False matrimonial accusations

in the world of men and women

False matrimonial accusations

Just a couple of comments.

Violence, crime and corruption have penetrated all spheres of society, becoming a threat and scourge of modern life. If not all, then very many men and women face violence in all its forms. But there is a special form of violence, which is the modern feminist ideology of violence. Thus, according to feminism, there is no violence per se, but only violence of men against women, and violence itself exists to keep women in subjection to men. Consequently, all men are abusing women, they are either real rapists or future, and women are real victims or future. And so on and so forth. This page was created mainly for the review of this difficult topic. And also, to refute some myths:

  • Domestic violence is a serious problem.
  • Woman is the main victim of domestic violence.
  • Men commit domestic violence more often than women
  • Men use violence to keep women in their grip
  • Women are often subjected to all sorts of sexual offenses.
  • Women never lie about rape
  • The number of false accusations of rape is scanty and therefore not worthy of attention.
  • Criminal law is equal for all
  • Women commit fewer crimes, therefore they are less imprisoned.

The topic of rape is one of the main ones, which is regularly raised during feminist husbands and hate campaigns. That’s just what all the time forget to report feminists? The fact that for every real rape there is one case of a false accusation of rape. Like the actual rape, which causes significant damage to the moral and physical health of women, a false accusation of rape inflicts even more damage to the health and reputation of men, deprives them of their freedom and breaks their lives. But this is silent society.

The lion’s share of false accusations of rape never reach the relevant authorities, since the victim has to go through the conditions of blackmailer, yet thousands of innocent men sat and are in prison.

How are women guided by false accusations?

  1. revenge on a former lover or husband, I think the motive is clear;
  2. blackmail, primarily monetary, is perhaps the most common type of fake rape charges;
  3. blackmail to get married – in spite of the seeming absurdity, the behavior is quite common;
  4. Neuroticism, psychosis, the desire to attract attention;
  5. Defending honor defrauded – that is, the desire to justify their behavior in the eyes of her husband, parents, the public, shifting the blame on the man.

False matrimonial accusations

There are many other less common motives, but they are all stubbornly denied by feminists, who stubbornly assert that women cannot lie by nature. Men pay this myth with their lives. The accusers themselves almost never bear any responsibility for their crimes. In a number of countries, they are even given guarantees of immunity, which can only be regarded as the right to murder.

The theme, which became the cornerstone of Western feminism in his man-hating war. In Russia, it is not relevant, perhaps for now. But with the suggestion of feminism or out of one’s own convictions, a very large number of people believe in the myth that domestic violence is violence against women. IT IS A MYTH. More than a hundred studies done in the West over the past thirty years have convincingly proved that women are as violent in personal relationships as men, and sometimes even more violent. To verify this, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the most comprehensive list of works on the study of violence between partners and spouses, and the results that they represent: Nisonoff, L., Bitman, I. (1979). Spousal Abuse: Scope and attitudes to selected demographic variables. Victimology, 4, 131-140. (In the example, 297 telephone responders And about a hundred more studies!

Forms of female violence are diverse and sophisticated. Often they are carefully hidden, often not, but we do not attach any importance to them. However, they accompany us from the very first moment of conception and lead throughout life, causing damage that no one ever dared to calculate. We want to believe in the supra-singularity of female peacefulness compared to male brutality, and we all live together in the captivity of this chimera, as if behind a veil, not noticing the real things that are happening before us.

There is another point of view: a man is a creature of little value, therefore a woman has the right, as agent 007, to kill, first of all, psychological, but even physical. What she does is irrelevant, for she is always right, for only her life and sense of comfort are of value. A man is not worth anything, so no one considers the sacrifices he brings in marital and paired relationships.

The reason for this is rooted in the ancient instinct of man, to protect a woman at any cost, even at the cost of his life. Feminists have long understood this and are exploiting this instinct, imposing their wild notions of domestic violence on society and calling for mass repressions of men.

And behind the closed doors of modern matriarchal dwellings often darkness reigns. Fully.

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