Chicken with cabbage

Set for 888 rubles

Pie with cabbage 1000 g, pie with potatoes and mushrooms 1000 g, pie with apple and cinnamon 1000 g

Set for 1690 rubles

Cheese cake 1500 g, Russian Pizza cake 1500 g, strawberry-cheese cake 1500 g

Set for 2890 rubles

Pie with apple and lingonberry 1500 g, pie with cottage cheese 1500 g, pie with salmon and vegetables 1500 g, chicken roaster 1500g, pie with cabbage 1500 g

Rye cake with lingonberries

Dough rye, lingonberry, sugar, thickener

Lingonberry Pie

rye dough, lingonberry, sugar, thickener

Pie with cabbage and mushrooms

Rye dough, cabbage, champignon mushrooms, fried onions, spices

Pie with suluguni and tomatoes

Rye dough, Suluguni cheese, tomato, greens.

Chicken and Feta Pie

Rye dough, chicken thigh, feta cheese, mayonnaise.

Ossetian cake

Soft cheese, spinach, mushrooms, onions

Spinach Bacon Pie

yeast dough, spinach, gouda cheese, feta cheese, bacon

Carbonara Cake

yeast dough, bacon, onion, gouda cheese, garlic

Chicken Pie with Vegetables

yeast dough, broccoli, chicken breast, gouda cheese, paprika, onion, mayonnaise

Pie Kurnik

yeast dough, chicken thigh, onion, gouda cheese

Salmon Pie with Vegetables

yeast dough, onion, salmon fillet, canned peas, spinach, dill, mayonnaise

Chicken with cabbage

Mushroom & Cheese Pie

Yeast dough, fresh mushrooms, Gouda cheese, fried onions, mayonnaise, spices

A pie with cabbage

Yeast dough, cabbage, egg.

Pie with meat and cabbage

Rye dough, minced pork, ground beef, boneless cabbage, fried onions, spices

Pie with potatoes and mushrooms

Yeast dough, potatoes, champignons, onions.

Meat Pie

Yeast dough, pork mince, beef mince, onion, egg.

Pie with meat and cabbage

Yeast dough, minced pork, ground beef, boneless cabbage, fried onions, spices

Spicy pizza

Yeast dough, hunting sausages, pickles, leek, paprika, hot sauce.

Russian pizza

Yeast dough, ham, smoked cheese, onion, pizza sauce

Cheese and Spinach Pie

Yeast dough, fresh spinach, Gouda cheese, spices

Green Onion Pie with Egg

Yeast dough, leek, egg.

Cheese Pie

Yeast dough, soft cheese, Suluguni cheese.

Pie with chicken and mushrooms

Yeast dough, chicken, mushrooms, onion, sauce

Red Fish Cake

Yeast dough, salmon, onion, mayonnaise.

Pancake Chapito (cottage cheese, condensed milk, apricot, walnut)

Pancakes, cottage cheese, apples, condensed milk, apricots, raisins, walnuts.

Blueberry / Strawberry Yoghurt Pudding

Sweet dough, tender pudding, blueberries or strawberries

Pie Garden Berries

Yeast dough, fresh raspberry, fresh black currant, sugar, thickener

Pie Sunny Fruit

yeast dough, orange, pineapple / m, apple / m, sugar, thickener

Pear Pie with Honey

yeast dough, fresh fruit pear, honey, walnut, sugar, thickener.

Lemon and Ginger Pie

yeast dough, lemon, sugar, ginger root

Strawberry pie

Yeast dough, fresh strawberry, sugar, thickener

Cheese and strawberry

Yeast dough, cottage cheese, strawberry confiture, strawberries.

Apple and lingonberry pie

Yeast dough, apple c / m, cranberry / m, thickener, sugar.

Apple and Cinnamon Pie

Yeast dough, apples, cinnamon, sugar

Cherry pie

Yeast dough, c / m cherry, sugar, thickener.

Cottage cheese pie

Yeast dough, cottage cheese, sugar, vanilla, egg.

Blueberry Pie

Yeast dough, blueberries, sugar, thickener

Chicken with cabbage

Apricot pie

Yeast dough, apricot c / m, sugar, thickener, dried apricots.

Yeast brand dough.

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