Healthy foods

The initial building blocks of healthy nutrition are products from which it is formed.

Let’s try to figure out what foods are healthy for human nutrition.

Based on try on the opinion:

  • traditional medicine (let’s call these doctors “conservatives” and assign them the letter "TO"),
  • alternative medicine (let’s call them Democrats and assign them the letter "D").

All this of course is very conditional, but it will allow us, by counting answers to the question “a product of healthy or not healthy nutrition,” to determine the basis. So say the majority method. We make one more assumption: we assume that the initial process of product appearance is natural and pure (as in mathematics, at least one axiom is needed to prove the theorem).

Products that are already used by a person (modern) take part in the “research”.

Raw foods for healthy eating

# 1: raw vegetables and fruits:

“K” is considered to be their healthy food.

№2: milk and dairy products (without heat treatment),

Healthy foods

“K” refers them to healthy food.

Number 3: the nuts and others similar, thermally unprocessed:

# 4: honey

If we analyze further, then no one argues about raw foods!

Products after heat treatment

Then we begin to boil, soar, bake (BUT NOT FROM BEFORE). Interestingly, although the frying process has been known for a long time, the very ancients mostly cooked on fire or charcoal, thus frying without adding oil.

# 5: a fish (past only primary heat treatment,

No. 6: meat (past only primary heat treatment,

Healthy foods

here both groups say "yes" with the reservation on fat content, amount of consumption, method of preparation.

No. 7: eggs

all – “yes” only if you do not overdo it with the amount of eating

№ 8 porridge:

"K" support all cereals

"D" recommend coarse grinding due to the non-destroyed grain shell containing vitamins B.

In general, boiled food also does not cause much controversy (I’m talking about doctors, and not adherents of raw food).

Fried food

And now we fry something. For example, potatoes. And here discrepancies begin. Often quite radical.

There is such an opinion: exclude from the diet 3 "F" and you will become healthy. 3 "F" is – fried, fatty, yolk.

When we get to the process of mixing heat-treated products, you will not find a common opinion here. Doctors of traditional medicine will put very big restrictions if a person has some kind of disease. Dietary tables developed by doctors contain various forms of prohibition depending on the pathology. But non-traditional medicine does not recommend certain combinations as preventive measures. What both agree for example: a mixture of vegetable and animal fats.

What is the main conclusion of the Lord (so as not to bore you with long texts):

  • stop at boiled and all medicine will say – you have a healthy diet.

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