Beet Leaf Soup

Recipe from: Juliya

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A useful and festive dish from Oksana Nemtsova, who recently shared with us a recipe for a tasty salad with baked peppers and ricotta, and today offers to cook baked beetroot salad with arugula and also with ricotta cheese.

This exquisite salad will be a nice addition to the New Year’s table. Delicate aroma of arugula makes the taste of beets brighter and richer.

Baked Beet Salad with Arugula and Ricotta Cheese

Beet Leaf Soup

  • 200 grams of arugula (required :))
  • 2 medium beets
  • 100 grams of ricotta cheese (can be replaced with the Adyghe, also delicious)
  • 2 tbsp. pine nuts
  • 3 tbsp. spoons of olive oil
  • 1 tbsp. spoon of apple cider vinegar
  • salt

How to cook a salad of baked beets with cheese and arugula:

  1. Beets are baked entirely in the oven (you can boil), readiness is checked with a fork, so that it is easy to enter, but not quite until soft. We give to cool, clean and cut into thin cubes, or whoever he likes.

Baked Beet
Arugula wash, give dry.


And lay out in a salad bowl, you can portion.

We spread arugula

Lightly fry the nuts.

Pine nuts

  • On top of arugula put beets.
  • Prepare the sauce: carefully beat the fork with oil, vinegar and salt. Pour our beet salad and mix.
  • Carefully lay out ricotta on top (see ricotta recipe at home).
  • Beet and Arugula Salad

    Baked Beetroot, Cheese and Arugula Salad

    Bon appetit and festive mood.

    Juliya the author of the recipe

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    Comments (19) to the record Salad of baked beets with arugula and cheese

    Gourmet salads from Oksana :) And not cheap And what kind of cheese is this ricotta? The photo looks like pieces of feta.

    Well, this menu is not for every day, but festive, I try such salads and offer Ricotta this cheese is such Italian dessert, it is even slightly sweet, it is used in raviolli, various fruit cakes, I love it in salads, I put it in cannelloni this salad will be easily replaced by inexpensive Adygei cheese

    Salads, of course, are not cheap, but guests will be delighted

    Oksana, thank you for the most interesting salads Arugula and nuts, my favorite classic, but I never tried beets, I will fill the gap

    I am glad that you like my salads, in our family they are very fond of, this kind of salads easily replace a full meal, for sure, dinner is the main thing, the main husband is only For! We come off in the summer when I plant a lot of different types of lettuce leaves.

    Oksana, thank you very much for the recipe! Delicious! Useful, beautiful and taste exquisite !!

    Yummy! Beets can still be replaced by a pumpkin, it also turns out very tasty! And just bake it.

    The other day for salad, I decided to bake beets instead of the usual way (boil), cut into pieces, mixed vegetable oil (unrefined) with spices, and poured the beets! Already at this stage I liked the taste (especially with the baked crust. So, with your salad, such beets will probably be just delicious: eat :.

    Beet Leaf Soup

    Arugula! It’s just delicious! Delicious salad!

    Yesterday cooked this wonderful salad. Amazingly delicate taste. When serving, used balsamic cream sauce for decoration. It turned out very festive and deliciously delicious. Thank you for the wonderful recipe.

    I am very glad that the salad was a success and I liked it, happy New Year.

    Sorry, but I didn’t like it at all with this sauce. Unnecessary acid, which I wanted to sweeten, so I threw a little bit of raisins. The next time I will fill up in a different way.

    Salad turned out to be breathtaking. Thank you very much

    But I didn’t find ricotta, instead I used Buco cheese =) I didn’t bake beets, 45 minutes in the oven and hard solid … I had to boil Tell me, how do you bake it?

    I wrap in foil and bake like that.

    Thank you for the inspiration of your recipe! I got a salad spontaneously

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