Eggplant Recipe

Baking Fish under any marinade or sauce allows you to save its specific taste and aroma. It is important not to overdo it in additives, so that the fish remains juicy and still fish, and not something else. Note that some varieties of fish are better combined with vegetable additives, while other varieties are more delicious with cream and eggs. Choose your recipe.

Sea bass in the oven with vegetables and lemons

For the preparation of sea bass fillet in this recipe use spicy butter marinade and dried lemons. And the result is a juicy fish with a vegetable garnish. The basis of the dish is an oriental cuisine recipe with dried limes (loomi). If a .

Rasp in foil baked with vegetables

Fish baked with vegetables is a simple and tasty dish, which, among other things, is also considered useful. A gentle method of preparation and a minimum of oil retain in fish the greatest amount of useful substances, which, as is known, it possesses. In e.

Peled baked in the oven with sour cream and onions

Peled is a fish with tender white meat and a pleasant smell. Baked in the oven with sour cream sauce and onion pillow, it will surprise with its incredible taste all households. Peled, baked for this recipe, it turns out juicy, fragrant. That fish.

Silver carp baked in the oven with eggplants

Before cooking, silver carp is cut into pieces, breaded in flour and lightly fried. So do eggplants. And only after that the fish with eggplants is laid in the form, poured with tomato sauce with sweet pepper and baked to full goth.

Pollock with vegetables

Grilled pollen with vegetables, baked in the oven, perfectly baked in foil, will be juicy and tender. The recipe is simple and will significantly reduce the time spent in the kitchen,

Som in the oven

Fans of fish dishes will be delighted with the taste of catfish in the oven. Catfish is a river fish with excellent pink and white meat and a minimum of bones. Some cooks believe that catfish has a not very pleasant river smell. Simply put, it smells like mud. In fact.

Pans in foil baked with vegetables and cheese

Pike perch has white, tender meat and little bones. It is often used in dietary nutrition,

Pike perch in bacon

Young pike-perons are usually small in size, so they cook in the oven very quickly. To add white fish juiciness, you can use lightly smoked bacon, sliced ​​into thin crows. Pike perch in bacon is very simple, but the result is priya.

Mullet with champagne sauce and caviar

This simple recipe for cooking mullet in the oven will appeal to anyone who does not like to stand at the stove for a long time, and loves to eat tasty food. It is only necessary to clean the fish, rub with spices and salt, wrap in foil, put in a preheated oven and forget about it, etc.

Herring baked with mushrooms and vegetables under cheese crust

The recipe for cooking fresh-frozen herring with mushrooms and vegetables under a cheese crust. Fish pre-gutted, remove the bones and cut into pieces. This is done to ensure that it is more convenient to eat ready-made. Mushrooms and vegetables after s.

Mullet with vegetables, baked in foil

A simple recipe for cooking fish in foil. Finished baked mullet is served directly in an envelope of foil, tearing it from the top. In this way, not a drop of baking juice is lost. .

Eggplant Recipe

Baked Sea Bass with shrimps and grilled eggplants

Today I will tell you how I cook a very tasty fish – a sea bass (also known as branzino, aka lavrak, aka sea wolf and

Cod roll with vegetables

Perhaps the cod fillet roll looks awkward, but it turns out very tender and tasty. Prepare fish roll before serving, pour the resulting sauce, cut into portions and arrange on plates. Slices of rolls can be served delicious warm bread. .

Mackerel in mustard marinade

For the preparation of mackerel in mustard marinade, fresh or frozen fish is suitable. Marinade is simple: to make it, mix vegetable oil with soy sauce and add a little mustard. For baking mackerel enough 25-30 minutes. .

Pollock in tomato sauce

Pollack in tomato can be cooked even from dry, frozen fish. All the salt of this recipe is in the sauce and in the cooking method – roasting in the oven. The fish is baked in the sauce for 1-2 hours, and during this time it is soaked with tomato juice, it becomes soft and.

Pink salmon under cheese crust

Pink salmon under a cheese crust is baked in the oven, so the recipe does not use butter at all. And the taste of the finished fish is not inferior, if she roasted on a griddle. Cheese is added to the fish after the pink salmon fillet has been fully cooked.

Milk salmon baked in the oven

The easiest way to cook fish milk is to bake them in the oven. Milk, salmon in the oven as a result are appetizing and nutritious, because milk has a high protein content. The set of products in the recipe is minimal: except for milk.

Marinated fish

Fish under the marinade – a simple, tasty and quick-to-cook recipe for fish baked under a tomato-vegetable mixture. This recipe uses sea fish a rasp, but you can also cook other fish, including river fish. The main thing is that she is n.

Cod under almond-thyme hat

For this recipe, choose a cod fillet (or something similar). To prepare the sauce for cod using fish broth. If you do not have fish stock in the freezer, use a cube. Almonds for breading is desirable to clear of t.

Red fish casserole with bread and cheese sauce.

For a casserole of red fish with bread and cheese sauce will fit the pink salmon, salmon and other fish to your taste and wallet. I advise you to make a casserole in two layers and sprinkle grated hard cheese between the layers. Bechamel sauce can be made and more Thu.

Crucians in sour cream

Crucian – bony fish, but tasty. Therefore, there are many recipes from crucians. And there is one classic – carp in sour cream. For this dish, the fish is first fried and then baked in sour cream until crusting. Ready crucians, shift on the container.

Trout in the oven with green sauce

Before baking the trout in the oven, rub the carcass with a mixture of salt and dill, then pour over the lemon marinade and leave at room temperature for about 20 minutes. Baked fish is juicy and spicy mustard-dill is perfect for it.

Bream in the oven

It is not necessary to turn away displeasure from a catch of the husband on fishing. After all, he – the breadwinner, and very pleased with his success. So, it is better to cook delicious bream with onions under mayonnaise, proposing to start these same bream clean her husband.

Cream baked salmon

Salmon, baked in cream – the recipe is the most that neither is elementary, but the result is always very tasty. Fish fillet is placed on the foil sprinkled with lemon pepper, add dill and baked in the oven. And only at the very end of the preparation for salmon.

Fish baked in salt

For the recipe of fish baked in salt, both white and red fish will do. Optionally, you can mix the salt with the whipped protein, and you can bake the fish just in salt. The fish only cut out the gills and gut, and do not need to clean the scales.

Stuffed caviar and onion carp

Carp stuffed with caviar and onions can be cooked for a feast and for a family dinner. Finished oven-baked fish can be served whole or cut it in portions. If you are unable to buy a calf female, buckwheat porridge can be stuffed with carp, h.

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