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The beautiful half of humanity is very demanding of gifts. Women can not give "on duty", useless things, it offends them. If you do not want to run into a sigh of disappointment and the same "on-duty" smile, approach the choice consciously. Otherwise, your gift will be sent to the trash can, the far corner of the cabinet, at best, given to another recipient. And you risk getting into the "black list". But what to do if the budget is limited, and you can not spend a large amount on the purchase of vouchers, diamonds or cars? Do not worry, we will tell you the options that give a woman a birthday party inexpensively, but with taste. We tried to take into account different preferences, preferences and age. If you need to congratulate your mother, sister, wife, colleague, girlfriend, this material is for you.

A list of the best cheap gifts for a woman’s birthday

Top 10 best gifts that will cost quite cheap:

  1. Concert tickets
  2. Leather gloves
  3. Purse or purse
  4. Scarf, palatine, LIC
  5. Textile clutch
  6. Wine set
  7. Bouquet from candies
  8. Credit card, business card, glider
  9. A set of covers for documents
  10. Creative vase

What to give to a friend

If you need to congratulate a colleague, teacher, classmate and

  • Chocolate set. But not a traditional box of chocolates, but a set with an unusual packaging. Colleague can present a set of "Best Accountant", the teacher – "Set the best teacher" and

    Gift options for cooks

Many women are fond of cooking, so these gifts will be quite appropriate. But only if they, as they say, in the subject. For example, one loves to bake pies, cakes and muffins, which means she will be glad to new original forms. The second masterly cooks dishes from different cuisines of the world. The third collects recipes of grandmothers and girlfriends in the treasured notebook and

  • Forms for fried eggs and pancakes. Choose unusual and fun molds that will be pleasant to use. Let on Monday for breakfast be scrambled eggs in the form of a heart, on Tuesday – in the form of a hare, on Wednesday – a cloud and

Culinary Recipe Book

In general, focus on the passions of women in this regard. A trivial griddle or a large pot is an inappropriate birthday gift. Do not even consider such options!

Gifts for beauty and care

If you choose a birthday present for a woman for you is a problem, we offer universal options. They are always win-win, although they are not too expensive. Here are our ideas for inexpensive birthday gifts:

Culinary Recipe Book

  • Cream or mask for hands. These tools are used by every woman regardless of age. Choose natural creams and masks, the range allows you to choose cosmetics depending on the needs of the skin: moisturizing, nourishing, smoothing. In addition, cosmetological gloves can be purchased, they will enhance the effect of the product, make the handles smooth and soft.
  • Handmade soap set. Of course, soap will not surprise anyone. But if it is a beautiful soap in the form of candies, cookies, flowers, and even from natural ingredients, then with other options for gifts for women, you can not bother. Looks great soap in the form of buds, tightly packed in a box.
  • Aromatic oils and candles. Buy a set of candles of different heights, diameters and sizes. A woman will find where and when to apply them. And such a gift looks great!
  • Professional hair mask. As a rule, such funds are sold in large banks, so they look quite solid. And they are quite adequate. Choose msaku depending on the type and needs of hair.
  • Certificate for visiting SPA procedures. Let it be something not too expensive, but pleasant. For example, spa pedicure with Garra Ruffa fish, apparatus manicure or a session in a sauna.

Remember that even in conditions of limited budget, you should not buy low-quality products come from underground China. This can be fraught with serious allergies and other health problems. It is better to buy one thing, but good.

Handmade Presents

Still thinking that you can give a cheap woman? Make a gift with your own hands. It is simple, beautiful, pleasant, besides, things are hand made today in trend. Here are some suitable options:

  • Organizer for your desktop. Want to please a loved one? Give her a cheap organizer, made with your own hands from scrap materials. Unnecessary boxes, colored corrugated paper, beads, sequins, dried flowers and so on are used.
  • Vases from bottles. The most ordinary bottle can easily be turned into an original and unusual vase. It is only necessary to show imagination and see a master class on the Internet. Looks great set of accessories of different sizes, shapes, but decorated in the same style.
  • Panel of photos. Choose your favorite and memorable photos and make a congratulatory collage of them. This is a great decoration of the room, which will remind you of the most joyful moments.
  • Embroidered picture. If you love and know how to embroider, you can make a beautiful picture and decorate it with a creative frame. Such a gift will look much cooler than a regular painting purchased from an artist. After all, it is made with love and care.
  • Florarium. Finished products from the salon cost a lot. But florarium can be made by hand. It is necessary to pick up a vessel, plants, buy soil and arrange everything in a beautiful composition. Internet to help you!
  • Panel of coffee beans. Another decorative gift that will decorate the kitchen and even an office. Coffee composition of coffee beans – a great gift for a coffee maker.

We very much hope that our tips have prompted you to the idea that you can give a woman for 500-1000 rubles. You have made sure that even inexpensive things can be enjoyable and useful.

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