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Curd casserole – general principles and methods of cooking

There are a lot of people who wrinkled their nose with the word “casserole”. And by the way, this is one of the most healthy and tasty dishes for breakfast or dinner. The secret of its excellent taste and delicate texture lies in the proper preparation. If it is baked according to all the rules, even irreconcilable opponents of cottage cheese, having tasted a piece, will ask for supplements. It should not resemble a wet sticky dough. Its texture should be fluffy, airy and baked. If you are not satisfied with the occurring grains of cottage cheese, all that’s necessary is to mix the dough with a mixer or blender before baking. Casseroles are sweet – with apples, pumpkin, carrots, candied fruits, dried fruits or unsweetened – with greens, olives, potatoes, cauliflower. Most often it is served in the cooled form.

Cottage Cheese Casserole – Food Preparation

Before you add to the dough, cottage cheese is recommended to be thoroughly chopped – twist in a meat grinder or rub through a sieve, and beat the eggs into a strong foam mixer. This will not only make the mass more homogeneous, but also give lightness and fluffiness to the finished dish. If there are dried fruits or raisins in the recipe, they should be soaked. Then all the ingredients are mixed and laid out for baking in the form.

Recipe 1: homemade curd casserole

Delicate, airy, tasty. It’s all about her homemade casserole with raisins. For her, it is better to take home, country cottage cheese (which private traders sell in the markets) at least a kilogram, then it will turn out lush and beautiful. This casserole is just a feast for curd lovers. If there is no sour cream, other dairy products – kefir, yogurt, will be fine. You can add other fruits to raisins, such as diced bananas.

Ingredients: a kilogram of cottage cheese, semolina – ½ stack., sugar – 2/3 stack., 3 eggs, sour cream and milk ½ stack., a handful of raisins, a pinch of vanilla sugar and salt, butter (to lubricate the form).

Cooking method

Manku pour milk, soak the raisins with water.

Beat eggs with sugar – a whisk or a mixer. Add cottage cheese, raisins and all other ingredients.

Cook Lemon PiePrepare the form – grease and sprinkle with semolina or flour. Lay out the resulting mass, smooth the surface and smear with yolk, sour cream or yolk mixed with sour cream. When baking, this will give the finished product an appetizing type of crust. Heat the oven (180 ° C) and bake for about an hour. Casserole in the form of heat cut. You can serve, watering sour cream, jelly, jam.

Recipe 2: Pumpkin Cottage Cheese Casserole

Bright, juicy, sunny orange casserole. Without decoys. You can cook pumpkin puree or cut the pumpkin into cubes and boil 10 minutes in milk. And so and so delicious. Only with mashed potatoes the consistency will be more uniform, and the color is brighter. It is better to use a pumpkin of sweet varieties, then you can do without sugar at all or reduce its quantity. Top with apple slices or smear with yolk. Cottage cheese is desirable to take low-fat and dry. If you use a fat curd, then you can exclude cream from the recipe.

Cook Lemon Pie

Ingredients: low-fat cottage cheese –

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