Fried pork liver with onions

Cooking time: 30 min.

Preparation time: 5 hours

Servings: 1 pc.

The recipe is suitable for: dinner.


Pork liver on a bow pillow

Today we cook pork liver. This product is very time consuming to prepare. It is necessary to thoroughly clean, soak, rub, rinse … All these procedures are needed to make the ready dish tasty. The aroma of the liver will give spices and a large number of onions, which will fry the liver.

Fried pork liver with onions

How to cook Fried pork liver step by step with a photo at home

To prepare this dish, we need to take pork liver, onion, olive oil, flour, milk, soda, paprika, nutmeg, black pepper, honey, salt.

Wash the liver, clean the veins, soak in milk for 3 hours. Put in the fridge.

Rinse the liver, cut into chunks, sprinkle and rub with soda. Put in a bowl and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Peel and chop the onion into thin rings.

Wash the liver in plenty of running water. Cover with spices and put half a teaspoon of honey. Leave for 20 minutes.

Fried pork liver with onions

Meanwhile, heat the pan with olive oil. Fry the onions until golden brown.

Roll pieces of liver in a small amount of flour, put on a frying pan on a layer of onion. Fry, turning the liver. Mix with fried onions. Salt Before you remove from the stove, close the pan with a lid and then liver another 2 minutes.

The liver will be very soft. Serve with vegetables.

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Comments (3)

Tell me please, why rub the liver with soda? I got your dish and it is better than I just fried before. Thank.

Tell me, Sergey, didn’t your liver turn out with a burnt onion? 5 hours of preparation and barely saved

Sergey, soda removes bitterness, softens the liver. And that the liver turned out delicious – this is very good! Thanks for the report! # 128521;

15 3 hours ago

96 2 hours ago

11 16 hours ago

32 20 hours ago


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Fried pork liver with onions

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