Father and daughter upbringing

In this article, we explore the records of the Names in Greek of the Olympic gods Zeus, Poseidon, Aida, and their father, Kronos, in the matrix of the Universe. In the previous article – “Olympus and Meru – two names of the same mountain in the matrix of the Universe”, which is located on the website in the “Mediterranean” section, we found a position in the space of the Universe matrix of Mount Olympus and Meru. Now it seemed logical to explore the position of the Names of the Olympic gods in the matrix of the Universe. The matrix could also be a sacred basis for creating the pantheon of the names of the Greek gods, since it is known that the Greeks borrowed a lot from the Egyptian priests, including the pantheon of gods, which they called by their proper names.

Let us turn to the mythological description by the ancient Greeks of the processes of creation of the Universe:

"Gaia (ancient Greek Γαία (G A Y A), dialect forms Ge Γῆ or Ha) – the ancient Greek goddess of the earth [1]. Born after Chaos [2]. According to the version, the daughter of Ether and Hemera [3]. ”

"Gaia [one] (G a i a, A i a, G h) mother-land. The oldest pre-Olympic deity, which played a crucial role in the process of creating the world as a whole. Gaia was born after Chaos. She is one of the four pioneering abilities (Chaos, Earth, Tartarus, Eros), which of itself gave rise to Uranus-sky and took him as a consort. Together with Uranus, Gaia gave birth to six titans and six Titanides, among them Kronos and Ray, parents of the supreme deities of the Greek pantheon – Zeus, Poseidon, Aida, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. Pont-sea, oras, three cyclopes and three hundred-armed ones were also its creatures. All of them, with their terrible air, raised the hatred of their father, and he did not release them from the womb of the mother. Gaea, suffering from the severity of the children hidden in her, decided to stop the spontaneous fecundity of her husband, and at her instigation Kronos emasculated Uranus, from whose blood monsters (giants, erinias) and the beautiful Aphrodite were born. Marriage Gays and Ponta gave rise to a number of monsters. The grandchildren of Gaia, led by Zeus in a battle with the children of Gaia – the titans – won the latter, dropping them into tartar, and divided the world between themselves.

Gaia does not live on Olympus and does not actively participate in the life of the Olympic gods. , but keeps track of everything that happens and often gives them wise advice … Golden apples growing in the gardens of the Hesperides – her gift to Hera. Known is the powerful force that Gaia gave to his children: her son from the union with Poseidon Antey was invulnerable thanks to her name: he could not be plunged while he touched his mother’s feet – the earth. Sometimes Gaia demonstrated her independence from the Olympians: in alliance with Tartarus, she gave birth to the monstrous Typhon, who was destroyed by Zeus. Her creature was dragon Ladon. Gaia offspring are awful, different in wildness and elemental strength, disproportion (one eye in the Cyclopes), ugliness and mixanthropism, that is, a mixture of animals and human features (for example, Echidna – the virgin snake – daughter of Gaia and Tartar).

Over time, the spontaneously generating functions of Gaia faded into the background. She turned out to be the keeper of ancient wisdom, and she was led by the decrees of fate and her laws, so she was identified with Themis and had her ancient propheme in Delphi, which later became the prophet of Apollo. The image of Gaia was partially embodied in Demeter, with its beneficent functions for man, calling Karpoforos – Fruitful, in the goddess-mother Rhea with her inexhaustible fertility, in Kibela with her orgiastic cult.

The cult of Gaia was spread everywhere: on the mainland, on the islands, and in the colonies. ”

Fig. one. "Zeus the Thunderer" and His wife Hera.

"Zeus. (el: Δίας (μυθολογία (M & F O L O G I A) | Δίας (D & A C) or Ζ εύ ς (Z O U S) -, mycenaean di-we “Diy) – in ancient Greek mythology, the god of heaven, thunder and lightning, in charge of the whole world …”

"Zeus [2] , Diy (Z e u z) · supreme deity, father of gods and people, head of the Olympic family of gods. Zeus is an authentic Greek deity; His name is of purely Indo-European origin and means "bright sky". In antiquity, the etymology of the word “Zeus” was associated with the roots of the Greek words “life”, “boiling”, “irrigation”, “everything that exists”. Zeus is the son of Kronos (hence the names Zeus Kronid, Kronion) and Rei, he belongs to the third generation of gods, overthrown second generation – titans.

