Cheesecakes from the curd product

Sweet, juicy, with filling and without – just what baking does not happen. We add fresh and frozen berries to it, we pervert and create two- and three-layer fillings, just to try something new and original. It would seem that fantasy simply has no limits, but all that we have imagined is placed in the “sweet pastry” category in order to surprise you and just tease. I’m sure, after scrolling through a couple of recipes, you will already run on putting on an apron, and believe me, you will do everything right!

Cake honey and ginger "Honeycombs"

Very often, when cooking dessert, the important part is not the taste itself, but also the original presentation, excellent design and idea. Registration under the "honeycomb" can often be found in a cafe, and the famous chefs prepare cakes using this fresh idea. Therefore, I decided to share with you this way of filing

Cheesecake with coconut flakes in the oven

Often in some families it happens that the remaining unfortunate 100 (or a hundred and a little) grams of cottage cheese "gather dust" in the refrigerator, and no one wants to eat them. Meanwhile, from these residues you can cook a lot of interesting delicious gizmos. For example, from a small amount of this wonderful fermented milk product you can make a small but tasty cheesecake

Vanilla cupcake with poppy seeds in the oven

If you like sweet pastries with any additives, then the vanilla muffin with poppy seeds is something that you probably like. Such a delicacy will be an excellent addition to a friendly tea party or family gatherings. Yes, and going to visit, you too can grab it with you as a gift. You can make such a cupcake both in one small form and in several small ones.

Cheesecakes from the curd product

Cake Potatoes from crackers and condensed milk + video

Who among us at least once in my life did not try the potato Kartoshka? I am sure that we are all familiar with this amazing delicacy – pleasant to the taste, soft in structure and very simple in preparation. And the variations of cooking cakes – very, very much! You can use a variety of cookies, nuts, flavoring, in the form of coconut chips

Soft cottage cheese cookies with candied fruit

About such baking, like cottage cheese cookies, you can talk for a long time and a lot. You can prepare it in different variations with a wide variety of additives and without them. A very easy-to-prepare recipe for soft cottage cheese cookies with candied fruits is presented to your attention. Such cookies are suitable not only as a dessert for a cup of some hot drink.

Cheesecakes from the curd product

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Today I would like to share with you a recipe for delicious, fragrant and attractive baking. Cooking in the oven cookies – puffs with a delicate and soft texture based on cottage cheese dough. And the filling in our puffs will be pumpkin-citrus! These wonderful pumpkin cottage cheese cookies are wonderfully combined with milk drinks.

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