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The International Army Games 2019 is the 5th edition of the competition among military personnel, which will be held from 3 to 17 August 2019. Representatives of Armenia, India, Mongolia, China – the military from more than 20 countries will compete for the prizes of the tournament! Will be among the participating States and Russia. From year to year, the domestic military ranks first in the overall medal standings. Will they succeed this time ?!


Where and when will the 5th International Army Games 2019 be held?

The championship will be held from 3 to 17 August 2019 immediately in the territory of 10 participating countries:

Participants of “ARMI-2019”

Ten participating countries are known. They are listed above. But the competition is hardly limited to only 10 states. Last year, soldiers from 32 countries fought for medals. In the upcoming edition of them should be no less!

What other states delegate their representatives is not known for certain. All future participants will be determined by May 1, 2019 – this is the last day for receiving applications.

Competitive program

Soldiers will compete on the ground, in the air and under water. In total, the program "ARMI-2019" provides 32 competitions. Here is a list of them:

  • "Tank biathlon";
  • "Field Kitchen";
  • "True friend";
  • "Military Medical Relay";
  • "Guardian of order";
  • "Highway Patrol";
  • "Masters of automotive armored vehicles";
  • Aviadarts;
  • "Safe Environment";
  • "Landing platoon";
  • "Open Water";
  • "Elbrus Ring";
  • "Engineering Formula";
  • "Master gunsmith";
  • Rembat;
  • "High achievers of military intelligence";
  • "War Rally";
  • "Marine landing";
  • "Suvorov onslaught";
  • "Clear sky";
  • "Safe Route";
  • "Masters of artillery fire";
  • "Falcon hunting";
  • "Confident reception";
  • Sniper Frontier;
  • "Depth";
  • "Sea Cup";
  • Commonwealth Cup;
  • "Horse Marathon";
  • "Sayan march";
  • "Emergency area";
  • "Polar Star".

Field kitchen recipes

What’s new in ARMI-2019

Every year the organizers make a number of changes. This was no exception. We list only the biggest innovations.

First Member State from Western Europe. For the first time in the Army Games will be attended by the military of a Western European country. They were soldiers from Switzerland.

Women. Another curious innovation. Representatives of the weaker half of humanity decided to stand shoulder to shoulder with men. And not anyhow where – and in the "Tank Biathlon"! Women tankers have already started preparing for the championship.

Field kitchen recipes

New contests. In the last edition of the military competed in 28 disciplines. Now four more competitions have been added to them: “Horse marathon”, “Sayan march”, “Emergency region”, “Polar star”.

Results of the International Army Games 2019

Favorite competition Russia. Domestic military in a number of competitions actually compete only with each other. Representatives of Russia are very good in such disciplines as "Tank Biathlon", "Engineering Formula", "Aviadarts". In ARMI-2018, the Russians won 18 first places, five – second and two – third. For comparison: China, located on the second line of the overall standings, excelled only in four disciplines.

Field kitchen recipes

Belarusians and Kazakhs perform very well. Perhaps in 2019 they will try to challenge Russia!

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