Apple Strudel Recipe

How should Moldovan helicopters be prepared? The recipe for this unusual dish with various fillings will be presented a little lower.

general information

What is a Moldavian vertu? Almost every Moldovan knows the recipe for this dish.

According to experts, the vertuta is called an exhaust dough roll, which is very common in Moldovan cuisine. For the preparation of this product, the same basis is used as for the plate. However, eggs and a large amount of sunflower oil are added to it.

Moldavian Vertuta, the recipe of which will be discussed below, is made from dough, which is rolled out and then stretched by hand to the thickness of ordinary paper. Further, it is covered with a small layer of filling, after which it is twisted tightly into a dense roll, which is subsequently folded into a spiral.

Moldavian Vertu: Recipes for Home Baking

To prepare the dish in question it is necessary to use the following components:

Apple Strudel Recipe

  • wheat flour – about 3 glasses;
  • drinking water – about 1 cup;
  • fresh chicken eggs – 2 pcs .;
  • butter – not more than 50 g;
  • vegetable oil – about
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