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Henna is beautiful and flowing hair with different shades on the one hand and fear that there will be greenery and the inability to choose any other dye.

To understand all aspects and get clear instructions on how to: How to dye hair with henna at home? What are the henna staining options?

How to paint in a certain tone: black, chocolate, red? How to dye hair at home itself? What additional ingredients will help make the color even deeper and more stunning?

Henna nuances

For those who first want to make henna staining, you need to understand that it can give surprises, and which ones and in what situations we will discuss now.

Deciding to choose henna as a hair dye, it is worth remembering such nuances:

  • Be prepared to use it for a long time, as it is not recommended to use chemical analogues after it;
  • long exposure time of 40 minutes and above;
  • peculiar smell after application;
  • difficult to wash;
  • you cannot get exactly the right shade;
  • slightly dries the scalp, for the dry type it is recommended to add natural oils;
  • use: tea, coffee, wine, basma for a variety of color palette.
  • Such situations are individual, there is an experience of staining in a few years and nothing like this has ever been encountered, although the staining was only henna.

    Surprises can occur if natural paint is not properly applied, namely:

    • coloring on bleached hair;
    • chemical paints were used after henna or basma;
    • use one basma without henna.

    Henna is often used for dyeing to make hair thicker and add volume. Anyone who is familiar with this problem, but wants to learn how to weave volumetric braids, we recommend clicking on the picture or link.

    For those who began to dye their hair with henna to get rid of dandruff, we recommend to learn more about it at this address. Simple and useful recipes, tips will help to win it forever.

    Henna is also perfect for answering the question: how to straighten curly hair without ironing and hair dryer at home, read about it here.

    What do you get by choosing a natural dye?

    Your curls will acquire a natural luster and silkiness, and the absence of burnt ends and pelt-like tangles will make your head of hair envy.

    It is not desirable to add oils and vitamins to the hot henna solution,

    How to choose henna?

    Before you start preparing for painting, specify which sort is easy to buy in your stores or order online. Read reviews about the types that are most accessible to you.


    • desired shade after dyeing;
    • initial hair tone;
    • proportions;
    • exposure time;
    • additional funds necessary to obtain this color.

    Children's kefir at home

    Detailed analysis of the contents of the bags

    1. Choosing henna, most likely you will not find on the packaging of the composition, if you are lucky, it will be written Lawsonia inermis.
    2. If there are other components other than this one, you should pay attention to and study them. Perhaps this is something with chemical components.
    3. After opening the package and spilling out the contents, you will see a dark green powder smelling grass. No fragrances similar to chemical paints or waxes.
    4. Whatever you add to henna, its composition will resemble a slurry with roughness (it will not become smooth, like jelly or sour cream).
    5. It paints: skin, hair, but not a bath or a plate.

    Most affordable firms for residents of Russia, Ukraine

    We give links to both sites to see the entire product line and already look for reviews about each specific product.

    Children's kefir at home

    Listen to the reviews and try on a separate strand if you doubt the color.

    How your curls will react and what we get as a result of painting with a 90% guarantee is hard to say.

    Pricing has a fairly wide variation, so Henna Lash – from $ 7 per 100 grams, and packaged henna from $ 1 per 25 grams. The more natural the product, the higher the price they ask for it, although deception is not excluded.

    The price of henna is influenced by the added components and shipping, although it is fairly cheap for clean.

    Henna Lash (Lush) (photo)

    A distinctive feature of this type is packaging in large braces, before applying it is necessary to grate. It consists of oils and other useful components, but this affects the cost, it is many times higher than the usual sachets.

    Henna-lash hair coloring with detailed instructions in this video

    How much henna is needed to completely overlap any tone?

    • for the first time you paint yourself or you have embellishment of the roots;
    • lengths;
    • thicknesses;
    • hair thickness;
    • natural tone (blondes will change color faster).

    What does experience show?

    To tint the roots will be enough and 1 pack = 25g. For gray hairs from 3 packs and above, to paint in several layers.

    For brunettes with long strands not very thick to the waist, we recommend 3-4 packs = 100g. Although some use 16 packs, this can only be determined by experience!

    How to make the whole process at home?

    We prepare all the necessary accessories

  • Mixing tank, better glass.
  • Bundle, open and pour into the container. Add other ingredients: basma, coffee, oil, cinnamon … (according to the recipe).
  • Gloves and comb with a thin end.
  • Film for sandwiches, better plastic bags.
  • Clothing suitable for stains.
  • A large mirror or two opposite.
  • Thermal cap or towel. We recommend using a film, a handkerchief made of CB material and a towel, which is already suitable for red stains from henna, as well as for wiping drips from a rag.
  • Rules for competent staining with henna at home: step by step with photos and videos

    • on dirty or clean curls;
    • wet or dry;
    • with basma in a separate coloring or simultaneous;
    • rinsing henna after use with or without shampoo;
    • rinsing: with balsam, vinegar or other means, decoction.

    Painting on dirty dry hair

    1. Thorough combing. Cream the ears, forehead and behind the ears, temples to avoid dark stains and stains.

    Cooking henna like this: open and pour into the container. For those who use Basma and other components, they are also poured out and poured immediately. Stir to some uniformity.

    Dilute henna or mixture, pour in hot water. Use a glass or plastic container, mix with a wooden spatula or spoon. Give her the opportunity to brew a few minutes. Use a large bowl of hot water, where to put the mixture with the container to maintain the temperature, if the process is long.

    After cooling, add oils and other ingredients that do not tolerate high temperatures.