Father and daughter upbringing

Father of Zeus, fearing to be deposed by his children, swallowed each time the child just born by Rhea. Rhea has deceived her husband, giving him to swallow a wrapped stone instead of Zeus, who was born, and the baby was sent to Crete on the mountain of Dikt in secret from her father. According to another variant, Rhea gave birth to Zeus in the cave of Dikt Mountain and entrusted him to raising kurets and koribant, who nourished him with goat Amalfei milk. It is on Crete that the most ancient fetishistic symbols of veneration of Cretan Zeus are preserved: double ax (Labrys) [3], magical weapon that kills and gives life, destructive and creative power. The image of this double ax is found on ritual things between the horns of a bull, which in Crete was also the zoomorphic incarnation of Zeus (in the guise of a bull Zeus kidnapped Europe). The main residence of Zeus Labrys, or Zeus Labrandsky (cf. the etymological relationship of the names of the labris – a maze), was considered a maze; the monstrous Mixanthropic Minotaur – the inhabitant of the labyrinth is one of the incarnations of Zeus of Crete … ".

Fig. 2 Kronos (Saturn), swallowing their children. Francisco Goya, approx. 1820 Madrid, Prado Museum.

“Kroon, Kronos (ancient Greek. Κρόνος (K R O N O S)) – in ancient Greek mythology [1] – titan, the youngest son of the god Uranus (sky) and goddess Gaea (earth). Initially, the god of agriculture, later, in the Hellenistic period, he was identified with the god, personifying time, Chronos (ancient Greek Χρόνος from χρόνος – time). ”

"Kron [four] , Kronos (K r o n o z) is one of the titans, the son of Uranus and Gaia. At the instigation of his mother, he sediments Uranus with a sickle made of strong metal or even diamond, in order to stop his endless fertility. After that, the titans became the supreme creatures in space. The time when Kron was the “ruler of heaven” was the golden age of mythological history. People in those days lived like gods, "with a calm and clear soul, not knowing grief, not knowing works," according to Hesiod.

Reigned instead of his father, Kron took his sister Rhea as his wife. However, according to the prediction of the mother Gay men, his own son should have deprived him of power, so as soon as Rei had children, Kron immediately swallowed them, wanting to avoid the fulfillment of the prediction. Once, Rhea cheated on Crohn, placing a stone wrapped in diapers for him, instead of the younger son of Zeus, who was swallowed up by Kron.

Zeus was secretly nourished in a cave in Crete. Guarded by curetes, he grew up, became powerful and cunning. Having matured, on the advice of his wife Metida, he surrendered Crohn’s magic drink, thanks to which Crohn spewed into the light the brothers and sisters of Zeus – Poseidon, Aida, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. Under the leadership of Zeus, the children of Crone declared war on the Titans, which lasted ten years. This struggle between crown and uranides was terrible and persistent. The Titans were powerful and formidable opponents. Zeus brought out of the Cyclaps’ plot, which bound Perun and Thunder to him, but they did not bring a quick victory, no one’s advantage could be seen. Then Zeus brought out from the depths of the earth of the hands. Whole rocks tore them from the mountains and threw at the titans when they were approaching Olympus, where the Kronids settled … "

Fig. 3 Rhea gives Kron a Pelik stone from the master Navikai. OK. 460 g. To

"Ray (ancient-Greek. Ῥέα (R & A) epic Ῥείη (R & J), by Ferekid Sirsky Re [1], lat. Ops [2]) – Titanide in ancient Greek mythology [3], mother of gods. Daughter of Uranus and Gays. The wife and sister of the titan Kronos, the mother of the goddess of the hearth of Hestia, the goddess of the fields and fertility of Demeter, the goddess of families and families Hera, the god of the underworld of Hades, the god of the seas Poseidon, the god of thunder and lightning of Zeus [4]. By Orphic, the daughter of Protogon [5]. ”

