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Traditions Ukrainian cuisines in Ukrainian folklore

Vchitel. Syagnie zgadaєmo about the traditions of the preparation of Ukrainian Victory. All of our people’s misbehaving is overseas, proceeding from descents to dyats, onukas, on the lips, with a perfumey smell of palyanitsi from the pech.

1st ucheni. Ukraine is famous for its kitchen. Стї Strava buli vіdomi far beyond the boundary of the country. This has been redefined by all of our high temper and burning power, the rivalry of vicarious products, the method of processing. Aja of some kind of way of preparing a borsch will get a ponad of Z0, and before you go to the warehouse to get close to 20 Naimenuvan other products.

2nd study. To whom nev_domі ukrains’kі borschі, galushki, vareniki, korzhі, kalachі, Greek, stuffed riba, shpigovane lard, pork ham. Bagato Strav vidrіznyєtsya away with the results of the vegetables with me. Tse krucheniki, doves with meat, pepper stuffed with meat.

3rd ucheni. Especially delicious and cinnamon grass with mushrooms: Ukrainian borsch with mushrooms, cream mushrooms, dumplings with carto ols and mushrooms, rolling with homemade lokshinoy and mushrooms thin.

4th scholar. For Ukrainian cuisine of characteristic ways of cooking, cooking: roasting, stewing, boiling, cooking. Dushe smavnі stravi baked in special ceramics gorschiki: braised cabbage, cartoons with meat and garbage.

5th doctrine. Today, the national health care industry has saved and added long-standing good traditions. І sogodnі zhodne сімейне is sacred not to do without rolls, kruchenik_v, holtitsu, shinks, home-made cow-bass; ‘ Golubtsiv, varenikiv, mlintsiv.

Mi mlyntsiv not long ago Mi mlinochkiv wanted.

Pripiv: Oi mlyntsi, mlyntsі, mlintsі, We smachni moi mlyntsi.

Bake you mlyntsiv – Hot axis і смачні.

Pripiv Dovgo, dovgo mi і sіli І mlyntsі usі poіli.

(Divchatsya prigoshchatsya guests mlyntsyami).

1st ucheni. In Ukraine, the cuisines knew their cultural and cultural traditions of all regions. Leather ethnographic region of Ukraine is a specialty kitchen. For example, in the city districts of the Carpathians, they trumped over corn flour, milk products: tokan, chir, mamalika, brinza, sir, machanka. Have pіdnіzhzhya gіr cook straviz wheat wheat flour and other vegetables. Tse dumplings, dumplings, pies, kizliki, paprіkash.

2nd study. Popular in Ukraine stravies flour: oladі, mlintsі, pickles, donuts and bagato inshih. Deyakі them became the tradition on Christmas tables.

– A dumplings – tse not ukrasіne Ukrainian dish? – energize vi samі in yourself. Dumplings – tse bugolovu Ukrava, strava, without yakoya svyatkoviy ste_l not obіydetsya.

3rd ucheni. In Ukraine, the dumplings fall in love. Stinks of bugs rіznі: dumplings with cherries, s syr, s dried plums, apples, s meat, cartoons, cabbage. Vareniki serve with sour cream. In the old days, Kozak duzens tsnuvali і loved dumplings і dumplings.

MI on the kitchen in their homeland Prepared around. Kuhovarco, Tito Hanno, Serve us around.

Dear guests, we ask for this. Dumplings will be yours. Dumplings nepoganі, Dumplings have cream.

In the skin hats on the back Dumplings cook nin. Tse vareniki znamenny Їkh relatives plymenі.

You check at Makіtrі Vareniki duzhe sitni. Chololitsі, bіloklokі Іz rum’yano ї wheat.

Žzhte, psi ask shchiro, Dumplings nashі z sir. Dumplings nepoganі, Dumplings have cream.

(The cooker serves guests with dumplings).


Oh, my mile milie varenichkiv hocho: (2 times) Navari, my dear, Navari, my dear, Navari, ear-ha, my black-haired.

The same firewood is nemá, mile my dear, The tabernacle is nemá, blue my grail.

Chop up, sweetheart, chop up, sweetheart, Chop up ear-ha, my black-chorn.

The same forces are mute, mile my sweet, The same forces are mute, blue and gray.

Die, sweetheart, die, sweetly Die ear-ha, my black-chorn.

But you will live the dead, a thousand years my dear, and you will live a long life, the blue will my dear ?.

Кz kumoyu, darling, зz kumoyu, darling, зz kumoya ear-ha, my chornobrivaya.

So let us go to the dodom, mile my sweet, Varenichka Navaru, blue my gray little.

Do not indulge, dear, do not indulge, dear Do not indulge in ear-ha, my black-haired.

1st ucheni. The connections of the Ukrainian people to the people of the Slovdіm Slov’yanskii and non-Slovianyi peoples could not go beyond the national kitchen. The Ukrainian kitchen has put into place shchi, solyanka, ravioli, klotsky, shashlik, stew, yak zbagatili її assortment. In our village, we find the best way to do it: sweethearts, dumplings, tokens, paleleny, pies.


Serving as a kozak in a vishka, Mav rokіv 23. Lubiv kozak divchina І with syr pies. Prispiv:

Oh, chuli, chuli, chuli, Oh, chuli, chuli v – Ljubiv kozak divchiny І with syr pies.