    Change clothes calmly tearing down stains. Put all the tools and mortar on a separate easy to access place. Cover the floor with newspapers or oilcloth, it is better to remove the carpet and leave it naked to facilitate cleaning.

    Wear gloves, mix henna with a brush several times to prevent the formation of lumps and the temperature of the mixture was always the same.

    Apply to the roots and spread over the entire length, if painting for the first time.

    We paint the roots, separating them from the parting into thin strands, applying the solution in both directions and along the parting. We move from the middle parting to the ear, then repeat the operation to another. So we are working through the entire front part of the hair, the area where we make the malvinka. Lubricate the hairline most intensely.

    We shift the assembled tail on the upper part of the head forward, and put paint on the back of the head, again dyeing along the partings parallel to the shoulders. We brush the ends of the strands with a brush or rub the solution; for long hair, you can dip the strands into the solution and twist it into a container. Repeat until all strands are processed.

    To put on a film and a warming cap. Walk from 40 minutes to 2-3 hours or more.

    Wash off with warm water using a shampoo at will to use a balm, vinegar or decoction of herbs.

    We give a description of only the variant on dirty curls, since the rest will be similar.

    Detailed step by step video painting henna at home on their own

    Video henna hair coloring on the model

    Let’s talk about the nuances:

    It is believed that it is better to apply to clean strands, since the contact of the shampoo with natural paint washes out the color. Wet curls absorb color more easily. Cons of wet application – you can not see which strands are painted and which are not. May leak as they are already wetted.

    How to get the desired tone?

    A set of tips for dyeing dark hair with: beets, onion peels, hibiscus tea, coffee.

    Another collection of recipes for dyeing with natural paints in a video format for owners of blond hair

    Prepared by mixing 1 part henna with 2 – 3 parts basma. Time keeping from 3-6 hours. A darker tone is obtained by staining in 2 stages: first henna + basma, then one basma.

    To get different tones of red will need:

    • Only henna. It is important to choose the right varieties. To sustain from 40 minutes to 6 hours.
    • Copper: henna, meringue, lemon juice, turmeric.
    • Deep auburn: henna with coffee, sometimes with the addition of basma.

    Pay attention to the recommendations on the henna itself, the color and the exposure time are indicated there, of course it can vary depending on the thickness and length, only testing will give an exact answer.

    Therefore, be sure to conduct an experiment once, so that there is no shocking surprise. Subsequent staining testing is not necessary.

    Keep such a solution with a warmed cap for 4 hours or more. This is due to the fact that the hair is rather thick and long.

    They look gorgeous, especially in the sun. Their condition is excellent, I have already painted with such a composition for many years, everyone is happy. I recommend to try this option of coloring, really does not spoil the hair and gives a deep mahogany color with a slight redhead.

    Red low tide

    Steamed on: Cahors, beetroot juice or cherry juice (natural).

    On coffee

    We get different tones: chocolate, chestnut-red. Coffee can be both brewed, when it is added to the mixture for dyeing, and brewed separately and then added to the poured out ingredients.

    Henna hair dye video with basma and coffee

    How to dye your hair brown and paint the gray hair Detailed master class to get a rich brown color with henna

    How to dye dark hair with henna without ryzhinki?

    If you decide to resort to the use of henna, because you do not know how to stop hair loss in women and increase their density, then this article will tell you other factors affecting them.

    Often use masks from henna trying to save the split ends, but in these cases we recommend learning how to cut the ends of hair at home itself an article here.

    It is harmful to use chemical dyes on children’s hair, we recommend using henna, and here you can find how to make a haircut to school in 5 minutes with photos and videos on this link http: //

    How to get a brighter color?

    It is possible to steam paint on different liquids:

    • kefir, sour milk;
    • cognac;
    • lengthen the fermentation, leaving the steamed mixture for several hours or days;
    • add lemon juice;
    • brewing tea;
    • keep brewed mixture in a thermos;
    • on the brewed coffee and add to the mush itself.

    The less you hold, the brighter the color is 30-40 minutes. Look at the instructions attached to the paint.

    How to know exactly how much you need?

    Experimental way to determine how much henna you need for the desired tone and the 1st time to measure and record everything. So you will get accurate guidelines for the next painting and improve the result.

    Children's kefir at home

    What should be considered ?:

    • amount of water;
    • weight of henna (how many packs or spoons);
    • added ingredients (basma, coffee, Cahors, turmeric);
    • contact time of hair and natural paint.

    Now it remains only to apply the knowledge and get the desired color. Let the process bring you a minimum of discomfort, and achieve the desired tone from the 1st time!

    Before applying the composition to the head, you need to grease the ears, forehead and neck with a fat cream. This will prevent the skin from unwanted color. If the strands are dry, then it is advisable to add a few drops of burdock oil to the mixture. This will moisturize your hair and give it shine. How often can you dye your hair with henna? To get a good effect from its use without negative consequences for the hair, it should be applied 1-2 times a month.

    You have correctly noticed the nuances. By coloring it is individual, how quickly your hair roots grow, or you want to update the color of your entire hair.

    I myself Crash HAIR THAT AS (14STOLOVYH SPOONS DRY Ginger henna 3STOLOVYE tablespoons vegetable oil, 17STOLOVYH SPOONS strained 70GRADUSOV warm green tea, egg yolks Brush 2SYRYH SHUFFLE neat and crash your hair comb comb HOLD 35minutes then to wash off with hot water and wash the hair with shampoo.

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