Chicken in the oven in a glass dish

Pumpkin in the microwave with sugar is prepared in pieces quickly and easily. A simple recipe for cooking pumpkins in the microwave allows you to cook both fresh and frozen pumpkin pulp in sugar in a conventional microwave, without convection.

Advice from the Wonderful Cook. Pumpkin in the microwave is cooked in 10-15 minutes, and a quick dish – baked pumpkin pieces in sugar – are completely ready to eat.

The excellent preservation of the pumpkin at home, the low cost and low calorie content made the useful pumpkin a frequent guest at our tables.

Despite the fact that even Wikipedia refers pumpkin to vegetables, sweet treats are made from pumpkin with sugar.

How to cook pumpkin in the microwave? Pumpkin before cooking in the microwave is cut into slices. Pumpkin slices are deliciously combined with honey, spicy ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, or pieces of pumpkin baked with sugar.

Chicken in the oven in a glass dishFor a child, the delicate taste of pumpkin baked in the microwave is complemented with dried apricots, prunes, and nuts.

Preparation – 10 minutes

Cooking time – up to 15 minutes

Calories per 100 g – 65 kcal

Ingredients for Pumpkin in the Microwave Pieces

  • granulated sugar – 1-2

    Recipe pumpkin in the microwave, baked

    Regardless of the size of the vegetables, the sweet pumpkin is wiser to bake not whole, but the pumpkin flesh cut into cubes or slices.

    Chicken in the oven in a glass dish

    To cook a pumpkin in the microwave, all varieties of pumpkin are suitable, but a sweeter, dessert pumpkin is preferable.

      Chicken in the oven in a glass dish

    1. If you do not have a small pumpkin, then use a large vegetable, pre-rinsing it outside. After that, cut off the right amount needed for cooking.
    2. Then we carefully peel off the peel and throw it away, since, unlike watermelon peels, from which you can make delicious jam, we will not need it anymore.
    3. From the middle we clean the seeds together with the fibers. Keep in mind, sunflower seeds are a valuable product that should never be thrown away. In this paragraph, we will not be distracted by their use, since we are talking about a completely different dish.
    4. After that, cut the pulp into slices, slices or slices. In this case, the choice is yours. In the serve, of course, cubes of medium size from

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