Beef stroganoff recipe with sour cream


Beef – 800 g

Beef stroganoff recipe with sour cream

Onions – 3 pcs.

Tomato paste – 2

Butter – 40 g

Ground black pepper to taste

  • 161 kcal
  • 45 min.

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Cooking process

Beef Stroganoff or, as it is also called, “Stroganoff beef” is a wonderful rich dish of Russian cuisine. Although nationally it is not Russian. This dish is so popular that it is served in simple cafes and chic restaurants.

Beef stroganoff recipe with sour cream

The origins of this wonderful dish, there are several, but they are all associated with the name of Count Alexander G. Stroganov. The first version says that the count had in Odessa an "open table" for rich people who could go to him and eat. The dish was invented precisely based on the fact that it could be quickly prepared, conveniently divided into portions, and it was impeccable in taste. Another version says that a cook named Andre Dupont, who served the count, invented a dish especially for him, when he lost his teeth in old age, because beef stroganoff is a dish that represents tender, soft meat, cut into small pieces.

For the first time, this recipe was mentioned by Elena Molokhovets in the book “A Gift to Young Mothers or a Tool to Reduce Household Expenditures”. Although a famous culinary history researcher

Whatever it was, this is a delicious dish. The classic recipe for beef stroganoff with sour cream is very simple – the main thing is to use high-quality young beef, and also to follow the rules when cutting and cooking meat.

Prepare the necessary ingredients.

Strip the meat from the film and tendons.

Cut into thin slices, no more than 5 mm thick. Be sure to cut across the fibers. Some cooks at this stage beat each slice with a hammer. But the books do not say this. If you are sure that you have tender meat of a young animal, this is not necessary.

Cut the slices into thin strips (although in the old book of Elena Molokhovets it is said that the meat must be cut into small squares). The thinner the slices are, the faster they will fry and the juicier they will be.

Put butter in a frying pan (half octopus, writes

Add meat and fry on high heat until lightly crusted, the surface of the pieces should look as if coated with varnish.

The fire is not reduced, since with strong roasting the juice remains inside, which makes the meat tender and juicy, and if you reduce the heat, the meat will release all the juice and stew in it, resulting in dry and tough.

To taste add salt and black pepper. Put sour cream.

Immediately after send the tomato paste.

To stir thoroughly. Pour chopped greens. Mix again, cover and leave to simmer over low heat until cooked. Time will depend on the type of meat, or rather, on the age of the animal. If the meat is a young animal, then it will take 5 minutes to extinguish beef strogans. If you try the meat, you decide that it is harsh, continue to stew with the lid closed until soft. If the sauce thickens strongly, add a little water or broth, you can also add sour cream.

According to the classic recipe, beef stroganoff from beef with sour cream should be served hot, as the cooled dish loses both in taste and in consistency. As a side dish, you can serve fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, boiled pasta or any cereal.

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