"Ray [5] (R e i a) the ancient goddess, Titanide, daughter of Uranus and Gaea, sister and spouse of Kronos, who bore him Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Aida, Poseidon and Zeus. Kronos, fearing to be deprived of power, devoured his children, but Ray, on the advice of his parents, saved Zeus. Instead of her son, Kronos planted a swaddled stone, which he swallowed, and secretly sent her son from his father to Crete, to the mountain of Dikt. According to one of the versions of the myth, Rhea deceived Kronos at the birth of Poseidon. She hid her son among the grazing sheep, and Kronos was given to swallow the foal, referring to the fact that she gave birth to it.

During the period of late antiquity, Rhea was identified with the Phrygian Great Mother of the Gods and received the name of Rei-Cybele, whose cult was distinguished by its orgiastic character. The suite of Rhea in Crete was made up of chickens and coribants. ”

Fig. four. Sculpture of Poseidon in Copenhagen. Trident – In Greek mythology, the scepter or weapon of the sea god Poseidon. Some types of gladiators (retiarii) were armed with a trident and a net. In India a trishul-like trident is the weapon of the Hindu god Shiva and symbolizes the three aspects of Shiva (the creator, the keeper, the destroyer). The trident is depicted as a mark on the foreheads of his followers. In buddhism the trident symbolizes the Three Jewels of the Buddha. It symbolizes the heaven of pure flame., and the destruction of three poisons: anger, desire and laziness . In addition, the trident – the symbol is more expensive.

"Poseidon, Posidon or Posidon (ancient-Greek. Ποσειδών (P O S E Y D O N), – Mycenaean po-se-da-o [1], the Boeotian form Potidona, whence the city of Potidaea) —in ancient Greek mythology [2] the god of the seas. The second son of Kronos and Rhea [3], brother of Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Hestia and Aida. In dividing the world, he got the sea. ”

Fig. 5 Hades and Persephone [6] . Bernini Lorenzo Giovanni. Abduction of Proserpine (Persephone) 1621-1622 Marble. Borghese Gallery, Rome. Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, the wife of Hades, who with the permission of Zeus kidnapped her. Persephone wisely rules the realm of the dead, where heroes from time to time penetrate.

"Aid among the Greeks (or Hades, ancient Greek Ἀΐδης (A & D And C or A & D E C) or ςδης A D E S, also Ἀϊδωνεύς A AND D O N E U S ".

So, after all the wars, three brothers – Zeus, Poseidon and Hades – divided power among themselves. Zeus was given dominance in heaven, Poseidon the sea, Hades the kingdom of the dead. In the period of patriarchy, Zeus is localized on Mount Olympus and is called Olympic. ”

We investigate the recording of the names of Zeus and Poseidon in the matrix of the Universe. Figure 6 shows the records of the Names of the Olympic gods in the sequence in which the brothers divided the Universe.

Fig. 6 The picture shows: 1. The name of Mount Olympus – "OLIMPOS". The arc in the upper left shows the position in the Upper world of the Name matrix. Brahma. 2. The names on the Greek Olympian gods of Zeus – "ZEUS" and Poseidon – "POSEIDON" in the order in which the brothers divided the Universe. Both names occupy the space of the matrix from the 21st level of the Upper world to the 15th level of the Lower world of the matrix of the Universe. The matrix of the Universe was a sacred basis for the creation of the entire pantheon of the Names of the Greek gods by the ancient sages. This mystery of the names of the gods in the "matrix of the Universe" the Greeks borrowed from the Egyptian priests.

Figure 7 shows the records of the Names of the Olympian gods Poseidon and Aida in the sequence in which the brothers divided the Universe.

