Children’s recipes for every day

Difficult moments happen in the life of every family. We will not consider conflicts or problems with raising children – this is from another section. However, financial difficulties overtake many, and women begin to recall or look for recipes that can be used to make economical meals for each day. It is a pity to feed the family with constantly empty noodles or buckwheat porridge, and the household will rebel sooner or later. So, our article is for those who are temporarily deprived of the opportunity to buy various and expensive products, and values ​​peace and good mood in the house and wants to preserve.

Basic savings rules

Those people who still remember their turbulent student years (especially if they were spent in a dormitory), know how to save money.

So, before you start collecting economical recipes, review your shopping schedule. It has long been observed that those who purchase products on the way from work spend much more money than those who do it once a week. People who are bought at random spend more money (and often on unnecessary) than strictly following the list.

And finally, a store near the house will ruin you more than a supermarket. So if you are interested in economical cuisine for every day, start by making a list of the most necessary. Do not give up the weekend shopping trip. And in any case, do not be tempted by anything that is not included in the list.

Meat savings

Without meat dishes, most people are not easy to manage. However, the same pork can be consumed in different ways. Meat economical dishes for every day involve the use of the purchased piece in several dishes. For example, chicken wings or chicken legs are boiled, soup is made from the broth, and they are fried for the second or cut into a salad. A slice of pork is better not to let the chops – tasty, but at one time.

Children's recipes for every dayThere are simple recipes for every day, as a result of which the dishes will be much larger in volume: make minced meat, and from it – cutlets. Even better – meatballs: from mixing with rice, their number will double. And the ideal option is to stick dumplings on your own.

How to replace sausage in sandwiches

Without sandwiches, life sometimes becomes sad. They take them to school with children, and adults take them to work. In this case, too, there are recipes for the economical hostess. If the family has not completely tightened the belt and you can buy a piece of meat, bake it and cut it into cold bread. If there is trouble with this product, pay attention to another alternative: soak the most ordinary bagels (it would be good in milk, but water will also disappear), put them on a greased baking sheet and put some stuffing in each hole ( which is rubbed a little cheese, and put on top a bit of mayonnaise). After 10 minutes of roasting in the oven, the pseudo-sandwiches are ready.

Benefit first for the budget

Your economical recipes for everyday meals must include soups. In addition to the fact that they are recommended by all doctors for the stomach, the wallet will also be useful. As already noted, the broth meat can be processed for use for a second, and as a last resort to prepare a decoction, either from very cheap bones (or chicken legs), or simply from vegetables. A pot of soup is enough for two days.

Casseroles – the choice of a frugal hostess

The simplest example is the need to feed a child with cottage cheese. When baking cheesecakes it will leave much more than if you use economical recipes.

As an option – mix the cottage cheese with an equal amount of semolina and egg and bake the mass in the oven. An alternative recipe is to cook pasta, add cottage cheese with egg, sliced ​​apples and sugar. For adults, you can make a meal that will completely replace dinner: lay fried mushrooms or broth meat stuffing on a baking sheet between layers of mashed potatoes.

Casseroles are very economical dishes. Every day you can come up with something new from what you find in the fridge.

Meatless cutlets

Cooking cutlets much more profitable chops. But even here a rational hostess can save a certain amount of money. Adopt the following recipes for everyday dishes, in which cutlets are made from vegetables:

  1. Slaw quickly stewed with the addition of semolina (about two spoons per head). When the mass has cooled, the egg is driven in, the patties are molded and fried in vegetable oil. Especially they are good with sour cream.
  2. Three onions are very finely chopped (neither the meat grinder nor the blender will work – a lot of juice will turn out), combined with four spoons of oatmeal groats and two eggs. Minced meat is mixed, from which cutlets like fritters are fried.

