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Novosibirsk 2019

“For me, a cake is not just an accessory of an event — it is a whole art, an embodiment of ideas, a display of lifestyle, interests, work, a hobby of people, this creation is accompanied by unforgettable taste sensations.

Love of what you do, attention to details and a good team are the secret of a beautiful and tasty cake. ”





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our regular customers

The company JSC Moscow-Ephesus Brewery is one of the regular customers of the confectionery Evgenia Velikanova. For all the time of cooperation, the EFES brewery ordered 5 cakes with a total weight of about 100 kg. Thank you very much Dina Kozhevnikova for the shown trust!

For two years in a row, Coca-Cola HBC LLC Eurasia trusts us and pleases its sales staff, as well as the employees of the plant itself with corporate cakes! And our team is happy to create this sweet treat for them!

Confectionery Evgenia Velikanova made cakes to order the branches of Sberbank of Russia PJSC located at the following addresses: Serebrennikovskaya 20 and Prospekt Dimitrova 2 city of Novosibirsk. With great responsibility we created these cakes for the largest bank in Russia!

In January 2018, marking the launch of a new line of cat food, MARS made a large order of cakes at the Yevgenia Velikanova pastry shop for its employees at the Novosibirsk plant MARS petcare Russia and its sales office located at the HILTON hotel. The total weight of the cakes came out 150 kg. We have also previously completed a Moscow order of 30 kilogram corporate cake, which Mars LLC ordered for its employees, celebrating World Cat Day. Thank you for your trust and orders!

Construction company "StroyMaster" engaged in commercial and residential real estate in Novosibirsk regularly orders in our pastry shop cakes for its colleagues and partners. In this very demanding attitude to each order. SK "StroyMaster" is one of the valuable and regular customers of the confectionery Evgenia Velikanova. We would like to express special thanks to Irina from Stroymaster Insurance Company for the fruitful cooperation.

For several years in a row, the leading tourism company, the largest tour operator, ANEX Tour, has been a regular customer of the confectionery shop, Evgenia Velikanova. In connection with the most interesting field of activity, the cakes that we created for this company have always been distinguished by a special design. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the marketer of the Novosibirsk branch of the company ANEX Tour Elena Lineva for their cooperation and shown confidence in our team.

The distributor of KOMATSU brand construction equipment in Novosibirsk, OOO “Forklift” is a regular customer of the confectionery shop Evgenia Velikanova. The company buys cakes to order to each of its customers. We would like to express our special thanks to Sokolova Ekaterina and the marketing specialist Elena Skachkova for choosing our pastry shop as an artist.

Construction company LLC IC "Vira-Stroy" engaged in the construction of residential apartment buildings in the city of Novosibirsk, is also a regular customer of cakes in the confectionery shop of Eugenia Velikanova. SK Vira-Stroy LLC regularly congratulates its colleagues and partners on the New Year and Builder’s Day holidays. We would like to express special thanks to Galina Zhlobintseva for her trust!

The official dealer of KIA cars is our regular customer, who has been ordering cakes for their employees on the company’s birthday for 2 years in a row. We want to express thanks to Elena Danilova for her cooperation and shown confidence in the confectionery shop Evgenia Velikanova.

ElitAvto Siberia. BMW

For two years in a row, for its employees, ElitAvto LLC, the official distributor of BMW cars in Novosibirsk, placed an order for corporate cakes in our pastry shop, one of which was designed as the building of the dealership itself. Thank you for the interesting orders!

The company Russian Railways, Novosibirsk, has made in our pastry shop a record and the largest corporate order for cupcake cakes with a total of 500 pieces. Thank you very much Elena from Russian Railways for the order and trust.

The plant of LLC BELLA Siberia for the production of hygiene products for two years in a row ordered corporate cakes for its employees in the confectionery shop of Evgenia Velikanova. Thank you very much for your orders and the choice of our team as an artist.

H & M Hennes & Maurits, LLC, which sells fashionable clothes in HM retail stores, ordered cakes from us for employees working in all the branded stores in the city of Novosibirsk. Thank you for your confidence in the team of Evgenia Velikanova.

It is good to know that culinary professionals are the Food-Master management company (Stoves, Fork, Spoon, Fish-Rice), which steadily keeps in the catering market and trusts the creation of a corporate cake for its employees on the company’s birthday. Thanks for the orders!

The KFC fast-food restaurant located at the address: Energetikov, 9 in the city of Novosibirsk twice, ordered cakes to order at the confectionery shop Evgenia Velikanova. One of which was on the opening day of the restaurant and a few months later the second. Thanks for the orders!

PJSC Rostelecom is a regular customer of the confectionery Evgenia Velikanova. In 2018, we made a cake with an application of the Rostelecom logo for the employees of the office located at Oktyabrskaya, 17. Also, we previously delivered a corporate cake for all women from one of the branches of Rostelecom PJSC. Thank you for your trust and orders!

The baby food company Malyutka ordered a corporate cake from our team for its representative and official distributor in the Novosibirsk region. The cake was made in the form of the famous orange briefcase Baby, which was used as a prop in a television commercial.

In 2015, we made a corporate cake for the federal real estate company ETAGI. We were pleasantly surprised how much this company values ​​its employees, because the main and main condition of the order was the presence of a composition dedicated to each employee.

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