Cod roe

From the Pacific waves – to your table since 1998

Cod roe

This is a very Sakhalin story.

Caviar industry is the soul of our small Homeland, the brink of salty wind and powerful tides. For us, caviar is not an exquisite delicacy, but our craft, vocation, passion. Rage of struggle with the elements. The infinite patience of the earner, his dialogue with nature. Skills Sakhalin hereditary roe. That’s what Putin’s is about – the company thanks to which for two decades now Sakhalin caviar has been on every holiday table in Russia.

Our fish is real, wild, oceanic.

Pacific salmon return to spawning to the shores of Sakhalin and Kamchatka from long “feeding” in the Sea of ​​Japan and Okhotsk. In the long-term marathon, the healthiest and strongest survive. The ocean protects its fish and does not feed them with hormones and antibiotics. But seawater willingly shares with them its own trace elements, iodine and phosphorus, the smell of sea freshness and the power of the waves. Who compared, for example, vegetables from the greenhouse and from the garden – he will understand … Caviar is harvested right on the spot of fishing, without losing a bit of that value, which nature has endowed it with.

Cod roe

The sea does not bestow, but always rewards

I was born on Sakhalin, whose energy is forever imprinted in the character. Since childhood I have been accustomed to seek everything myself, storms are in my blood. But not by the strength of a single … "Putin" is my personal challenge to the pragmatic "male" approach to this business. We are looking and trying. In a sea like nowhere, the connection of times is strong, and relying on the past, we build the future with our own hands: we constantly experiment with types of caviar, with unusual blends, with product formats. "Putin" – in the top five industry leaders. But, although the market itself keeps us in good shape, I pass the main test every night at home, where three young quality controllers of my products are waiting for me.

Evgenia Sinyakova

Director of "Putin"

Putin’s team is anxious and attentive to every stage

An experienced fisherman knows his fish by sight.

This is an extreme profession not for fools, you need to understand both navigation and the quota system, and the strategy for locating processing plants: after all, from the moment of catching fish to getting to the cutting table live, right from the sea-water sleeve no more than two hours! In Putin, everything works around the clock and like a clock. So good caviar happens at clever. And the brave ones: the best fishing is before the storm, and the stronger it is, the bigger the jackpot is, but the higher the risks. And you also need to love Sakhalin very much: a good fisherman distinguishes his "flocks" from newcomers. Such knowledge is from the region of the heart.

Cod roe

Andrei Samoylov

Process Controller OOO Putin

Technologists are like sappers: they make mistakes once

Caviar, just like the crab, is a single product. The quality of raw materials can not be hidden in sauces and fillings. Caviar in a jar will be good only under one condition: if the original product was good and fresh. On the way from the sea to the counter, it is important that the purity and temperature conditions are strictly observed. By the way, caviar is softer than a cream cake: the queen of the festive table is such a “girl-girl”. In addition, there is a strict standard for salt and a legally approved list of preservatives: they are the same as in European countries.

mission Possible

There is little romance in my work, but a lot of responsibility: first, the caviar must be taken, and then packaged. My task during transportation is to ensure uninterrupted specific temperature conditions: minus 6C. To control accidental outages in the transport, there are sensors, the thermogram is continuously taken. The main carriage is by rail in cooling containers. Then, the caviar needs to be packaged, and given the complexity of the latest equipment, a lot of effort and skills are required to manage it.


Director of Logistics and Production, LLC “Putin”

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