Free meals at school for large families

Support for large families in Russia is carried out at the federal and regional levels. Considering its national and cultural characteristics, demographic conditions and budget, each region independently determines what a large family is.

What is a large family

The main provisions on the need to assist such families and measures for its implementation are regulated by Presidential Decree No. 431 of

To count on the benefits to large families in 2019 can parents or one parent raising at least three minor children.

In some areas, the child’s age can increase to 23 years.

A large family includes all joint children and those left from previous marriages. Minor status also matters (adopted, under guardianship, full-time students, etc.).

Parents who have been deprived of their rights, who are evading education, or who have given their children to boarding school, cannot claim the status of having many children and enjoy the benefits.

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State support of large families at the federal level

In accordance with Presidential Decree No. 431, state assistance to families with many children in 2019 will be implemented in the following areas:

  • Taxation;
  • Land relations;
  • The provision of medical care and nutrition;
  • Education of children and parents;
  • Maintaining a household farm;
  • Employment;
  • Department of Housing and Utilities;
  • Transport services and others.

What authorities need to apply for benefits? These are the Pension Fund, the housing inspectorate, the tax service, the social security authorities, the Federal Registration Service, the local municipality and others, depending on the type of privilege.

Free meals at school for large families

The main document for processing discounts is a certificate of the status of a large family, issued by the Department of Social Protection. The applicant collects the necessary documents, then writes a statement. Within a month, the competent authority considers the appeal and gives a positive or negative answer.

Labor and retirement benefits for parents of many children

By concluding an employment contract, a mother of many children or a father can count on the following benefits:

  1. Early retirement (work experience must be equal to 15 years, and reach 50 years of age).
  2. Additional two-week annual leave (condition – more than 2 children). This leave is not paid and is issued at a time convenient to the parent. It can be combined with the main rest or take separately.
  3. One extra paid day off per week (with a 40-hour work week). In this case, both parents must work under an employment contract.
  4. Accrual of retirement points on maternity leave for each person born, the amount of which is intended to increase the basic pension.
  5. Assistance in finding employment from the employment service (homework or temporary work).

For registration, you need documents proving the identity of parents and children, a certificate from a passport on family composition, a certificate of income for each parent, issued by the tax service, a child’s TIN and photos of all family members over 6 years old.

To be eligible for early retirement, a mother must give birth to 5 children and raise them before the age of 8, or give birth to two, but the experience increases by 5 years, and the work activity should be carried out in the Far North. Attention! In October 2018, a law was approved on granting new labor privileges to parents with many children in the form of the right of priority to choose the time for actually receiving leave. Key condition: children in the family must be at least 3 and the age of each of them is under 12 years old.

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Preferential medical care, food and domestic services

Additional social support is expressed in the following benefits for families with three children:

  • Free prescription drugs for children under 6 years of age;
  • Priority care in hospitals;
  • Free release of vitamins for children;
  • Free lunch and breakfast for students;
  • Rest in camps and sanatoriums without payment;
  • The issuance of school and sports uniforms;
  • One free visit to a museum, exhibition or amusement park (no more than 1 time per month);

A mother or father can come to the school with all the documents and write an application for free meals. In addition to passports and certificates, you must provide data on the registration of minors, the paper on the income of parents. After reviewing the documents, the school will redirect them to the social security agency.

You can compensate for the paid voucher yourself by presenting a receipt, a document on the child’s presence in the camp and a contract. Journey to the sanatorium is paid by the parent only half.

State provision of land and housing

The status of a large family provides the right to provide the land plot with an area not exceeding 15 acres. Land can be used for housing, summer farming or gardening.

What a large family in the region has the right to do is get a plot, the area of ​​which can not be less than 6 acres.

The legislator also provided other options for this category:

  • housing subsidy for home construction;
  • free social housing under a contract of employment;
  • the provision of state apartment ownership.

In the apartment, rented out or property, there must be all communications: heating, electricity, sewage and water.

With the help of a subsidy, you can pay off debt or interest on housing purchased with your own money.

