Creamy Fish Soup

By: Agnia Crystal

In Finland, they love soups, respect this dish and know how to cook them perfectly.

Fish soups dominate their cuisine, although the cuisine of this country is diverse.

Finnish fish soup is served at the table not only in winter, but also in summer.

A simpler option, in which the main ingredients – onions, potatoes, fish and milk, are called "kalakatet".

Refined "kalakateto" – already "lohikaytto", in which instead of milk cream and only cream are added.

Often there is a situation when it is difficult to come up with something new for the menu, in this case, you can pay attention to the Scandinavian cuisine and make great Finnish soup. The main components of this dish are cream and salmon fish.

General rules for cooking Finnish soup

• A real, traditional Finnish soup should be cooked in a cast-iron pot, in the oven, and after the dish is ready, it is not served on the table, but left for a day for aging and infusion, as an example Russian daily borscht or soup. After this, the first dish is heated and you can already eat it, according to the Finns themselves, this cooking method gives a richer taste.

• Instead of salmon fillets for cooking Finnish soups, heads, ridge, tails of fish are perfect, you can get them by carving up the carcass in your kitchen, but you can buy a ready-made soup set in the fish department, in which you cut up carcasses;

Creamy Fish Soup

• For broth, you can take not only salmon, but also other red fish, for example, pink salmon;

• It is not necessary to add fillets to Finnish soup, the heads of salmon fish are large, they contain a sufficient amount of pulp for several portions.

Finnish fish soup – ear

• You need to take salmon, salmon, you can fillet – 400 g, suitable soup sets of heads and tails;

• Milk in a volume of 400 ml;

• Large potatoes – 4 pieces, small – 6-8;

• Pepper and lemon flavoring – ½ tsp;

• Flour – 1 tablespoon;

• Onions – 1 medium head.

1. First of all, clean the onions and potatoes, then grind them, cut the onions into half rings, and the potatoes into cubes, dimensions should not exceed

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