Fasting day on kefir

Fasting days are a popular cleansing method. Alone or in combination with a variety of diets, they help get rid of extra pounds. In this case, you can choose the main product of the daily diet. Perfectly proved and has a lot of advantages fasting day on kefir. Milk product is good for health, has a low calorie content, it is affordable and inexpensive. With the right approach, a diet on kefir will bring only benefits.

The benefits of fasting day on kefir. Indications for

Fasting day and fasting are two different things. With a complete rejection of food, the metabolism slows down, the body begins to use energy economically, it retains weight with all its might. Lose weight when refusing to eat is impossible. When the bottom of the food is fed regularly, the metabolism accelerates, the weight rapidly decreases.

Fasting day on kefir

Main useful properties of fasting days:

  1. It turns out the excess fluid, swelling passes, for a day you can get rid of 1-2 kg of weight. Of course, most of the loss is water.
  2. The body is cleared of toxic compounds, slags, the intestine is freed from stagnant masses.
  3. The digestive system gets rest, clears, starts to work better.
  4. The stomach is reduced in size. After a one-day diet, it is easier to switch to a fractional diet.

Fasting days are shown for obesity, slower metabolism, clogged intestines. Often they are used when carrying out a diet in order to "push" a weight that has risen at one mark and does not decrease for a long time.

Basic rules for fasting days

Any diet requires proper and timely organization. Otherwise, it will be difficult to follow it, the result may be completely different from what is expected. Basic rules for unloading on kefir:

  1. To arrange a one-day diet on kefir can be no more than once a week. Per month no more than 4 times.
  2. It is necessary to divide the daily norm of fermented milk product into 5-7 equal parts, use at regular intervals.
  3. Enough drinking. Without kefir, at least 2 liters of liquid should be consumed. Morning begins with a glass of clean water.
  4. The body is prepared in advance. Dinner on the eve should be light, before bedtime you can use a glass of kefir or natural yogurt.
  5. After a fasting day on kefir, you should not pounce on food. It is advisable to drink 2 cups of kefir over the next day, eat vegetables, cereals, boiled lean meat or poultry. If you do not follow this rule, kilograms, which managed to get rid of, quickly return again.

It is not recommended to engage in sports or other physical activity during unloading. If hard mental work is ahead (for example, exams), then kefir days are better to transfer. Monotonous food, feeling of hunger significantly reduce concentration, inhibit thinking.

Options for kefir days

The main product is kefir. The diet can consist only of fermented milk drink, but sometimes it is complemented by cereals, vegetables, fruits. For satiety, chicken and fish are introduced. But not all and not immediately. The monotonous and simpler the food, the better. Usually one additional product is added to kefir. It is desirable that he had fiber or low calorie.

Kefir is chosen with fat content up to 1%, the shelf life should not exceed 3 days. Drink or part of it can be replaced by yogurt, ryazhenka. But these products should also have a low fat content. If the purpose of the unloading day is cleansing, not losing weight, then use kefir up to 2% fat.

Kefir monodden

Differs in its simplicity and affordability. During the day, only low-fat kefir and purified water are used. You need to drink

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