Cake without baking with gelatin

Cottage cheese cake with gelatin and fruit without baking is a terrific dessert that does not require an oven. Even if you have never prepared a cake in your life, you can make a luxurious treat for this recipe from a photo and it will work out the first time. The list of ingredients includes healthy and tasty ingredients – cottage cheese, sour cream, fruits, berries, so that the dessert is more useful than traditional pastries. Both children and adults will be delighted with this delicacy.

What fruit to choose

To make a cake with cottage cheese and jelly, any soft fruits and berries, fresh, canned or frozen, are suitable. Bananas, lemons, strawberries, oranges, kiwi, seedless grapes, canned pineapples harmonize well with cottage cheese flavor. Cake with cherry or peach without baking is also successful. No need to put them all at once, otherwise the tastes will mix and kill each other. Choose three or four favorite species and put them in the filling, and leave the rest of the fruit for decoration.

Cake without baking with gelatin

Composition of products

  • Cookies – 400 g
  • butter – 80 g
  • curd fat 9% – 450 g
  • sour cream with a fat content of 10-15% – 500 g
  • powdered sugar – 100 g
  • vanillin – 10 g
  • gelatin – 40 g
  • strawberry – 250 g
  • bananas – 2 pcs
  • oranges – 2 pieces
  • Kiwi – 3 pcs (optional)
  • strawberry jelly
  • strawberry – 25 big beautiful berries

Cooking process

Cooking a cake with cottage cheese and gelatin is easy. The most important point – carefully melt the gelatin so that no solid crystals remain, and then mix it with the filling.

  1. First, prepare the base for the cake. Smash the cookies into pieces, and then chop them into crumb with a rolling pin or a blender.
  2. Melt the butter, mix with cookies and place in a baking dish with removable sides. Additionally, it is not necessary to cover the container with parchment or cling film. Spread the mass over the bottom, slightly tamp with a spoon and send in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Now proceed to the filling. In 30 grams of gelatin, pour 100 ml of cold water and leave to swell at room temperature for 10 minutes. Then put the container in the water bath and wait until the crystals completely dissolve. Depending on the brand of gelatin, this can take from two to ten minutes.
  4. Wash and dry the strawberries, remove the tails, and then cut into small pieces of arbitrary shape. Peel bananas and kiwis, also cut. Remove the skin from the oranges, divide it into slices, carefully remove the film from each slice and remove the bones.
  5. Curd cheese through a fine sieve to break all the lumps. If you use curd mass, this stage can be omitted. Add sour cream, powdered sugar and vanilla. Beat with a mixer or a whisk until smooth, then add water with the dissolved gelatin and whisk thoroughly again. The result should be quite liquid, flowing mass.
  6. Add prepared berries and fruits to the curd-jelly mass, mix gently to avoid damaging the delicate structure of the strawberries.
  7. Pour the curd filling onto the biscuit base. Put the container in the refrigerator for 3 hours.
  8. Now we will decorate the cake. To make strawberry jelly, dissolve the 10 grams of gelatin remaining in 150 ml of cold water, leave to swell for 10 minutes, and then warm it up in a water bath so that the gelatin is completely dissolved. Add sugar, spices to taste.
  9. Cut strawberries into slices.
  10. Remove the cooked cheese cake with gelatin from the fridge.
  11. Carefully pour strawberry jelly in color and spread it over the entire surface with a spoon. Act very gently: the filling has not yet had time to completely harden, but only slightly grabbed. Strawberries put on the entire surface of the cake, starting from the center. Then put dessert again in the fridge for 3-5 hours.
  12. Cottage cheese jelly cake without baking ready. Now it must be carefully removed from the form. You can start tasting!

For a festive table, try to make a two-colored cottage cheese cake without baking: divide the curd-sour cream mixture into 2 parts, add strawberry puree to one of them, and banana puree to the other.

Cake without baking with gelatin

Cooking options

Cheese jelly cake can be cooked with any fruit or berries to your taste. A good choice is a cheese cake with peaches or a banana cheesecake. If you decide to cook a cake without baking with cottage cheese and prunes, dried fruits should be well steamed. Another good recipe for cottage cheese cake is a cheesecake with cherry without baking. Both fresh and frozen pitted fruit can be used. The filling according to this recipe can be used on a pie or cake with cottage cheese cream and biscuit. Preparing a cake with fruit, jelly and cottage cheese is simple. Save this recipe for the most simple and delicious dessert, you will definitely need it.

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