Cold Appetizers Recipes

We all love to eat tasty food, but not every one of us can boast of his culinary abilities. If you want to learn how to cook well, then become members of the culinary communities in Kontakt. Here you can find a lot of delicious recipes for every taste: first courses, cold appetizers, delicious delicacies and sweet desserts.

Cold Appetizers Recipes

Smart cook

The most popular community in Kontakt, which is dedicated to culinary recipes, is the open group “Fast Chef. Recipes. Cookery. It consists of more than 847 thousand participants. This group can be found at this link: https: //

The community already exists for about 6 years in Vkontakte. The group has published about 120 albums with photos: “Dietary, healthy food”, “Sandwiches, canapes, tartlets”, several albums with photos of salads, cold appetizers, meat dishes, veggie dishes and other equally interesting photo albums.

Also in the community A smart chef. Recipes. Cookery VKontakte published more than 530 videos. Here you can watch a funny performance from “Ural dumplings”: “Lose weight in dough – damn refrigerator”, video recipe “Winter options for pizza and French Alsace” and other fascinating videos with recipes. Even Pavel Priluchny joined this community!

On the group wall, new recipes are regularly published with photos, under which you can ask a question, leave a comment, or make a repost of the public on your wall.

Delicious recipes

Another great community that publishes various recipes in Kontakt is the public “Cooking. Delicious recipes". More than 211 thousand network users have subscribed to this public. You can find it here: https: //

Community “Cooking. Tasty Recipes ”invites its readers to make healthy fitness cocktails at home and publish their recipes. You can find culinary masterpieces in Kontakt, which are published in more than 15 public photo albums: “Housekeeping for a Note,” “Crema,” “Cakes,” “Rolls,” and other albums with photos of delicious desserts and drinks.

Only one video has been published in public – the romantic film “Chocolate”. On the wall of the public you can find delicious recipes of various dishes, such as “Donuts on condensed milk”, “Ordinary shrimps with sauce”, “Semifredo” and other equally tasty and healthy recipes.

Cold Appetizers Recipes

Delicious Public

The public, in which you can always find fresh recipes of tasty and simple dishes, is called “Cooking. Recipes. On the public "Cooking. Recipes ”signed by more than 74 thousand netizens. This public can be found at this link: https: //

In the news of the public you can read a detailed recipe for ice cream "Tiramisu". Only one album with photos, called “Recipes”, has been published in public.

Recipes and photos of various dishes are published on the wall of the public: Crème Brulee cake, classic lasagna, Smetannik cake and other tasty dishes, 9 clever tips on how to bake pancakes are given.

If you still want to learn how to cook tasty and constantly look for new culinary masterpieces in Kontakt, then join the communities that are dedicated to recipes and cooking. Good luck in the kitchen and not only!

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