The local authority has the right to give a large family a soft loan, a subsidy, or an interest-free loan for the construction of a house and the purchase of building materials. Mortgage in this case does not provide a down payment, the payment period is longer, and the first payment is delayed for 3 years.

In 2018, the program of state subsidies for mortgage loans began to function. Now large families will be able to participate in preferential mortgage lending at a rate of 6%. For full participation it is necessary:

  • birth of the 3rd or subsequent child after

The grace period for the birth of the 3rd and subsequent children is 5 years. Upon its completion, the rate will increase, but it will be calculated using a special formula: the rate of the Central Bank that was in effect at the time of processing the loan was + 2%. If the family already has a mortgage loan, and within the specified period of time they have another child, then the parents will be able to apply for a preferential refinancing of an existing loan.

Registration of housing and land benefits

When issuing land to the property, Rosreestr takes into account mandatory factors:

  • Parents are officially married;
  • There is no other land owned by the family;
  • Children live with their parents;
  • Parents are registered as needing housing;
  • The family has Russian citizenship and lives in this subject for 5 years.

Apply for an apartment can those families who do not have their own apartment or the area per person below the established rate. Also takes into account the size of all income in accordance with the subsistence minimum.

The queue may be denied if the fact of intentional deterioration of living conditions is established (exchange of an apartment for a smaller one, registration of a large number of people, sale or division of housing, fictitious transactions with housing).

Title documents on housing and evidence of its accident rate are added to the main package of documents. During the month, the citizen receives a receipt confirming the inclusion of the family in the queue for housing or land.

Tax discounts for large families

In order to save the material income of large families, the state has provided for them tax deductions – sums of money from which no income tax is levied.

  • Standard (for each minor);
  • Social (lump sums returned by the tax service after payment).

At the same time, children should not reach the age of 18 or study in person. Large parents provide their employer with a statement, a certificate from the technical school (institute, college), certificate 2-NDFL.

Tax relief for large families in 2019 include:

  1. Reduced land tax rates or non-payment for a fixed period;
  2. Exemption from the payment of the lease of a plot for a peasant or farm;
  3. The ability not to pay a registration fee in the implementation of business;
  4. Return of amounts paid for kindergarten from 20 to 70% depending on the number of children.

This also includes a 30% discount on utility bills. If the accommodation does not have central heating, the same fuel discount applies.

Additional benefits in various service areas

These benefits include:

  • Schoolchildren are exempt from payment of travel on suburban and intradistrict transport, as well as urban transport;
  • Children have the right to preferential visits to budget circles and sections;
  • Preschoolers are drawn into the gardens out of turn;
  • When demolishing dilapidated housing, parents of three children will receive a new one, taking into account the area of ​​the demolished.

A mother or father has the right to learn a new profession free of charge, to change his qualifications in view of the lack of certain specialists in the subject.

In some regions, exemption from property tax, land tax, delivery of Christmas gifts and awards.

To extend the status of a large family, with the majority of the older child, it is necessary to prove his financial lack of independence by providing a student document.

Moscow privileges for large families

The legislation of the capital provided for the following privileges to large families:

Get free prescription drugs;

Receive dairy food at no cost;

Exempt from paying the garden

Have a 50% discount on travel when using urban public transport;

Free of charge rest in sanatoriums and summer camps

Get free tutorials;

Attended paid sports clubs;

Pay fare (similar to schoolchildren);

They are not charged for parking for 1 year;

Exempt from transport tax;

Zoos, parks, exhibitions and museums visit the children free of charge (once a month);

The right to preferentially attend the Bolshoi Theater;

Visit Moscow baths for free;

The first receive garden plots;

Have the right to receive housing and subsidies for its construction;

Mothers who have given birth to 10 children receive a supplement to the pension;

Have the right to temporary use of social housing (with the number of children equal to 5)

Transport discounts do not apply to the use of minibuses and taxis.

On the territory of Moscow there are numerous social service organizations, rehabilitation centers, social shelters and organizations that provide psychological and pedagogical assistance to children from these families.

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