Chicken is healthy or unhealthy

Chihuahuas are adorable little dogs, very playful and mobile. The meaning of life chihuashki – be your friend. They are loyal and brave and give you their sincere love. Of course, you are also madly in love with this charming girl.

In order for the dog to live near you for many years and be healthy, you must take care that your four-legged friend gets good nutrition.

The diet for the same dog will vary depending on its age and physical condition. For pregnant women and lactating bitches there are their own rules of feeding.

Feeding an adult dog

Dogs of this breed have, as a rule, an enviable appetite and can eat much more than they need. Therefore, the owners should understand how much the servings, on the one hand, will provide the pet with essential nutrients, and on the other hand, it will not lead to fullness. It is believed that the amount of daily ration should be from 50 to 80 grams. per kilogram of dog weight.

Thus, if your “sneeze” weighs 3 kilograms, you walk a lot and for a walk the dog runs and plays – the daily portion will be 240 grams.

At the same time, 2/3 of the ration is protein products, the rest is vegetable. If the dog leads a "home" lifestyle, the portion, respectively, decreases.

The small size of chihuas (as well as toy terriers) make it difficult for them to warm up in the cold, and additional energy is needed for warming. Therefore, in winter it is recommended to slightly increase the usual portions..

There are rules for feeding chihuahuas that must be followed.

1. An adult dog needs to be fed twice a day: morning and evening. Work out the power of your pet, which will be comfortable for you and for him.

2. Free access to a chihuah should always be clean water. In the summer they drink quite a lot, in the winter less. Water needs to be changed at least once a day. It is believed that the rate of water consumption – 60 ml per kilogram of dog weight.

3. Food should be at room temperature.

4. Dogs are very picky about food. "Sneeze" can refuse to eat for the simple reason that he is "not in the mood" is the dish offered today. Do not eat food in a bowl can not be left. After 15-20 minutes, remove the bowl. Offer the next meal at the usual time. Watch your pet carefully: refusing to eat may mean that the dog is unwell.

5. Food should always be fresh.

6. You can not feed the dog once a day with dry food, and the second – natural. This leads to a violation of its digestion.

Chicken is healthy or unhealthy

7. Bowl needs to be washed after each meal.

Dogs love to beg for food from your table. Very few owners are able to withstand the pleading look with which the dog looks at them when they eat. But you should know that Dogs’ digestive system is not designed to digest fatty, salty, spicy foods that people eat.. Therefore, from the very first day of the appearance of a puppy in your home, teach your dog to the fact that it can enter the kitchen only after the owners have risen from the table.

How to determine whether your dog is obese? If its edges are felt (do not stick out, but they are felt), then everything is fine.

If excess weight is still present, and you want the dog to lose weight, it is recommended to switch to fractional feeding: break the usual amount of food into small portions and feed the dog more often (for example, 4 times a day). Also, increase the intensity and duration of walks.

What to feed

There are two options: feed dry and prepared food (canned food) or cooked food.

If you prefer the first option, then:

  • buy food only premium class in original packages (Royal Canin, Hills, Purina);
  • carefully check the expiration date;
  • buy food that matches the age of the dog and its physical condition. On the package indicates the required amount of feed per day.

Chicken is healthy or unhealthy

Feeding dry food has its advantages:

  • This is a balanced feed, you do not need to give extra vitamins and minerals;
  • very convenient to take with you on trips;
  • prevents the formation of tartar;
  • There are dietary feeds that the vet will recommend in the event of any illness of your pet.

The disadvantages include enough high cost of elite feed.

Natural food

Despite the many advantages of dry food, many owners feel sorry for the dog, which "is forced to chew whole wheat bread all his life." Therefore, they prefer to cook and feed the pet with natural food.

Chicken is healthy or unhealthyWhat should be present in the dog menu in this case?

  1. Meat: lean beef, chicken, turkey. Meat is boiled and cut into small pieces. Carefully separated from the bones. Mix with porridge.
  2. Groats (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice). Cook porridge without salt.
  3. Cheese (a bit like a delicacy).
  4. Cottage cheese (mixed with kefir to the consistency of sour cream).
  5. Eggs (no more than 2 times a week). Offer your dog a boiled egg yolk or an omelette.
  6. Offal. "Chih" very much love the heart and liver, but more than 1 time per week they are not recommended to give.
  7. Fish (sea, not fat grades). Once a week. Fish is boiled and carefully selected bones.
  8. Kefir, yogurt.
  9. Fruits: banana, apple.
  10. Vegetables (pumpkin, zucchini, tomato, carrot, cabbage). They need to be put out or rubbed if you give fresh vegetables.

The main food of chihuashies – cereals + meat + vegetables. The remaining products diversify your pet’s menu. Be sure to add to the dog’s food vitamin and mineral complexes (which ones – recommended by the veterinarian).

What can not feed

In no case can not feed your pet products from the list:

  • beans, peas;
  • fried, smoked, salty food;
  • cakes, pastries, sweets and

    Feeding a whelping and lactating bitch

In the first half of pregnancy (how to recognize a pregnancy, read here) the dog’s usual diet does not change.

In the second half – the amount of feed increases by

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