Cocoa Cake Frosting

Today we will share with you the simplest and most successful options for how to make cocoa icing for cake, muffins, chocolate manna or other baking and desserts.

In fact, there are a lot of recipes for cocoa glaze, they differ mainly in proportions, sequence of actions, as well as the basis, which can be milk, sour cream, cream, water, etc. If it is not chocolate icing, then in its the composition except the base will necessarily include sugar, butter and, in fact, cocoa itself.

Sugar gives sweetness, butter – shine and to some extent softness. Therefore, in principle, these four ingredients are more than enough. But if you want to diversify your pastries or emphasize a particular ingredient that is included in its composition, you can use various additions in the form of mint, vanilla, cinnamon or even special flavors.

Cocoa Cake FrostingBefore making cocoa icing for a cake, it is advisable to prepare test samples from a small number of ingredients in order to determine exactly which recipe is best suited. After all, the final result of any option will be different from others in consistency, color, brilliance, softness, density when frozen, and even taste. Hardly anyone will want to spend a lot of time with a birthday cake and then cross out all the results of their work with an incorrectly chosen “final touch”.

However, if we are talking about some kind of household dessert, which is prepared just to please the tummy, and not in honor of the holiday, then you can experiment. Anyway, each recipe is good in its own way, and not one of them will spoil the dish. But, of course, properly selected icing can ultimately make the effect much brighter – both visual and gustatory.

Glaze should be applied when it is already a little (but not completely!) Cool. If you do it right away, it will be too liquid and may drain from your baking, spoiling its appearance. If, however, apply it too late, if the chance that it will lie unevenly, lumps and will not have the most presentable appearance.

Glaze "4 spoons"

The easiest recipe for the execution of which you do not even have to pry into some records. That is why we write about him first.

Cocoa Cake Frosting

In order to make such a cocoa glaze, you will need 4 tablespoons of sugar, cocoa and milk, as well as 50 g of butter. Accordingly, in order to increase or decrease the required volume of the finished glaze, you simply need to add 1 spoon of each of the ingredients.

As for butter – its share is very conditional, so you can just roughly determine for yourself how much you need to add to each spoon, and in the same way proportionally increase the amount. In general, the more oil there is, the more shiny the glaze will be and vice versa. Therefore, you can choose the most optimal volume in your opinion.

So, in order to make such a glaze, in a separate bowl, carefully rub a spoon of cocoa with sugar – this is necessary in order to eliminate the formation of lumps. Then melt butter in milk over low heat and, after it has completely dissolved (by no means earlier!), Pour the mixture of cocoa and sugar, stirring constantly.

Still stirring slowly over low heat, bring our cocoa icing for the cake to a boil, but do not boil it, but turn it off immediately. After it has cooled down a bit, we begin to apply for dessert.

How to make Cocoa Flour Frosting

Since we need to make cocoa icing for a cake, we can use this recipe:

1 tablespoon of flour 1 table spoon of cocoa 5 tablespoons of milk half a cup of sugar 50 g maslavanilin

The peculiarity of this recipe is that flour is included in the composition, and thus we can adjust the density of the resulting product. Therefore, it is better to take more flour (a tablespoon with a slide) if you make a cake. If you need a liquid glaze, beautifully flowing from your dessert, increase the amount of milk.

Sugar, cocoa and flour are added to milk and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil. When the icing has cooled, add butter and vanillin.

Cocoa and Sour Cream Frosting

Thick glaze that is not firm, but does not flow.

2 tablespoons sour cream2 teaspoons cocoa3 teaspoons sugar20 g of oil

Sour cream must be taken with high fat content. Mix all ingredients except butter well, then put on the fire and, while continuing to stir continuously, wait until the sugar has dissolved. This usually happens in a few minutes. Then turn off the heat, add the oil and continue stirring until the oil dissolves.

This cocoa icing is for the cake, as it does not freeze. Therefore, it will not be very convenient to use it for cakes or cookies. Or rather, it will not be very convenient to eat them later. At the same time, pour it, for example, ice cream does not work, because for this it is too thick. If you need a richer chocolate flavor – add more teaspoon of cocoa to the floor.

Cocoa icing on condensed milk

So how to make cocoa icing for cake in many ways, why not make it on condensed milk?

200 g butter3-4 tablespoons sugar 1 bank of condensed milk (

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