Fig. 7. The figure above shows the position in the Upper World of the matrix, the ending of the Name Poseidon (“OSEIDON”), and then the Name Aida (“AIDONEUS”) is written down. The first letter of the Name of Aida is located in the same place of the Lower World of the matrix, where the last letter of the Name of Poseidon (marked in the figure by an arc bracket and the number 1 in a circle). According to ancient Egyptian ideas, this space from the 13th to the 15th level of the Lower World is assigned an important specific role, which we will not consider in this paper. Therefore, the location in this space of the last letter of the Name of Poseidon and the first letter of the Name of Hades is not accidental. This fact suggests that both Poseidon and Hades have power in this space. The base of the last letter of the Name “AIDONEUS” was combined with the 36 level of the Lower world of the Universe matrix. The 36th level of the lower world of the matrix is ​​the “Bottom of the Divine Universe”. If we sum up all the positions from the first level of the lower world of the matrix to the 36th level inclusive (1 + 2 + 3 + … + 35 + 36 = 666), their sum will be 666. This is the sacred meaning of the number 666, about which written and said not to count. In fact, the sacral meaning of the number 666 is that it indicated the position in the matrix of the Universe “Divine Bottom of the Universe”. Initiates who knew the secrets and laws of the “Matrix of the Universe” knew about it. We will consider this issue in more detail in our subsequent publications. Thus, we see how the three brothers-god Zeus, Poseidon and Hades divided the space of the Universe from “Heaven” to the “Divine Bottom of the Universe”.

Now we have to consider recording the name of the father of three brothers Kronos in the matrix of the Universe.

"Kronos, Kron (Κρόνος (K R O N O S)) In other cultures: Saturn Occupation: Time, Farming Father: Uranus Mother: Gaia Children: Hades, Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Zeus, Poseidon, Chiron Attributes: Sickle.

Kroon, Kronos (ancient Greek Κρόνος) – in ancient Greek mythology [1] – titan, the youngest son of the god Uranus (the sky) and the goddess Gaea (of the earth). Initially – the god of agriculture, later, in the Hellenistic period, he was identified with the god, personifying time, Chronos (ancient Greek Χρόνος from χρόνος – time).

The etymology of the name Kronos is unknown to us. The Greeks themselves compared it with Chronos-time, but this must be attributed to the field of later philosophical conjectures. Erroneous and guess the Little connecting Kronos with Krishna and Chernobog. We do not know if this name is of Greek origin. The cult of Kronos is witnessed very weakly, a number of evidence comes from a very late era and refers to Roman Saturn and some Eastern gods, which the Greeks identified with Kronos. Only the sickle, an ancient attribute, speaks of their nature. The Ironians existed, in any case, in a number of Ionian cities, the holiday of Kronius, but the originality of his connection with Kronos is doubtful, so that the god Kronos, being a character of myths, is at the same time on the periphery of religious cults and beliefs [2].

Uranus, fearing death from one of his children, returned them again to the bowels of the earth. Therefore, Gaia, exhausted from the burden, persuaded Kronos, who was born last, to castrate Uranus. Kronos became the supreme god. The sickle with which he castrated Uranus, Kronos threw into the sea at Cape Drepan (Sickle) in Achaia [3]. This sickle was kept in a cave in Zankla (Sicily) [4]

With him came the golden age. Kronos was afraid of the prediction of Gaia, according to which one of his children, born to him by Rhea, would overthrow him, and therefore swallowed them one by one. So he swallowed Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. From the union of Kronos with the nymph Filira (which he later, fearing jealousy of Rei, turned into a mare), the (wise) centaur Chiron was born. ”

Figure 8 shows the entry in the Name Creation matrix. Kronos and it is compared with the Vedic concept – Maha Kala Dhama – the space (abode) of the great "all-devouring time of the Lord."

Fig. eight. The figure shows the entry in the Creation matrix: 2. on the right in the Name picture Kronos and it is compared with the Vedic concept – 1. Maha Kala Dhama – the space (abode) of the great "all-devouring time of the Lord." Such a comparison is permissible, since Kronos was originally the god of agriculture, later, in the Hellenistic period, he was identified with the god, who personifies time, Chronos (ancient Greek Χρόνος (Х Р О Н О С) from χρόνος – time). The upper letter of the name Kronos begins with the 21st level of the Upper world of the matrix, and the upper letter in the name of Maha Kala Dhama from the 20th level of the Upper world of the matrix. This mismatch is due to the fact that the letters of Sanskrit occupy the space of a matrix of four levels, and the letters of the Greek alphabet of three levels. Nevertheless, it is clearly seen from the figure that Kronos could well be the god of time – Chronosome. The analogy with the Vedic concepts, we conducted, was successful.

