Food Paradox List of Plants

The paradox of plants. The hidden dangers of "healthy" food: how food kills us, denying health, youth and beauty


1. Cell "on a diet." Scientific discovery about the effect of fats on thinking, physical activity and metabolism

The cells of our body need a special "fuel" to stay healthy and resistant to mutations. And this "clean" fuel … fats! In this book, Dr. Mercola debunks myths about a high-carb, low-fat diet that has caused many diseases and even deaths.

2. Hungry brain. How to outwit instincts that make us overeat

Food Paradox List of Plants

Why, even realizing that we have problems with excess weight, we can not stop overeating? Dr. Stefan Giyaney believes that our brain, like 1000 years ago, plays by the rules of "survival", which today is simply no longer. This book will help you understand why and how the brain interferes with losing weight, and will write out ways to "deceive" the habits and instincts of the body.

3. Smart gene. What food does our DNA need?

Food Paradox List of Plants

The “smart gene” shows how the nutritional habits of our ancestors can help us lead a healthy, long and active life. Dr. Shanahan suggests nutrition strategies that will help not only to come to a healthy lifestyle, but also to make changes in your DNA. And this means that you will not just feel much better – you will ensure that your future children and yourself will feel well in the future!

4. Your second brain is intestines. Compass book on invisible connections of our body

Renowned nutritionist, allergist and nutritionist, Bozena Kropka is sure that our ability to think, make decisions, live and be happy depends on the health of the intestines. In this book, the unobvious links between the work of the intestines and our mental and physical well-being are revealed, recommendations are given on proper nutrition and treatment of the most frequent diseases of the stomach and intestines.

MD, cardiologist, transplantologist, nutritionist, nutritionist and nutritionist, Member of the American College of Surgeons, American College of Cardiology, American Surgical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Board of Chest Disease Specialists. Founder of the International Heart and Lung Institute in Palm Springs, USA

This book contains tips and information related to health. They should be used as a supplement, not a substitute for advice from your doctor. If you know or suspect health problems, we recommend that you contact your doctor before using any medical program or treatment. Despite the fact that every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the book, the publisher and the author are not responsible for any results of the application of the proposed methods, because each person’s body is unique, and treatment always requires an individual approach under the supervision of a specialist. .

To all my patients:

Food Paradox List of Plants

Everything that is contained in this book, I either learned from you, or discovered thanks to the fact that you readily joined my journey. If people see me, it is only because I stand on the shoulders of giants – your shoulders!

This is not your fault

Let’s assume that in the next few pages I will tell you that everything that you knew (or thought you knew) about your diet, health and weight is wrong. For decades, I myself believed this lie. I ate "healthy" food (after all, I am a cardiologist and surgeon). I rarely ate fast food; I drank low fat milk and ate whole grain bread. (Okay, I confess: I loved Diet "Coca-Cola", but it’s better than the original brew, which consists almost entirely of sugar, right?) And I was not lazy with physical culture either. I ran thirty miles a week and went to the gym daily. Despite the fact that I was carrying extra weight, I developed hypertension, migraines, arthritis, high cholesterol and insulin resistance, I still thought that I was doing everything right. (Spoiler: I am thirty kilograms lighter now and I don’t suffer from any of the above health problems.) But a quiet inner voice stubbornly asked the same question: “If I do everything right, why does this happen to me?”

Seems very familiar?

If you are reading this book, you probably also understand that something is wrong, but you do not understand what it is. Maybe you just can’t control your violent appetite and irresistible craving for certain foods. Low-carb, low-fat, low-glycemic, paleo and other diets did not help, and you couldn’t even hold onto them for a long time – or after the initial successes, the weight lost quickly returned. The running, fast walking, weight training, aerobics, crossfit, yoga, calisthenics, exercise bike, high-intensity interval training or any other programs that you tried to lose stubborn extra pounds did not help you.

Remember: your health problems are not your fault! This book will forever turn your idea of ​​healthy eating. Welcome to the world of "Paradox of plants!"

Excess weight (or, conversely, too much lack of weight) is a serious problem, but perhaps you are most worried about food allergies and "breaking", problems with digestion, headaches, fog in the head, lack of energy, aching joints , numb muscles, acne in adulthood, or many other problems that you just can’t get rid of. Or maybe you are suffering from one or more autoimmune diseases – type 1 or type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, thyroid disorders, or other hormonal organs. Maybe you have asthma or allergies. You may even think that you are somehow to blame for your poor health or extra pounds, so the burden of guilt also joins your heavy load. If this somehow comforts you – you are not alone in this.

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