Dry Mushroom Soup

Dried mushroom soup – general principles and methods of preparation

The easiest way to preserve mushrooms from summer or autumn is simply to dry them. In dried form, they retain all the trace elements, nutrients, and most importantly aroma. It is because of the flavor that soups are best cooked from dried, rather than fresh fruits. It is desirable that each housewife in the kitchen had at least a couple of bundles of dried mushrooms. Store them in a paper bag or carton in a dry place. You can keep the dried fruits whole or make mushroom powder – grind blender. Mushroom powder soup richer reveals aroma and is easier to digest.

Dry Mushroom Soup

Many types of edible mushrooms are suitable for soup – aspen, chanterelles, boletus mushrooms, but white are the undisputed favorites. Soups from dried mushrooms can be cooked with the addition of fresh or pickled, very often sour cream is added to the finished dish. Of the spices, they mostly put only pepper, sometimes bay leaf, so as not to interrupt the strong mushroom flavor.

Dried mushroom soup – food preparation

Before cooking, dried mushrooms are pre-soaked in boiling water for twenty to thirty minutes or in cold water for an hour and a half. After that, they are cut into slices or slices and added to the soup. The water in which the mushrooms were soaked is usually also used for soup. It is carefully poured into another dish, so as not to get sediment or filter through a fine sieve or gauze.

Dry Mushroom Soup

Dried mushroom soup – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Dried Mushroom Soup

When there is slush or frost outside the window, and oh, you don’t want to go to the store for food, a bunch of dried mushrooms stored in the fall will help you out. You can cook in the most ordinary, but very tasty mushroom soup. Serve it must be with sour cream, so it turns out even tastier. There are, however, lovers who prefer mayonnaise to the mushroom soup.

Ingredients: 50g dried mushrooms,

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