Delicious salad for the new year

Posted by Сергей · December 29, 2018

In the New Year lottery lottery, the Russian Lotto is planned to draw a Jack Pot sum in the amount of 1,000,000,000 (billion) rubles. Think about it – what a figure! Who will get the money?

From year to year it is already becoming a tradition to play huge cash prizes. For example, in the past New Year’s draw, as many as 2 billion rubles were played, although at first they planned to play only 1 billion.

This year, the situation is likely to repeat. But as of today, the following prizes have been officially announced in the New Year lottery “Russian Lotto – Billion” in 1264 editions:

  • The main prize is 1 billion rubles. He will get to the one who breaks the jackpot – will win the lottery jackpot. If this does not happen, then the billion of "Russian Lotto" will get the winner of the next 2 rounds. There can be several winners or one person.
  • 100 prizes of 1 million rubles. As part of the New Year draw, over 100 prizes of 1 million rubles each will be raffled. That is, there will be a lot of winnings.
  • Other cash and clothing prizes.

Delicious salad for the new year

Where to win a billion rubles for the New Year 2019

  • Where to win a billion rubles for the New Year 2019
  • When the drawing of a billion rubles for the New Year
  • Lottery Rules
  • Generous New Year Edition Gifts
  • The time of the circulation
  • What won last year
  • How to get a prize in the lottery Billion for the New Year
  • How are the tickets of the 1264 edition of the Russian Lotto
  • How to get a win on the ticket 1264 edition of the Russian Lotto
  • What will be played in the lottery Billion on the New Year from the Russian lotto
  • Billion in New Year 2018 – who won in previous draws
  • Rules of the lottery game in New Year’s Eve Russian Lotto
  • How to check the ticket of the lottery Billion for the New Year on January 1, 2019
  • How to win on New Year’s Eve, how to buy a winning ticket?
  • Rule one. Choice of circulation for the purchase of a ticket
  • Rule two. Make sure that the first column contains no more than 3 numbers.
  • Rule three. Numbers in tickets must be distributed as evenly as possible.
  • Rule number four. Never buy a lot of tickets at once.

All of us are waiting for the New Year and Miracles and the Stoloto company on the first day of the New 2019 will play out a billion rubles in the next draw of the Russian Lotto lottery. This is the most popular lottery in our country, which has been played for more than 20 years and it is not surprising that the organizers decided to play such a huge amount in it.

When the drawing of a billion rubles for the New Year

Regular players remember that last year the New Year organizers also played 1,000,000,000 rubles. The drawing of the New Year’s billion in 2019 will not take place on Sunday, as usual, but on Tuesday, January 1. A festive broadcast with well-known hosts will be available at 16:00 live on NTV.

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Lottery Rules

The drawing starts as soon as the presenter puts 90 barrels with the appropriate numbering in the bag. They are extracted one by one. The number is announced to all those who follow the action, so that people have the opportunity to check their cards. The tickets have 2 fields with the same numbers as on the kegs. If the announced number is in the card, then cross it out. The player who was able to quickly cross out all the numbers in one line of the ticket receives a large prize.

Generous New Year Edition Gifts

Already, tickets that give the opportunity to participate in a drawing with the saying name "Billion on the New Year" can be found on sale and purchased for 150 rubles.

Delicious salad for the new year

They are sold in the following places:

  • Stoloto site;
  • lotto kiosks;
  • post offices;
  • Euroset, Connected outlets.

Delicious salad for the new year

Initially, the owner of a huge amount will be determined in the category "Jackpot". If on the 15th move, at the moment of extracting the 15th barrel, someone from the ticket holders can cross out all the numbers on the card, and there are 15 of them, then it is declared the winner. Last year, luck was a player from Kazan, he won 250 million rubles. Winning in this category can not even one person, but several. In this case, the entire amount won will be divided equally.

Of course, such luck is a rare phenomenon, but the founders of the Russian Lotto, rush to add fuel to the fire and inflame passions. They declare that the main prize, even if no one gets it when drawing the "Jackpot", will still find its owner. And it will take place in the second round. In this category, the conditions determined by the founders themselves, the winner is always determined. If luck is favorable to several players at once, then the prize amount will be divided between them into equal parts.

The main prize – magnetizes, creates a surge of excitement. However, not only this fantastic amount is worthy of attention, but other large packs – 100 certificates, each of which is 1 million rubles. Holders of these amounts will be determined at the beginning of the game, as soon as the first 2 rounds are completed. A slightly less significant sum of money will be received by the winner of the 1st round – 420 thousand. Small winnings will also be received by those participants in whose cards they will not be able to find a single non-denial number.

The time of the circulation

The gambling of Russian Lotto with cash prizes will continue to be on the NTV channel at the height of the celebration – January 1st. If luck smiles and one of the prizes is won, it will be possible to get it in the center of Stoloto or any nearest retail outlet. It is important to comply with the conditions:

  • Take your passport with you so that you can fill out special documents;
  • if your winnings are no more than 15 thousand, then you should fill out a tax return and give the tax yourself;
  • if the receipt of the prize was required to be postponed for more than half a year, then in the future you will have to write a statement indicating the reason for the late application.

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What won last year

The celebration of the offensive in 2018, the organizers of the Russian Lotto made special and announced that a billion rubles is at stake. Jackpot failed to break, but lucky still found. The winner got rich immediately by 250 million rubles. The organizers did not stop at this and continued to present generous prizes. 50 people received country houses, estimated at no less than 1 million. Many people also received smaller presents, but in general, the winning tickets counted 18,895,309 pieces. If we compare the total amount of 42,500,003 cards purchased, then we can say that the Russian lotto showed exceptional generosity.

To see the smile of fate, of course, is not given to everyone, but is it worth worrying about it? Enjoy the New Year’s air, this heat of passion, splashes of emotions, look at the speeches of invited guests. The mood should only improve from such a show, because our whole life is a game.

Using the table, you can find out which numbers fall most often, based on statistics for the last 200 draws. Taken from the data provided by the official site.

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