Cake dough recipe

Unusually delicious, fragrant, besides, quick to make cake on kefir is not just a favorite delicacy of both adults and children, but also an extremely useful product, which includes an amazing medicine. Yes, yes, you heard right – it was the medicine … from aging. So called the main ingredient of the test – valuable, healthy and nutritious kefir. No wonder the long-livers of the Caucasus considered it their drink and, as a great mystery, for many years kept the secrets of cooking kefir fungus, capable of extending years and maintaining health.

Kneading dough on kefir is extremely quick and easy, but it turns out to be light, similar to biscuit. As a rule, kefir, eggs, sugar and flour are included in the dough for kefir. If there is soda among the ingredients, then you should not use vinegar, because soda can also be quenched with kefir. There are recipes where butter or margarine is added to the dough, it makes the cake on kefir a little drier, but at the same time, it is somehow tastier and richer.

Kefir for dough making is suitable for any fat content and any variety: bio-kefir, bifidus with different beneficial bacteria and additives, and other lactic acid products. Whatever kefir you choose, keep in mind that while baking some useful properties of kefir will be lost. But what a wonderful result is baking – tender, airy! On top of that, the cake on kefir keeps its freshness for a long time.

Cake dough recipe

There are so many recipes for making cake on kefir that you can bake a new cake at least every day, never having been repeated for a long time. The cakes differ only in the number of ingredients taken and, of course, the filling. It can be sweet and salty. There are no variants of sweet pies on kefir: pie on kefir with jam, with fresh berries (cherry, raspberry, strawberry – if the berries are too juicy, you can roll them in semolina, it will absorb excess juice), fruits (apples, apricots pears and

The oven should be preheated, the baking time of the cake on kefir should be 20-40 minutes. You can bake the cake on kefir not only in the oven, but also in the slow cooker. Its readiness is determined with the help of a match or a toothpick. If, having pierced a ready-made cake in several places, you have found that it is dry, that’s all – put the kettle on.

Offering you some recipes for kefir cake, we sincerely hope that one of them will become your favorite, family, traditional and will occupy an honorable place in your notebook.

Cake dough recipe

Kefir cake with your favorite jam

Ingredients: 1 stack. kefir, 1 stack. jam,

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