Belevskaya Pastila recipe

Monday, November 2, 2015

The dessert, the recipe of which I will share with you today, for me personally is associated with something average between thin apple pastila and real apple marshmallow. Kolomenskaya or Belevskaya (yes, they wouldn’t blame me for the name of the connoisseurs), the fruit candy was very fragrant, rich in apple flavor, delicate, airy and moderately sweet. With a cup of tea is a true temptation for connoisseurs.

Regarding the technology of preparation, I can say that everything is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. First, apples of sour varieties are baked (preferably Antonovka, but I just have some winter ones), then a gentle apple sauce is prepared. It is whipped with sugar and egg white to form a thick snow-white mass, which resembles the basis for making homemade marshmallow.

Then everything is dried in the oven (we don’t have a stove, but what about you?) At low temperatures (even better – descending). Ready apple loose pasti is cut into layers and sandwiched with cream of apples left in advance. Dried again and rubbed with powdered sugar. Agree, there is nothing difficult in this recipe for homemade dessert, right? Well, then for the work – we are preparing Kolomna (Belevskaya) marshmallow!


Preparing meals step by step with a photo:

For the preparation of homemade Belevo (Kolomna) loose marshmallow, we need apples, granulated sugar and powdered sugar, as well as one egg white. The number of fresh apples may differ from the specified, but the point is that quite a thick apple sauce needs exactly 500 grams.

So, first of all we will prepare applesauce. To do this, you will need to bake fresh apples in the oven or microwave. This time I used the oven, so I baked whole apples. By the way, thanks to this, the flesh will not darken and the mash will be light.

Baking apples need about 30 minutes (depending on the size of the fruit) at 180 degrees. But, again, look at the readiness of apples: when piercing with a fork, the flesh must be fully prepared and become very soft. You see, some even burst – this is normal.

Belevskaya Pastila recipe

Now, while the apples are still hot enough, we get the flesh. To do this, it is convenient to use a fork to hold the fruit pieces, and a spoon to remove the pulp.

We collect tender baked apple pulp in a separate dish.

Punch it with an immersion blender or wipe through a sieve to get a uniform, smooth mash. We measure exactly 500 grams. If you stay, just eat it yourself or treat the baby. In the process of making pastila in the kitchen, my son helped me, so he gladly ate the remains of mashed potatoes, also licked a bowl – a very tasty and natural homemade treat.

Add to the still warm puree (do not forget, 500 grams) 170 grams of granulated sugar.

Stir and leave the mashed potatoes with sugar until cool. You can stir the mass for a couple of minutes, then sugar will dissolve very quickly in a warm puree.

When the apple sauce is completely cooled (you can put it in the fridge to speed up the process), put it in a large bowl and add one egg white. Remember that when whipping weight will greatly increase in volume, so the dishes should be spacious.

Beat the mashed potatoes with a protein mixer at high speeds for about 5-7 minutes, or maybe more (I do not know how powerful your mixer is). The main thing to get a snow-white fluffy mass, rather dense – like marshmallows.

Now this airy apple mass will need to be dried. To do this, take a rectangular shape with sides (about 20×30 centimeters), we covered it with baking paper. We spread the white cream and level it with a spatula. Approximately 1 cup of the blank should be left to lubricate the layers – just leave it in the fridge.

Belevskaya Pastila recipeApple marshmallow must be dried in a slightly opened oven at 100 degrees for about 3-4 hours. You will see how the mass will get a cream shade and settle down a bit. In addition, it will cease to stick to the fingers.

Turn the finished apple pastille on another sheet of parchment paper. So that the sheet that was in shape, easily removed, just dampen it a little with water and wait 5 minutes. Then it is easily removed. Otherwise, you will not delete it without loss.

Use a sharp knife to cut the layer of loose marshmallow into 3 equal parts. Only gently, because the marshmallow is very delicate, it is as if riddled with air bubbles.

Remember, we left about a glass of apple puree beaten with protein – now we need it. We coat with three layers of pastes.

Then also from above, as well as the sides, so that there is no free space left.

Again, dry your homemade beleva pastila in a warm (no more than 100 degrees) oven for about

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