Cake Snickers recipe with photos at home

How to cook: Cake Snickers – recipe and tips from Grandma Emma

Snickers cake is a real gift to lovers of peanuts and chocolate. Beautiful, tall and very effective cake Snickers will be a real decoration of the table. Prepare a cake Snickers for this recipe, and your kids will thank you.

Cake Snickers recipe with photos at home


Caramel cream:

Chocolate glaze:

Step-by-step recipe: Cake Snickers

Final photo – Cake Snickers

Recipe Reviews – Cake Snickers

God, what a beauty and taste! You directly with each time all the more interesting recipes lay out. All decided – bake a cake "Snickers" for the weekend! Mine will be delighted.

Hello, site creators

And in my notebook, there is a slightly different way to bake a Snickers cake. The recipe for some reason does not include the use of peanut butter, but there you need to add a cracker. Frankly, I liked your recipe more, I think the cracker in this cake is absolutely not needed.

Thanks for the cake snickers recipe with photos, because I do not have time to write a recipe for the video, and step-by-step photos help a lot!

Still, I decided, and baked a cake "Snickers". The recipe with the photo step by step – this is what is needed for such scattered persons like me. I always forget something, baking powder, salt. And then each stage of preparation checked with the site, and everything turned out perfectly. Thank you for the detailed recipe of the cake "Snickers" with a photo! Step by step you can even cook the most sophisticated and sophisticated dishes. Checked in person.

How amazing! What a delicious laconic cake "Snickers"! He really does not require any more decorations. And what a flavor … Thank you for the cake snickers step-by-step recipe with photos. I think it needs a lot of ingredients, natural butter and cream, but the result is worth it.

What a delicious, this cake "Snickers"! Recipe with a photo just great! They baked with her daughter for her birthday, so the girlfriends did not believe that it was home baking. The cream is unusual, better than the filling of nougat in sweets, did not even expect that the most delicate cream is obtained from peanut butter. Now all my classmates ask my daughter how to make a Snickers cake, and the fashion for it has begun.

I have been looking for some unusual recipe for baking for a long time, and now, thanks to you, now in my cooking notebook there is a cake "Snickers". Step-by-step recipe with a photo while in practice not tried, because not all the ingredients found for baking. In our small town it is impossible to find peanut butter, but I am not upset, I’m going to the regional center the other day, I’ll definitely buy it there. So I want to quickly try to bake this cake! I look forward to new interesting ideas!

I do not believe my eyes, it’s just some kind of magic in the kitchen! This cake snickers recipe with a photo of a classic and very elegant, and asks to add it with a cup of bitter strong coffee!

Cake Snickers recipe with photos at home

Thank you for the unique recipe for cake snickers with photos step by step. I would never have thought that it was possible to cook such things at home! Be sure to buy all of these ingredients, and I think the cake snickers recipe will be my favorite!

"Snickers" – a cake really royal, I baked a few days ago. She started cooking and was worried that the biscuit would fail, however, contrary to my fears, everything turned out perfectly. The dough is lush, tender, and not "village" a bit. Now I will bake the Snickers cake for the holiday table. Recipe with a photo – a classic and that is exactly what I liked. I love proven dishes, as I do not really welcome any experiments.

Thanks to your family for surprising us with such interesting recipes every time. I could never even figure out how to make a snicker cake to make it look like a famous chocolate in taste and flavor. And you got it great. It would be interesting to see the recipe for coconut cake, with the taste of another popular bar, you know what I’m talking about.

Be sure to make a cake on the weekend snickers, with only one type of cream. We, unfortunately, do not sell peanut butter anywhere. But the cake snickers recipe with photos step by step, it seems to me, is described in great detail, and a little change in the ingredients will be easy.

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