As a result, we once again received convincing confirmation that the matrix of the Universe was a sacred basis for the creation of the pantheon of the Names of the Greek gods by the ancient sages. We also found that the sacred meaning of the number 666 is that it indicated to the initiates the position in the matrix of the “Divine Bottom of the Universe”.

Father and daughter upbringing

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[3] Labrys (ancient-Greek. Λάβρυς (L A B R & C) – Ancient Greek bilateral battle or ceremonial ax. Romans was known as bipennis. In ancient Greek vases a double-edged ax – called π λεκυς (P E L E K AND S) – portrayed as belonging to Zeus the Thunderer. [one] .

[6] “In the Homeric hymn“ To Demeter ”tells how Persephone, along with her friends, played on the meadow, collected irises, roses, violets, hyacinths and daffodils. Hades emerged from the cleft of the earth and dashed to Persephone in a golden chariot into the realm of the dead (Hymn. Hom. V 1-20, 414-433). The grieved Demeter sent drought and crop failure to the ground, and Zeus was forced to send Hermes with the order of Aida to bring Persephone to the light. Hades sent Persephone to his mother, but gave him a pomegranate seed forcibly so that Persephone would not forget the realm of death and return to him again. Demeter, having learned about Aida’s perfidy, realized that from now on her daughter would be among the dead for a third of the year, and two-thirds with her mother, whose joy would return the earth’s abundance (360-413) … The features of the chthonic ancient deity and the classical Olympics are closely intertwined. She reigns against her will in the (Hades’ kingdom) Aida, but at the same time she feels herself a legitimate and wise mistress. She destroyed, literally trampling, her rivals – beloved Aida: nymph Kokitidu and nymph Mint. At the same time, Persephone helps the heroes and cannot forget the earth with her parents. ” – http: //

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Father and daughter upbringing

Thoughtfully read. Comprehended. The so-called “Matrix of the Universe” is nonsense and far-fetched, as is usual for non-trust. Sorry. But you stay there. ALAS. – and of course I did not understand anything in this MegaWater # 128578;

Dear Andrew. In order to make the final verdict, you need to get acquainted in more detail with the links at the end of the article, TRY YOU TO HELP. This is not a simple reading matter – it is the sacred knowledge of the ancient sages about the Divine Universe, which are given there. – Here they are: More detailed information about the matrix of the Universe can be obtained by getting acquainted with the articles on the website in the section "Egyptology" – Secret knowledge of the Egyptian priests about the matrix of the Universe. Part one. Pythagoras, Tetraktys and the god Ptah and the Secret Knowledge of the Egyptian priests about the matrix of the Universe. Part two. Noma Egypt.

In addition, IT IS IMPORTANT – ALL ALPHABETS of different times and peoples were not invented, but were created by the ancient sages on the basis of knowledge about the matrix of the Universe, which was the sacral basis of the Divine Universe. In the “Author’s Articles” SECTION, I have the righteous “Initial Views” of 14 alphabets – Phoenician, Scandinavian runes FUTARK, Tibetan, Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, Slavic Initial letter, consisting of 49 initial letters, and

Then the wise men of antiquity created the myths of their country, in which the “Hierarchy” of the Name of the Gods indicated in a hidden way the sacral basis of the Divine Universe, which was precisely the matrix of the Universe. For this reason, WE HAVE GOT AN OPPORTUNITY to write down the Names of the gods in the matrix of the Universe, in particular, from the Greek myths and thus were able to recognize the secret washed away the Greek myths. In fact, the myths were created by the ancients precisely for this purpose as a “Guide” for the search by future generations for the “SACRAL KNOWLEDGE” of the ancient sages, who originally knew the matrix of the universe.

The presentation of the results of our research and was this article.

THIS IS MY LOST, I should have written this “NOTE” in the article, since the reader might not have known it, having read only this article, as many readers probably do.

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