Potato fantasy

The most satisfying, and at the same time economical recipes of dishes for every day most often include this beloved by many. A simple mash looks pretty lonely on the table, so the following ideas can be implemented:

1. Potatoes of approximately the same size are selected, cleaned (not with a knife, but with a stiff brush), laid out on a smeared sheet and cut with a cross. Baking tray for half an hour goes to the oven. During this time, each tuber will turn into a flower and redden. “Roses” are laid out on a dish, a small piece of butter is put in the middle, everything is covered with dill on top. If there are nice additions (cheese, lard, mushrooms, ham), very good. No – and so delicious.

2. Cut the potatoes into slices, put in the form, salt, pepper, spice up, cover with milk and lightly cheese with cheese. After half an hour spent in the oven, the potatoes will delight the whole family.

3. A kilo of potatoes is rubbed on a coarse grater, mixed with three raw eggs, salt and pepper. Folds exactly on the pan with heated oil, covered with a lid. When the potatoes are fried from below, it is cut into quarters and turned over. Reddened and the second side – it’s time to eat.

What to make from pasta

Everyone knows the recipe "in a fleet style", we will not dwell on it. About pasta casserole already mentioned, it also skip. Simple recipes for every day are not limited to these two. You can make pasta "in Afghan style": cook them, separately prepare the onion frying. When the last one turns brown, grate the tomatoes in an onion, stew, squeeze the garlic. The most interesting thing is in the serve: a plate is smeared with mayonnaise, pasta is put on it, and a spoon of the dressing is on top. Tasty, cheap and cheerful!

Another way to diversify the pasta menu is to combine noodles with roasted vegetables. It turns out almost a Chinese dish. And you can take almost any vegetables – Bulgarian pepper, cauliflower, mushrooms, green beans, peas, corn are added to the usual frying … Of course, such a dish will be cheaper in summer and autumn, but note it is still worth it.

Salads – on the table!

Economical meals for every day can be successfully complemented by a variety of salads. And no expensive ingredients are required! Thrifty housewives highly recommend the recipe, called "Anticrisis": a pack of "quick" noodles steamed. After softening, it is drained and crushed. Two chopped boiled eggs, one onion and grated carrot are added to it. All this is dressed with mayonnaise and serves as a nice addition to the same potato or casserole. You can modify the recipe: add grated cheese to the same noodles (if you save at all, take the processed cheese), mayonnaise and garlic.

You can make fish salad. If you buy the cheapest that is on the shelves, – pollock, then the food will quite fall into the category "Recipes for economical housewives." In addition to fish, you will need another head of cabbage. It should be finely chopped, salted and boiled quickly so that it still crunches and does not crawl away. A spoonful of salt is poured into another saucepan with water, without a slide, 1

In winter, you can concoct such a salad: cut five baked potatoes into cubes, crumble the onion, add sauerkraut, season it and pour all over the sunflower oil. If you indulge in blanks, you can add a pickle. With rye bread and potatoes, even meat is not required.

Children's recipes for every day

These are recipes that can be used at any time of the year. And already in a season it is necessary to lean on vegetables especially actively – they are inexpensive, there are many variants of combinations, and they bring benefits, as everyone knows.

All kinds of pancakes

In the recipes of the main dishes for each day, which cost is still inexpensive, you can include and described below.

Hepatic pancakes are cooked by many, and their counterpart can be made from the cheapest fish. To do this, 400 g of boneless fillet is finely minced or passed through a meat grinder. A large onion, shredded egg, half a cup of flour and half a tube of mayonnaise (about 100 g) are also put there. Mass is salted and peppered at discretion. Stir to a pasty state. Pancakes are roasted as usual.

Oatmeal pancakes are also good: a glass of cereal is poured with the same volume of milk; How to swell – enter two yolks, salt and finely grated carrot (its amount depends on your attitude to this root). Next, flour is poured – how much dough will take to get the desired consistency. Lastly, whipped squirrels are made up – and spoon into the pan.

Draniki are well known to many. Much fewer housewives have heard of buckwheats, which make life easier during the financial crisis. They are prepared simply: boiled grits, combined with eggs, herbs and a small amount of flour. The dish is baked in the same way as any other pancakes, and eaten quickly and with pleasure!

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