Alcohol mojito recipe

In modern times, various alcoholic cocktails have become very popular. But perhaps the most popular of them is Mojito. And this is not surprising, because it is this drink that has a fresh, neutral taste that almost everyone likes. There are many ways to make a cocktail, in this article we have described in detail the most popular recipes for making alcoholic Mojito at home.

This drink came to us from distant Cuba. In the 16th century, it was invented by pirates. Many did not like to use rum in its pure form and for this they mixed it with lime or mint, of which there are a great many in the Caribbean. In fact, at that time, this cocktail was far from ideal, having a very strong composition. Mojito as we know it appeared recently and it is really a divine drink!

Be careful, even though Mojito is a low alcohol cocktail, but it’s pretty easy to get drunk!

The classic recipe for alcoholic mojito

Initially, the composition of the drink included only light rum and mint. But now there are a lot of recipes for making a drink. Soda, lime, syrups and fruit are added to it. The most common is alcoholic Mojito. It is prepared in all the bars in the resorts. It is very refreshing and pleasantly fogs the head.

Alcoholic Mojito Recipe:

  • Squeeze the juice from half the lime and dissolve in it 2 spoons of cane sugar
  • Stir the liquid and add a few mint leaves. It must be washed or crushed in a mortar.
  • Fill a glass of mint, lime and sugar, half with crushed ice
  • Pour 50 ml of white rum. You can take any that you find in the store, but the ideal option is the Cuban "Bacardi"
  • Top up to the top of a glass of soda (Sprite or Schwebs), regular soda will do.
  • The drink is served cold

Step by step recipe

Pour a portion of sugar into a highball glass. For each one bar spoon.

Separate the fresh mint leaves from the petioles and remember them with your hands for a bit, then put them on the sugar. Do not cut them. All essential oils that are released during grinding should remain in the glass.

Using a small mortar or spoon, carefully rub the mint leaves with sugar.

Cut the lime and squeeze the juice out of it. Do it better with your own hands, without a juicer and other devices so that citrus pulp does not get into the drink.

Pour the lime juice into the glasses and once again rub the sugar with mint. Zest, you can also add to the glasses. This will make the taste of the cocktail richer.

Alcohol mojito recipe

Fill the glasses with crushed ice to the top. Please note – the ice must not be large or small. It should be enough, but at the same time the drink should not consist only of ice.

Pour into glasses of rum.

Cover the highball with a shaker half, or a wider glass. Shake it thoroughly by stirring the contents. The walls of the dishes should sweat, and mint leaves evenly distributed throughout the contents of the glass.

Now you can add soda water. If you like a sweeter shake, replace it with a sprite. And lovers of tart taste can use tonic.

Note that the mojito tubule should be quite thick and straight. Otherwise, mint pieces and small pieces of ice can get stuck in it.

A delightful and refreshing cocktail is ready. Decorate it with a sprig of fresh mint and enjoy your drink.

Here is a classic Mojito recipe, but you can substitute limes with almost any fruit and berries. Watermelon, strawberry, berry bases are very popular. These ingredients create a new sound to the familiar sweet-fresh taste.

Some sources mention that rum is acceptable to replace vodka. But if you do, the taste of the finished cocktail will be too coarse.

Alcohol mojito recipe

Mojito is a low alcohol cocktail, and if desired, rum can not be added at all. Then you can drink it even for children. This is a wonderful drink for any holiday and any company.

Rum mojito

This is a variation of the classic recipe, which includes rum. It has a specific taste and aroma. We rarely prepare a drink with rum, as this alcoholic drink is not common with us.

The rum mojito recipe:

  • Pound 10 sprigs of mint and a half cup of sugar in a container, pour the juice of half a lemon into the flavored powder
  • Pour 4 cups of crushed ice into a jug, pour in 250 ml of light golden rum.
  • Add 750 ml of chilled soda
  • Serve in glasses, decorated with sprigs of mint. These ingredients are enough for 6 mojito servings.

Mojito with Vodka

This is a familiar recipe for our country. Many tasters claim that only a true admirer of a Cuban drink can distinguish the replacement of rum with vodka. Vodka is many times cheaper and is available in every bar.

Mojito recipe with vodka:

  • Put 10 mint sprigs in a bowl and crush it with a spoon. Pour 50 g of sugar and pour in 30 ml of lemon juice.
  • Pour the mixture into a large glass and fill it almost to the top with crushed ice.
  • Pour in 30 ml of vodka and fill the remaining space with Schwabs

Mojito with syrup

With the help of syrup classic drink can give an unusual flavor. Restaurants often use Mojito syrup. This is already prepared sugar mixture based on rum and lime juice.

Alcohol mojito recipe

In our country, the recipe is varied and mint, berry and even orange syrup is introduced. The composition of the syrup "Mojito" contains sugar, lime juice and peppermint extract.

Mojito recipe with mojito syrup:

  • Fill the glass with crushed ice and pour in 30 ml of syrup
  • Add 40 ml of vodka and a spoonful of lemon juice to the container.
  • Fill a glass with Schwebs or soda
  • Decorate glasses with sprigs of mint

Alcoholic Mojito with Peach

For the preparation you will need: lime –

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