Apple Cider Vinegar and Digestion

Apple Cider Vinegar: Properties

Calorie: 21 kcal.

The energy value of the product Apple Cider Vinegar: Protein: 0g. Fat: 0g. Carbohydrates:

Apple vinegar – a product that is obtained from fermented juice of ripe apples. Apple vinegar got its fame for a long time, it was recommended to be used for medicinal purposes by the healers of Ancient Egypt. Homeopathy considers it an effective remedy for all diseases. Apple cider vinegar is not only a natural remedy for many diseases, but also takes care of the appearance of a person; it is distinguished by a general strengthening effect on the body.

How to choose apple cider vinegar?

When choosing apple cider vinegar, first of all, you need to carefully examine its composition. For medical and cosmetic procedures is suitable natural vinegar. It is possible to distinguish a synthetic product from a natural one by examining the components included in its composition. Natural vinegar does not contain anything other than vinegar, no flavors, preservatives or other components should not be.

Vinegar, bought in the store, has a greater acidity compared to vinegar, which was cooked with his own hands. Homemade vinegar is best made from apples of sweet varieties, such fruits contain more sugar, thanks to which acetic acid is formed more easily. During fermentation, an “acetic womb” appears; it is a foam that forms at the top of the apple mass. Foam is a particularly valuable and useful product for the body, so it is better not to remove it, it is also not advisable to move the container with vinegar, otherwise the foam may be damaged.

Beneficial features

The beneficial properties of this product are due to the presence of flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins and trace elements. Apple cider vinegar has all the healing properties that natural juice from apples has. Apple cider vinegar is a concentrated product; therefore, the dosages indicated in the recipes must not be violated.

Apple cider vinegar is an effective prevention of anemia due to the content of a sufficient amount of easily digestible iron. Regular use of vinegar will reduce the risk of developing anemia. Apple cider vinegar is rich in enzymes, these are protein molecules that take part in digestion. Enzymes are found in foods of plant origin. Plant enzymes are contained in all cells and are involved in many biochemical reactions.

Pectins, which are rich in vinegar, prevent fat deposits, lower cholesterol. Pectins are water soluble fiber. Thus, pectins reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, especially it is shown to take vinegar to hypertensive patients. Homemade vinegar from ripe apples normalizes the secretion of hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for digestion. In older people, the release of hydrochloric acid decreases, which adversely affects the digestive process. Regular use of this product normalizes the work of the stomach and facilitates digestion.

Apple vinegar considered a powerful antioxidant, it contains beta-carotene, which destroys free radicals and protects cells from damage. Calcium, which is contained in this product, is necessary for cell growth, it strengthens bones. Apple cider vinegar will be useful for older people.

Malic acid normalizes cellular metabolism, improves blood circulation. Apple cider vinegar contains components that kill harmful microorganisms in the intestines and help strengthen the immune system. This product is very important for supporting the cardiovascular system. Homemade vinegar contains a huge amount of potassium. Potassium is especially needed by hypertensive patients, as it neutralizes sodium, thus lowering blood pressure. In addition, potassium removes excess fluid, which is quite important for hypertension.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Digestion

In cosmetology, apple cider vinegar is known as a facial and body skin care product. Rinsing the hair with water acidified with vinegar makes them shiny, strengthens the hair follicles, reduces the fat content of the hair. This product normalizes the pH of the skin, it is recommended to use with acne, age spots, freckles. Apple cider vinegar is diluted with chamomile tonic and the face is wiped twice a day with this mixture. This procedure in addition to lightening the skin also smoothes small wrinkles.

Apple cider vinegar has long been familiar to women as an effective remedy for overweight and cellulite. Traditional medicine recommends taking inside natural homemade vinegar in order to get rid of cellulite. In order to prepare a drink for weight loss must be diluted

Use in cooking

In cooking, apple cider vinegar is used to pickle different types of meat. Vinegar can be used for cooking marinades, salad dressing. In cooking, vinegar is also used for making confectionery, with the addition of vinegar, sugar sweets and whipped protein dishes are prepared.

How to make vinegar at home?

For therapeutic and culinary purposes it is necessary to use only proven and high-quality vinegar. The best option would be vinegar made with your own hands. Particularly relevant is the vinegar recipe for people who have summer cottages and do not know how to deal with the next harvest of apples. Homemade vinegar is made from ripe apples, from those fruits that themselves fell to the ground. Apples need to be peeled and cut into small pieces, then they should be crushed in a mortar. The apple mass should be placed in a pan of a suitable size, approximately adding 50 grams of sugar per 1 kg of apples. The resulting mass should be filled with hot water, so that the water is 4 cm more covered apples. Pot with apples put in a warm place, so that it does not fall into direct sunlight. The mass should be mixed at least twice a day so that it does not dry from above. Pour vinegar on the banks can be after 14 days. The liquid should be drained and poured over the banks, without adding 5-7 cm, in order for the vinegar to leave room for fermentation. After two weeks, vinegar can be used.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar and treatment

The use of vinegar from ripe apples was known even ancient medicine. Chinese doctors recommended using apple cider vinegar for the prevention of disease and general body strengthening. Vinegar contains as many as sixteen amino acids, for comparison, a fresh apple contains 3 times less.

Acceptance of apple cider vinegar cleanses the body of toxins, speeds up the metabolism. This product improves the condition of blood vessels and capillaries, making them more elastic. Apple cider vinegar is a well-known remedy for varicose veins. For this purpose, take the vinegar inside, diluting 2 tsp. vinegar with a glass of water. Drink should be drunk in the morning and before bedtime. In parallel, use external compresses, wraps, rubbing and even dousing on the basis of apple cider vinegar. Compress is applied to sore veins for half an hour every day.

Several popular diets have been developed based on apple cider vinegar. The use of vinegar reduces cravings for sweet foods, reduces appetite. If you stick to this diet, then in a month you can lose weight by 5 kg.

The harm of apple cider vinegar and contraindications

Apple cider vinegar can harm the body in the acute form of cystitis. A sour product will only increase urination and aggravate the patient’s condition. Apple cider vinegar is an acid that can be harmful if used improperly. Vinegar can cause mucosal burns in a concentrated form. Before taking apple cider vinegar, be sure to dilute it with water at the rate of 1 teaspoon per glass of water.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Digestion

It is contraindicated to take apple cider vinegar to people suffering from gastritis, ulcers and pancreatitis. Also should not be used for pregnant and lactating women, children under 16 years. In any case, before using apple cider vinegar, consult your doctor.

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