Chocolate icing for cake

Principles of cake decorating with icing

Some tricks will help you to decorate your birthday cake in an original way:

  1. When cooking, the glaze must always be intensively stirred, otherwise it will burn and will taste bitter.
  2. Chocolate can always be replaced with cocoa powder, just keep the proportions: if the recipe says “100 grams of chocolate”, take 50 grams of cocoa powder and 50 grams of butter, cream or condensed milk instead.
  3. After making the cake, covered with icing, clean in the cold for at least 3 hours.
  4. Light glaze can tint food dyes. One drop of blue dye will give a light glaze a snow-white shade, neutralizing the yellowness of butter.

It is more convenient to heat chocolate for the glaze in the microwave oven, having previously covered the container with a lid.

Mirror glaze

This cake cover is shiny, smooth, very durable. When cutting the cake into portions, the knife must be warmed up, otherwise the icing may crack.

Chocolate icing for cake


  1. Chocolate (white can be combined with food coloring, black) –
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