Black pudding recipe

Krovyanka, a traditional dish of nomadic peoples, the main ingredient of which is considered purified blood. Nowadays, it not only does not lose its relevance, but is also considered highly demanded among consumers. They make it with different porridges: buckwheat, rice, barley and even millet. Preparing blood sausage at home is simple. So that you have the opportunity to quickly determine the recipe, we tried to find here simple and tasty step-by-step recipes with a photo or video. Simply, following the proven recommendations of experienced chefs, you will be able to cook the blood sausage yourself and serve it at home or on a festive table. A tasty blood meal goes well with any side dish, vegetables and looks no less interesting as a hot or cold snack.

Blood sausage "Myasnitskaya" is a homemade recipe for making delicious bloodberries.

This homemade blood sausage is not only extremely tasty, but also useful for the body. The trace elements and vitamins contained in it contribute to blood formation. It is not difficult to prepare a natural blood product at home and, not least, it is done quickly. The main thing is to have the necessary ingredients. This is especially easy for villagers and farmers containing livestock.

Black pudding recipe

Recipe for blood sausage cooked at home with the addition of lard and spices.

Ordinary blood sausage is prepared with the addition of meat and buckwheat or rice porridge. And this recipe is special. Delicious bloodberries do only with the addition of blood fat and fragrant spices. It turns out this preparation is very delicate and tasty.

Home canned blood in jars is an unusual recipe for blood sausage without guts.

Blood sausage is usually not subject to preservation – the billet is intended for use in its freshly prepared form. Preservation also leads to rapid deterioration of the sausage, since along with the meat it is necessary to roll up the intestinal membrane, which does not withstand long-term storage.

Homemade blood sausage – tender and tasty. Cooking sausage with cream and eggs.

Each housewife has his own recipe for making blood sausage. I propose to cook a tender and juicy home blood with the addition of cream. How tasty it will turn out – check for yourself and write reviews under the recipe.

Recipe for blood sausage at home “Special” – with liquid blood, meat and spices, without cereal.

Homemade blood sausage "special" is prepared from freshly collected fresh blood. Preparation must begin quickly, until the main component has thickened.

Homemade blood sausage with buckwheat – a recipe for making blood sausage.

Until now, it is not known exactly who invented blood sausage – whole nations are engaged in heated debates on this topic. But we will leave their controversy and just recognize that bloodworm is tasty, useful and cook it at home on the shoulder for everyone who wants. The main thing is to stock up on the necessary products that are part of the sausage, do not deviate from the recipe, a little catch and you will succeed.

Black pudding recipe

Blood bread – the preparation of delicious blood bread in the oven.

Delicious homemade blood bread is baked in the oven in a suitable deep dish. Baking dish can be any. The taste of the finished product is very reminiscent of blood sausage, but it is easier to cook it, if only for the reason that you do not need to fill the guts. Namely, this procedure for many becomes a very difficult and tedious task.

Homemade sausage with buckwheat – how to cook blood sausage with porridge at home.

There are many ways to make blood sausage at home on your own. I want to share with the housewives my favorite home recipe for making delicious bloodberries with buckwheat and adding fried pork, onions and spices.

Blood sausage at home – a simple recipe for making blood from a liver.

Blood sausage for true gourmets is a delicacy in itself. But if you add liver and meat to the mince, then even the most fastidious eaters will not be able to move away from the table without even trying a piece.

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