Children’s cheesecakes

This holiday comes to us in the early spring, How many pleasures He brings with him always! The ice mountains are waiting, And the snow is sparkling, The sledge runs down the hills, Laughter does not stop. Home flavor pancakes Festive wonderful On the pancakes call friends, Let’s eat them together. Noisy, fun Cheese Week will pass, And behind it – Lent, Time to pray.

Children's cheesecakes

Broad Maslenitsa – Cheese Week! You came smart to meet us Spring. Oven pancakes and have fun all week, so that the winter chill out of the house to get rid of!

Morning. MONDAY. A meeting is coming. Bright slide with slides slide. All day fun. It is evening. Rolling as much as possible, all pancakes are eaten.

ZYGRYSH careless – TUESDAY is a consolation. All walk, frolic out, as one! Games and fun, and for them – the reward: Sweet and ruddy Shrovetide!

Here the ENVIRONMENT fits – LACOMKOY is called. Every hostess conjures at the stove. Kulebyaki, cheesecakes – they succeed. Pies and pancakes – all the swords on the table!

Children's cheesecakes

And on THURSDAY – the razgolny razgulay comes. Ice fortresses, snow battles. Threes with bells go to the fields. Guys are looking for girls – their betrothed.

FRIDAY has come – EVENING at CARRIER. Mother-in-law invites son-in-law to pancakes! There is with caviar and salmon, it can be a little simpler, With sour cream, honey, and butter we ate.

SATURDAY IS CLOSING – COLDING OUTSIDE. All relatives meet, leads round dance. The holiday continues, the general fun. Nicely escorts Zimushka people!

SUNDAY bright comes quickly. Relieve the soul all in a forgiving day. Effigy straw – Winter – burn, Dressed in a sheepskin coat, felt boots, belt.

Great celebrations Fair crowns. Good-bye, Maslenitsa, come again! A year later we will meet the Beauty again. We will celebrate again, give pancakes!

We are waiting for you on Maslenitsa! Meet the oily pancake, Cheese, honey, kalach Yes with cabbage pie. Great post awaits all of us, Sit down for the future, people! All week long walk, Eat up all stocks. And the Forgiveness day will come, We are not too lazy to worship, Come on Sunday – We will ask for forgiveness, So that we take off our sins from our souls, With a pure heart we will meet the fast. Let us bond our friendship with a kiss, Though we don’t fight like that: After all, on Shrovetide it is necessary to strengthen friendship with love. Come to visit us, We will be glad to guests!

As in the butter week From the oven, the pancakes were flying! With heat, with heat, from the oven, All are ruddy, hot! Shrovetide, treat! Give all the pancakes. With heat, with heat – disassemble! Praise not forget.

Since the time of the old, long-standing Holiday of the Sun hurries to us. He is one of the earliest In the windows of a gaze afternoon. This Shrovetide rushes Along the streets of the family. He drinks, walks around the whole village, Eats pancakes with a large piece: With sour cream and nardek, With fish, meat and caviar. Wider holiday with each century, Do not call it a game. Monday is a day for a meeting. All go to visit friends. And on Tuesday – songs, dances. The game is the day. On Wednesday – a table of treats Breaking down: eat, drink, Cossack! And on Thursday – the day of reconciliation. Teschin day – called so. Mother-in-law with daughter in law, Mother-in-law in law shakes hands. Disputes of the godfather forgot with the godfather, Everybody calls to himself. Dances lead girls, Guys go to the sleigh. From the yar of the snowy run, Rush down from the hills on their feet. Kazakov brave sergeant Calling for the game. Early in the morning, he, the evil one, Navtykal vines in a snowdrift. On horses, flushed. Her cossacks chop down: At full speed with a saber. Donchaks cut her. In the side of the important Cossack Troubled curagoda. They throw handkerchiefs into the snow – Let the rider pick up. Well, on Friday – a walk, Feast on the streets goes. Ataman treat. People are in a hurry at the tables. From hot pancakes hot, Copper samovar puffs. Everyone is cheerful without a gift. Three noisy flies. Horses mongering galloping, groan runners, songs, laughter. Cossacks are dancing under the tambourine, Old people are the happiest of all. The Sabbath day is stately Named gatherings. Dances with a song lead, On a visit without end go. Sunday is a goodbye day, Seeing off a hoary winter. In each hut kissing, A year to wait for the new Maslena. The bell-ringing is playing, He calls everyone to matins. Young and old knows: Tomorrow the post at home will come. After the service in the field will come All bow Cossacks. To the Sun, the gaze with a prayer will be raised And they will ask in a human way: – The red sun, be generous, In the field, warm the seeds! May the Lord be merciful to us: the earth is a rain of fields. Dotemna fun comes, The people help themselves, To the star before the first, for everyone to eat in advance. Iraida Mordovina

Oh, Shrovetide, reach out! Behind the white birch! Said: Shrovetide seven years, And our Shrovetide seven days! Oh, Shrovetide, reach out! You for an oak, for a deck hook! Oh, they said – our Shrovetide Seven little years, And all at the Maslenitsa Seven days. Oh, Pancake-deceiver! Has deceived, has led, To walk up did not give!

Children's cheesecakes

Congratulations to Maslenitsa.

Congratulations to you on Carnival, Congratulations to the Pies, an hour comes. The farewell of winter won’t suck up without pancakes, To the song, to the joke, to our joy, we invite!

We sincerely congratulate you and cordially invite you: Drop all your worries, Come for a visit, Straight to our porch To us at Maslenitsa. See for yourself: We treat pancakes, On sour cream with donuts, Lush Pies, February – wave, Martha – hello, let’s say.

A song for pancakes. We have not eaten pancakes for a long time, We wanted pancakes. Chorus. Oh, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, you are my pancakes. In the saucer of the new one was dissolved, Two pancakes went for two hours. Chorus. My elder sister Baking pancakes is a skilled worker. Chorus. She baked food, Hundred five, probably there. Chorus. She puts pancakes on a tray, She carries them to the table. Chorus. Guests, be healthy, Here are my pancakes ready. Chorus.

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