Cake for 2 years

I wish you goodness and beauty on your birthday, Get plenty of sunshine. Let everyone fulfill their dreams.

You will still have to go through many unknown roads, May the path be always yours, Let God protect you.

Learn well, listen to the elders. Those who are weaker, defend. You can achieve a lot, After all, everything is possible, know!

I wish the birthday of Balls, candy, fun, jokes, games, fun and cake, Festive round dance, Treats of the most delicious, so that there are no sad faces. Let the holiday succeed glorious On your day the most important one.

Sunny, happy birthday! We wish you health, joy, smiles, good and faithful friends, sun, warmth, many, many gifts. Grow, learn well, achieve your goals. May all your wishes come true on this holiday!

Congratulations, honey, You are quite big. Let us be joyful Your birthday.

You grow up healthy. Smart, glorious be. And let it be easy Life’s your way!

Bears, bunnies, balloons, They came to congratulate you, After all, today is a birthday, In your honor, all congratulations, May all life be beautiful, And wonderful as a fairy tale, The sun will become brighter, The days are kinder and more cheerful, Laughing are joyful, Magic illuminated!

I wish you more beautiful toys, so that mom played with you a little longer, so dad always brought gifts, and everyone in the family loved them very much!

Today, baby, you have a birthday, May it be sweet, like a cake and a cookie. Let all the guests give you surprises, Hugging you, kissing and praising!

Happy birthday congratulations, Sea of ​​joy wish, Laughter and gifts of the mountain, Forget all the quarrels.

So that everything would work out, so that mom didn’t swear, For "excellent" so that she could learn, And fervently had fun!

Lovely baby, grow and be stronger, Meet the holiday with a bright smile! Cartoons of kind, mysterious fairy tales, Bright toys for the joy of the peephole.

Cake for 2 years

The best sweets for cheeks ruddy, The most desirable gifts in the world. Attractions, sports grounds, Games of interest, active lessons.

Friendship reliable, winged swing and safe big adventures. Let the childhood moments be bright! We congratulate you on your birthday!

We wish the fulfillment of a dream And a bright, filled childhood. So that balloons burst, Friends to live next door!

Let happiness, ringing laughter surround, Studying at school is easy, And there will be no mischief in life, And everything always works out with a smile!

Happy birthday, sun, Bell bell is ringing. Let your success lead You lightly.

Mom and dad listen, Mira smile, Wit-mind and the power of childhood recruited.

I also want to wishGame interesting, Good, faithful friendsA wonderful days.

I wish only to grow upwards, And to be an example in everything, So that on your big way, there was no filth,

So that the glitter in your eyes does not extinguish. So the sun shines in them, So that every moment and every hour In my heart beats happiness!

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