Borsch recipe simple

Uchpuchmak literally translated as a triangle. This is a dish of national Tatar cuisine, very tasty and not difficult to prepare. For me, it remains a mystery why it is not as popular as Tatar pasties, yantyki and samsa. There are quite a lot of recipes for uchpuchmaks, both in variations of dough and filling, which is typical for almost all dishes of the national cuisine, when each housewife makes some changes, taking into account the tastes of her family. The dough can be used fresh or yeast, the basis of the filling is to take any meat to your taste – lamb, beef, chicken or even pork, which, of course, does not correspond to the real recipes of Muslim cuisine, but, nevertheless, it turns out very tasty. What can I say about the cooking options, when even the name itself has several variations – echpochmaks, ochpochmaks and uchpchmaks. And why? It turns out that in Russian there is simply no letter, which is used in the original word.

After reviewing many recipes of this dish, I decided not to experiment, but to cook uchpuchmaks according to the recipe of my mother-in-law, who is familiar with the national Tatar cuisine.

Necessary products for cooking

  • flour – 4-5 glasses
  • milk – 2 glasses
  • eggs – 2 pieces
  • butter or margarine – 200 grams
  • meat – 500-600 grams
  • potatoes – 5-6 pieces of medium size
  • 3-4 onions
  • salt, pepper, seasoning to taste
  • broth – 1 cup

Uchpuchmakov recipe

For the filling, we need meat, potatoes and onions in approximately equal proportions. Onions and potatoes peel, wash and cut into equal cubes, the size of a little more than a pea.

Instead of fatty meats, I used chicken, so the dish turned out to be more dietary and quite suitable for children. If diet and calorie counting do not matter to you, then instead of chicken, you can take fatter meat.

I also chopped the chicken into small cubes, then mixed it with vegetables and added salt and pepper.

Borsch recipe simple

I cook the dough. For this you need to melt half a pack of butter or margarine in a water bath.

Then mix with flour, eggs, milk and salt.

The dough should be thick, not sticky to the hands and quite elastic.

Knead the dough well, divide it with a knife into 3-4 parts, after which we roll each of them into oblong "sausages", which we cut into small pieces.

We prepare blanks for Tatar triangles with a rolling pin on a floured table and cut off the edges with a small plate or dish.

In the middle of each dough cake, you need to put the stuffing and carefully shape the triangle, pinning the edges on three sides, leaving the center free.

Borsch recipe simple

When all the triangles are ready, send them to the preheated oven for 45-60 minutes.

Before baking, you can put a piece of butter in the center of each uchpuchmak.

And 10 minutes before readiness, pour a little broth through the hole in the middle, so baking will be more juicy.

It is also worth lubricating the uchpuchmaks with whipped egg yolk so that the dough does not turn out dry.

When uchpuchmaki baked, the smell in the kitchen is just amazing. And when everything is ready and the family gathered at the table, it turned out that the taste is just as good as the smell.

Try to cook yourself and please yourself and your family with an original and interesting dish.

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