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Caroline Kuek, known in the world of show business as Ani Lorak, is a great singer and simply amazing woman. Her ideal figure today is delighted with fans, and women want to know the secret of star slimness. Diet Ani Lorak, according to the singer, is simple. Let’s discuss this topic.

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Perhaps only the lazy did not discuss the perfect figure, unearthly beauty and the stunning strong voice of the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. In the spaces of show business in the post-Soviet space, this performer is quite well known and has recently led the popularity ratings.

Her hits are heard on all radio stations, and each new song becomes a great single, for which the singer gets well-deserved awards. Many women admire the figure of this performer and wonder how Ani Lorak lost weight.

During pregnancy and after childbirth, the figure of a celebrity left much to be desired. The paparazzi immediately noticed a clear weight gain. But in a short period of time the singer managed not only to regain the prenatal forms, but also to become even better. Ani Lorak does not hesitate to wear ultra short dresses, shows off her flat tummy and shows off the perfect press.

In one of her interviews, Ani Lorak said that her figure is the result of proper diet and systematic training. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Principles of weight loss

Many women, when choosing a new way to lose weight, are interested in whether Ani Lorak diet is effective. Reviews show that with the observance of all the rules in one week you can get rid of 4 kg of weight. Of course, the initial body weight plays an important role in this, so the end result may be different.

Interesting! Ani Lorak says that she developed her own diet, adapting it to her own taste habits and lifestyle.

In many interviews, Ani shares her secrets and focuses on the fact that her diet is by no means strict or monotonous. First, during the observance of such a diet, she needed to breastfeed her baby. Secondly, it does not accept hard restrictions at all, since it negatively affects mood and well-being.

The singer herself highlights several principles of her diet:

  • split meals;
  • serving size is your palm;
  • the volume of filtered water per day – 2 l;
  • in one day you need to eat 6-7 times.

On a note! The singer also recommends eating separately. For example, for breakfast, eat a portion of carbohydrates, in the afternoon – fats, and make dinner only protein. Each meal can be supplemented with fruits and vegetables.

Be sure to follow another rule – the last meal is not later than nineteen hours. As already mentioned, Ani Lorak admitted that she does not like to limit herself in the use of her favorite delicacies and delicacies. She considers roast potatoes and mashed potatoes to be her main weakness. But on the way to the goal still have to sacrifice something. In her case, these are the following foods and dishes:

Interesting! The star repeatedly said in her interviews that she does morning exercises for 40 minutes each day. Then be sure to take a cool shower. By the way, according to Ani Lorak, she is not engaged in the gym, and her ideal figure is the result of home workouts and physical exertion.

Ani Lorak diet: menu every 2 hours a week

All the products that are included in the Ani Lorak diet are very useful, enriched with vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements. Vegetables, fruits, lean meats and fish fillets – these are the main foods you need to eat to lose weight.

According to reviews of many women, if you follow this diet in one week you can lose from 2 to 4 kg. Nutritionists believe such weight loss is absolutely safe and does not respond negatively to the singer’s diet.

Be sure to pay special attention to the drinking regime. Ani Lorak tries to eat every 2 hours. If an irresistible feeling of hunger arises, she simply drinks a glass of purified, non-carbonated water. In unlimited quantities throughout the day, you can drink herbal or green tea.

If we talk in detail, the menu hourly looks like this:

  • 00 – one cup of black or herbal tea, coffee without adding sweetener;
  • 00 –

Calorie black tea

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