Chi sirom, chi in smetani, Chi s bіloo flour, Cold chili hotar – Abi lish pies.

Z-because of the burning of the highland. They attacked the vorogs; They took a woman’s tide І with syr pies.

Ear recipe

Kozak girko began to cry Weedy thunderstorms! Take sobіn dіvchinu, Add pies.


Oh, VI, Ganno, teach, Yak us Borschik brew. That is not just borshch zvarti, And th guests are scab zaseliti.

Well, Zvariti borscht is not easy, Here the system є. That, schob knew, without usmorshki Borsch you will not see. Bossy.

And I know that the Ukrainian borscht didn’t find it himself. And with m’yakoy, zapashnoyu, Rum’yanoy pampushkoy.

Oh, all of you are chuli, all have been cast down. That is not the case for me, Schob z recipes of our predecessors to give you secrets, Pershe for everything, love of the girl, Try to put out the Ukrainian words. – Galushki! – Vareniki! – Tokan! – Porridge! – Palenyat!

Gann. Bachu know a lot, Molodtsi, I’ll tell you. And now, my guests, I will teach Borsch Varii. To soup I will give recipes, Yak to cook pampushki. Schob from the hour drove dobri z lozyanochok gaddinki.

Chom v, Ganno, vzm zamklkli, Chom do not you like the recipe?

Chuli, Chuli, Tito Hanno, Scho vchite wonderfully Yakos v. Scab zvarti yakus grass, give you riddles.

1. Walk, walk, and do not enter the hut? (Door)

2. People year, and she herself is hungry, Hot for an hour, cold for an hour. (Pitch)

3. On the bridge, dancing guests. (Sieve boroshno)

4. Stopping a cudgel, on a dubini pine, On a cinnamon of a konoplin, and on a konoplin_ clay, And in a clay of a kapustin, and in a kapustin_ pork. (Obid on the table)

All we are chuli, all we are chuli, So. science in us is taka. Lish todi I will say the recipe, Yak zatantsyute hopak. (Gopak dance).

I feel, I feel, darling, Scho about borsch of pitta (tying up the bowl to the bowl).

Scho in thi misci, call it. Devchina. Tse product for borscht?

(Bere cabbage and rob the pinnacle, cabbage stuck to the hand).

Oh, I can not vіdіrvati, It stuck to the hand.

Flapper. That take syru bryaki.

Znovu tіtka fun. Stick bach to the hands. – Oh, and they don’t do that, Friends, help.

Gann. Anu, boys, gumoreski rozkazіt.


For example, Olenko, Nini That lie in front of me, That in a book, That is a book, And then we have time: the lesser In mother’s dressing gown, borsch to gou, Pіdmіtaє in hati? The Olenka died: – Do not make a fool of your brother: You are in the role of Mami, I am in the role of Tata. (Vasil Kohan)


Mama Peti finished her work on ryogo angry: – Three tsukerki I posklala, And one lost! Відповів матусі Петя: – Do not shout daremno, I do not bach, scho third there, In hati it was dark. (Vasil Kohan)

Oh divit to impose vlit. And what about misti ti?

With cabbage th buryaki Not navarimo borsch. (Shown).

Demanding water, demanding Smalca, Deba kushen cho wanted me, Vіdvarenu ne kvassolya, Sala Troha chasnika. And complete the cartope, Szche th bunch of parsley, Vakinuty to yushki.

Hod robots pіde so: Pіdgotovlenі cabbage, Kartulyu і Morkvu, Tsibulu, kvasolyu, buriak і chasnik, Use tse leave vіdkademo in bіk.

And yak yushka vzhe is ready, According to the cinema kinemo in okrіp: Cabbage, cartoons, kvasoly кип so high trohi boil.

On the smallest little piece of an єm Buryak, tsibulina, a morquin I, all to the borsch.

And otsu u ptsі potovchemo lard І s dobre tooth clocks.

Qiu sumsh pahuchu vkidaєmo tozh to borsch: Petrushka green, crіp from і ready Our borsch on round!

(All etapi robot children show).

Add cream of sweets. Why are there any real problems?

Dyakumo tobi, Ganno, For the lesson of cinnamon,

Tse buv borsch tilki theoretically, And tomorrow, all navarimo borschik practical.

Sil, divine, do not forget, To Yushka Dodati. Bode without soli borschik At hlivku gulyati.

Dyakumo, lord, For your science, Save the recipe For your onukіv.

For guests v_dkrita Hut our bіla. Tilki b zhdna krivda In neї not zabigla.

In the house of our briil Krivdi not buvati. Poki of such guests in the night will be in time.

Zspіvaymo, love friends, Bo motive for tsogo є. Tse mustache our varinnya Apetit us pіddaє.


Good health, live bagato and now you’ll get to our house. Schob vi i mi health boules Schob vi i mi pampushki.

Don’t worry, don’t judge us, Come to home borscht navarit. Schob vi i mi health boules Schob vi i mi pampushki.

Bazhaєm you schiro, scho vi know about, Borschka with donuts, schob not mined you. Schob vus usi zdolivi buli, Schob vi i mi їli pampushki.

Vchitel. Axis і our finished sacred. I am wondering, for you Bulo tsikovo at once with us. I do not know that your table will be prosperous and Ukrainian.

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