing that comes to mind is small elegant snacks (canapés). I collected all these ideas in pictures for quite a long time and replenished regularly, so be sure to find suitable options (evaluate time and financial costs).

Attention! Everything red words

are links to detailed recipes with photos!

Consistently study my articles:

I liked the idea of ​​serving canapés on the figure mirror. Unusual tray looks festive, and snacks look 2 times bigger :-). Take note!

A sandwich will taste better if …

… if the bread smeared cooked at home mustard oil (per 200 g of softened butter – 1 tablespoon of mustard from the can)

make cheese cream (in a blender, beat 150 g of hard cheese, 150 soft cream cheese, 2 cloves of garlic and a few sprigs of greens, 1/2 cup of cream 20-22%)

… put a piece of sausage or boiled pork on tartar sauce (in 150 grams of mayonnaise add 30 g of finely chopped pickled cucumbers, 1 tablespoon of chopped capers and green onions, cool for 30 minutes, pour 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste).

The reception at work is usually prepared by more than one person, so you can pre-distribute among your colleagues who can do what you can do at home in advance. Approximate design of sandwiches on the picture:

Sandwiches Meat better to do it yourself. Believe, your colleagues will highly appreciate the natural homemade product, it is worth a little to try! Meat is prepared simply – HERE is my detailed baked ham recipe in pictures.

… just decorate with a sprig of greenery:

Herring oil (shad one herring fillet in a blender with 200 g butter) or minced meat (scroll through the meat grinder fillet of one herring, green apple without a peel, small onion, boiled egg, 70-100 g of butter, season with black pepper) will require only a small decoration of a slice of cucumber and a sprig of dill. Figured bread can be made with cookie cutters.

Homemade chicken liver pate on a slice of bread with a thin straw of Bulgarian pepper – an excellent appetizer for a buffet table at work. Recipe: put carrot and onion in a pot with water, boil until cooked, add 500 g of chicken liver to boiling vegetables. Boil all together for 15 minutes, remove from the water and hot whip with a blender, gradually adding the broth, in which the products were cooked, until a homogeneous mass, similar in thickness to sour cream. Allow to cool slightly, add 150 g of softened butter, salt to taste. This is a very cheap but festive snack!

Cheese cream with garlic on bread toast. About how to do it, I already wrote in this article a little higher (it can be used as a "pillow" for boiled pork and sausage). But the cream itself is incomparably tasty and beautiful when it is laid out on a leaf of lettuce with the help of a pastry syringe.

Patties and pancakes

Small pies made from yeast or puff pastry with the most traditional filling (meat, cabbage with egg, potatoes with mushrooms) have the same success. Scatter in the first place! I will not describe in detail, while just throwing up an idea for a holiday in the office. The most important thing – small size, also on "one bite".

Another successful snack for the buffet in the office, which can be prepared at home and is cold – pancakes with fillings. Also tiny, of course. With red caviar or lightly salted salmon, for example. Look for the craftsman in the team, someone will definitely cope :-)!

Reception at work: are salads appropriate?

Yes, I declare boldly, as there are several ways of their original submission!

If you chop the usual salad (Olivier, crab, shrimp with avocado, salad with shrimp and cucumber and

Vegetables and Pickles

Fresh vegetables (cherry tomatoes, pieces of colorful pepper, cucumber circles), pickled vegetables and mushrooms can be strung on small skewers. The same is done with olives and olives. Conveniently!

I decided to throw a very nice idea here! I saw in a magazine, I scanned for you right away :-). A Christmas tree made of sweets will look very original (if your buffet table at work was organized on New Year’s Eve) or simply a “tree of happiness” made of sweets if you are celebrating something else.

And how is your holiday in the office? Write in the comments the most successful recipes for appetizers that your colleagues rated especially high.

I also remembered one of my lemon pie recipes, which easily tolerates transportation and is very popular with men for the taste of filling with zest. Try it!

Other ideas for the corporate party on the website "Again the Holiday"

On our site there are many ideas for holding the most interesting corporate events. These are ideas for small offices and large companies. Quests, master classes, teambuilding, sports and entertainment events for every taste.

My suggestion

We work in Moscow and MO. Call and tell about the next holiday. We will offer you an interesting version of the event and the best menu for a buffet table.

Holiday again Contact person: Panasyan Irina Write to me: irina @

We took your advice, it was very interesting, only we did not prepare ourselves, but took advantage of the services of the concord catering catering. Very comfortable, everything was brought, covered, and we rested.

Herring oil recipe

Thanks for the selection!

And we are at work always on holidays organize a buffet table. And on New Year’s so holy thing. You have a lot of interesting things here, you need to take note. At the reception, it is also important to buy good alcohol. Guys, we usually take vodka "Baikal". It is very soft and pleasant to the taste, good quality. And on corporate events, you know, it happens that someone will surely move them. And this is a proven option, and the hangover consequences have never been observed.

Pictures such as drooling. Thanks for the tips and ideas. Will come in handy necessarily.

Buffet reception of everyone, that’s a friend in the office does not make buffets. Not accepted! The article is very good, I wanted to eat)))

Buffet enjoyed! Already saliva swallowed. I will certainly look, especially countrymen.

All this is suitable not only for a buffet table at work. It can be used at our family celebration, at the granddaughter’s wedding. Thanks to Irochka for the informative and tasteful material presented.

What a pity that February 23 has passed! Everything was not bad, but, in comparison with your selection, it is somehow independent and too simple. Rescued poems – a poem in a simple theatrical performance performed by women. And if there was such a table! I already downloaded the page and send it to the girls next time. In the meantime, try to wipe the nose of the ladies before March 8. Oh, we will throw a buffet at work for real!

I also think that such a holiday is warmer if the employees themselves have tried for themselves. Yes, and that’s all the more useful! Imagine how much preservatives will be in the paste from the store!

Reception at work is always eagerly awaited, especially when the holidays are coming. It brings people together, unites the team in an informal setting. And when such delicious dishes are served there, the buffet at work turns into a real feast. Well done, Irina!

From your ideas always drooling, the eye rejoices and the mood rises. # 128578; Many thanks for the original recipes and smart tips!

What yummy! Be sure to take note.

Here from some pictures not only drools flow, but also the imagination plays out … And I want everything.

Homemade is always delicious.

Everything looks very appetizing, I wanted to go back to the office and throw a party))) Only in my memory no one ever cooked at home to bring to the office … Usually everything is somewhat simpler – the messenger in “Metro” and “Auchan” … In any case of you, Irina, thanks for the blog, for beautiful and tasty ideas for the holidays))) Good luck!

Very good article! Many pictures are a big plus.

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