Classic Crab Stick Salad

Crab stick salad (or crab meat) is perhaps the second most popular salad after Russian salad.

This salad is easy to prepare and has a pretty good taste. Perhaps one of the most common salads in Russian cuisine.

Crab Salad (recipe)

We will need:

  • crab sticks 150-200 gr.
  • Selected chicken eggs 5 pcs.
  • jar of corn
  • mayonnaise
  • table salt


I will first describe the classic crab stick salad recipe. I first saw this salad in 1996, when the crab sticks just appeared on the shelves. And such a salad decorated the tables, the so-called "new Russian." Here in this family I tried this salad for the first time.

The salad recipe is very simple. At the same time it includes some nuances. Its taste depends very much on how we cut the ingredients. For example, crab sticks can be cut into large or small and can be rubbed on a grater. Same with the eggs. As for the classic recipe, usually all the ingredients are cut into cubes (of equal size). It is also important to understand that corn must be sweet.

Classic Crab Stick Salad

So let’s start cooking. Cut the crab sticks. Fold in a large wide dish. Boil, chop the eggs (I rub on a grater) and add to the crab sticks. Open the corn. Before pouring corn into a salad, you need to drain the juice. Very convenient, do not cut the lid on the can until the end. And holding the lid closed, drain the juice through the gap. By the way, the juice is usually very tasty and you can drink it. Add corn. Stir. Here in this form, you can store the salad in the refrigerator for a day or two. Before serving salad on the table, it is dressed with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is better to add a little bit to obtain an optimal taste, mixing thoroughly. Salad can be salted, you can not salt it already to taste.

There are also varieties of classic salad of crab sticks.

Classic Crab Stick Salad

Salad of crab sticks with onions

There is a nuance, if you add freshly cut onions to the salad and immediately serve them on the table, then the onions will discourage the whole taste of the salad. This salad must be prepared in advance and let it stand for several hours.

Salad of crab sticks with cabbage

In this salad the first step will be cooking cabbage. Cabbage, you must first chop finely. Then a little salt. And shake until the juice appears. Next, add the classic ingredients.

Crab Sticks Salad with Rice

In this case, add the boiled rice to the classic salad.

Salad of crab chips.

This salad could be singled out separately. But its essence is that crab sticks are replaced with air crab chips. This salad should be filled with mayonnaise just before serving.

Crab meat for crab stick salad

I added real crab meat to this salad, to be honest, eating crab meat separately is much tastier. But, recently on the shelves appeared imitation of crab meat, which is called.

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